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Initially, we just wanted to have the cream puff and ended up, we had lunch there as well! It was equally good. 🍝

#throwback #tokyo #shirohige
#满天星 #throwback #Tokyo
Cold weather reminds me of #Tokyo!

On Day 5 of my trip, I was at Asakusa. I tried the fortune telling in the temple. It was a nice experience!

One of the places that you can always find me if I live there. Love it a lot😍. More photos on my blog (too much to share). #yoyogipark #Tokyo
These two years were a big changes for me.

From little princess become my mum’s supportive partner. Moved out from a full time job to my little dream box: @twocuriously.

Of course, with little support from everyone, I think I’m surviving well.

May 2018 be better for everyone! 💪🏻💕
[Day tour: #setagayaline]

On Day 3, we simply started our journey based on this magazine: Enjoy around Setagaya Line (#世田谷線沿線の本 
From Lunch - Pizza Stand Poco > Coffee – Your Daily / Coffee > Bao – Lu Gang (鹿港) > Shop – Tahlia > Cake – Bricklane coffee Accessories & Stuff and so on.

Funny thing was, nothing inside was written in English, all in Jap.

We based on the postal codes and searched for them.

Transport free day.

More photos on my blog~

[Disneyland: Tokyo]

I was told that from next year onwards Tokyo Disneyland will stop all the night fireworks. Guess I was lucky to catch it.
[#Tokyo: Disneyland]

My second Disneyland in a year 😅.
[Rakugama Seimenjo]

First proper meal in #Toyko. Beef udon costs for about 500 yen and additional charges for other food.
Finally had some updates on my blog about the #Tokyo trip!

#sunset in #Tokyo.