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Flashback to Sauti za Busara music festival season early February. I got tickets courtesy of @vibetribeafrica and I'll forever be grateful.

During the day when the dope artistes were resting and getting ready for the night long performances, us guys went touring Stonetown and it's environs.

It's funny how most of us 🙊🙈😃kept getting lost in Stonetown... the buildings all look alike and after all the fatigue from walking and dancing our memories kept on failing us.

One thing that remained constant was the tasty food 😋and the friendly faces.

We  even made a friend out of this Chef selling food right outside the Amphitheatre and thanks to that we got food at a discounted rate.

That lifted our moods even higher and got us energized for the dance 💃moves we'd break at night 😉.
I can almost comfortably call myself a Game Developer 🤓Yes I'm an artistic Nerd...thanks to the @enterafricanrb project I am a part of organized by  @goethe_kenya The Nairobi game will be launched some time this year. And I'll definitely share the details here.

I got a glimpse of the power of games right after high school. I had plenty of time at my disposal and my mother's free work PC to tinker with in the house.

After a few days of playing around with the PC 💻I discovered an application called Mavis Beacon. I fell in love with the graphics right away and found out that it was a typing Game.

I had finally stumbled upon my dream app. See I always admired how people type fast and accurately without looking at the keyboard🙊🙈... But I had no clue 😔 how I would ever be able to do that.

Mavis Beacon made that possible for me. I would wake up early and eager everyday to work on my speed and to train my mind and fingers on problematic keys from previous lessons.

Long story short, I got to learn how to  accurately type fast in a month and a half and as a result also learnt the power of games through my own transformed life. As a Writer ✍📝my typing speed has been super helpful.
Flashback to a month ago in Ethiopia and it feels like just the other day. I got to interact with amazing humans, people who like me have seen the power of games and concepts like gamification in effecting change in the society.

I met an outstanding human while in Ethiopia his name is @keyanemesis from Uganda. He was among the youngest in the team of 15 Representatives from countries across Africa.

They say age is just a number because his ideas were as innovative as they were helpful to the team during the workshop.

He is the guy in green in the video and I want to shout him out for his musical talent too. He has been nominated for 8 slots in the 256 Hip Hop awards and I'm super happy for him.

Central Rapper Of The Year -#256HHA19CRKEYANEMESIS  Song Rapper Of The Year - #256HHA19SOKEYANEMESIS Lyricist Rapper Of The Year - #256HHA19LYKEYANEMESIS Album Of The Year - #256HHA19ALKEYANEMESIS Hustler Of The Year - #256HHA19HUKEYANEMESIS Video Of The Year - #256HHA19VOKEYANEMESIS Impact Track Of The Year - #256HHA19IMTKEYANEMESIS Best Featured Verse - #256HHA19FVKEYANEMESIS

At @lamusicjunkie see here! 👆☺
Life lesson 1 is look for humor even in the worst of situations.

Trevor's Step Father shot his mother in the head and she miraculously survived.

A few days afterwards in the hospital, his mother was the first one to crack a joke. Trevor was crying by her bedside when she said to him. "Don't cry. Look at the bright side: Now you are officially the best looking person in the family." He bawled his eyes out and laughed hysterically at the same time.

According to Trevor they overcame a lot because of laughter. That is why he says he thinks he loves comedy so much. It is what kept his family going through every single type of adversity they came across.
Life lesson 2 is language unites.Trevor once talked his way out of getting mugged because he understood the language of his muggers.

Apparently he turned to them and started speaking their language saying. "Yo guys, why don't we just mug someone together? I'm ready. Let's do it." They looked shocked for a while because they had thought he was a white man, then they started laughing.

The fact that he spoke their language made them change their attitude towards him, they even apologized and told him they thought he was something else.
Life lesson 3 is if you have to fear anything, then fear regret rather than failure. Why?

Well because..."Failure is an answer, rejection is an answer. Regret is an eternal question you will never have an answer to; What if? If only, I wonder what would have... You will never, never know and it will haunt you for the rest of your days." Trevor Noah.

Trevor also said" I don't regret anything I've ever done in my life, any choice that I've made. But I'm consumed with regret for the things I didn't do, the choices I didn't make, the things I didn't say. We spend too much time being afraid of failure, afraid of rejection, but regret is the thing we should fear most."
Imagine yourself living in a land where you are isolated because you are not black enough even though you were born and raised in an African family. You are also not white enough because only one of your parents is.

Life lesson 4 is be comfortable being unique. Trevor was able to see and feel what both races went through during apartheid. He could not walk next to his mother in public and at some point his mother had to hire a mixed race lady called Queen to walk with her and Trevor.

So that Queen looked like Trevor's mother and his real mother would look like his nanny. Trevor could also not call his father Dad. He grew up calling him by his name Robert.

Trevor used his unique qualities to his advantage. He used his language skills to reach people of all races, he may not have felt like he fit in anywhere during his teenage years but speaking a certain groups language helped him earn their trust.

Even to date Trevor says he enjoyed his childhood because it was all he knew. He never felt like he lacked much.
Life Lesson 5 is use your gifts and be keen on spotting new opportunities.

Trevor ran very fast. His naughty nature had helped him improve on his speed. He wrote. " Nobody ran like me and my mom. She wasn't one of those come over here and get your hiding type of moms. She delivered it to you free of charge." Even if it meant running after him.

This was a gift he leveraged at school. Immediately after assembly, there would be a race to the tuck shop because the queue to buy the food was so long. Every minute spent on the queue was working against people's break time too.

Trevor was always first in line, so people started going to him to buy things for them in return for some money. He grabbed that opportunity and started telling everyone at assembly to place their orders. He was an overnight success.
Life lesson 6 is be better and not bitter because of your past.

Patricia, Trevor's mother being a key personality in his book and in his life in general had the following to say. "Learn from your past and be better because of your past, but don't cry about your past. Life is full of pain. Let the pain sharpen you, but don't hold on to it. Don't be bitter.

Patricia had gone through a lot but she practiced what she preached. She was never bitter. The deprivations of her youth, the betrayals of her parents, she never complained about any of it.
The way we react to people's disrespect also tells a lot about who we are. Thus the need to cool off before saying or making a move that we'll regret. Life Lesson 7 is on respect.

Patricia, Trevor's mother had suffered a great deal from her husband Abel, Trevor's step father. Trevor was hurt when he saw his mother suffer in Abel's hands, but he did not at any point disrespect him.

It was only when Abel shot his mother that Trevor lost control and called him. At that point he thought his mother was dead. She had been shot in the head so it was hard to imagine she would survive that.

Trevor threatened to kill Abel at that moment of rage. But then he later wrote." To this day I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know what I expected to happen. I was just enraged."
Trevor was hidden from the real world. His innocence as a child 👶hid the truth behind his special treatment. To his young mind he did not think his special treatment was because he was light skinned.

When it came to his grandmother to him it was "Trevor doesn't get beaten because Trevor is Trevor." But the truth was she was scared of breaking him, because he would turn all sorts of colours after receiving a beating.

In the book it is said she told Trevor's mother, "A black child you hit them and they remain black. Trevor when you hit him he turns blue and green and yellow and red. I've not seen these colours before I am scared I am going to break him. I don't want to kill a white person."
In a way I envy him 😃 and I am sure I am not alone.

As explained in the video, for a while Trevor did not have friends because he was neither black nor white and also due to the fact that he had to be hidden from the authorities.

He learnt to accept his situation and resorted to living in his head. He would also read a lot while he was  alone. This would eventually make him the awesome author he is today.

Life lesson 8 is make the most of your situation like Trevor did. If you are currently going through a tough time try to see it as an opportunity to learn something new.
This cover photo is a portrait 🎨 I did of Trevor Noah in 2017 inspired by his book Born a Crime.

The clip that follows is part of a series of nine videos with life lessons from Trevor's book 📘. The 9th Life lesson as you've seen is to practice gratitude.

I started a personal gratitude journey beginning of this year. I bought this tiny book and committed to filling a page a day with the people,things and experiences I am grateful for.

At times I have gotten too caught up that I forget to pen my grateful thoughts but the next day I try to remember and the journey continues. Gratitude has a way of keeping me positive and happy and that's why I'm still at it 64 days in.

And so in that spirit of practicing gratitude, I'm grateful I am discovering other ways of channeling my creativity while I take breaks from drawing and writing☺...ways like video 📽 editing and animating.

What are you grateful for? You don't have to tell me but you can say it to yourself or better yet join me and write it down in a book. Just try to make a habit of it and see how it makes you feel with time.