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Growing veggies, milling corn, saving seed, & roasting coffee in Marshall, NC. 🐝🌻🌞🌿🌚🐞


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A few pickin’s. I ate the first ripe coyote tomato today too. I could not wipe the grin off of my face after tasting the warm, yellow, sun flavored fruit. 😀
This made up for the cow getting out for the first time this morning, which took 2 hours from our vegetable farming day. Luckily he had just joined another herd on the other side of the ridge and we got him back.
The corn is approaching “room” status. Soon I will be able to take naps in there.
This woman is the freaking best! After all of those rains our carrot beds look like lawns. Andrea and I spent 3 hours weeding carrots and she suggested we do it again with beers next time. So we did, and guess what, that made it so much more fun! Also, who volunteers to weed carrots again!!! 😱 ......
Anybody know John Waters? We need to get in touch with him about making a film about a farm underworld where the villain is a garbage pail kid who sits on a hay throne in the middle of a corn maze demanding beans. You can only enter this world if you drive an ATV etc... 😂🤣
#carrots #weeds #bestfwends #wendytown #carrotcrazed
Tomatillo party over here!
Just saved this little dude from the sink. I love to watch them. 
Thanks to the folks who helped us pick all of these rocks last night! It was such a pleasure having everyone out to eat, drink, and hang on the farm! Look at all of those rocks! 
#rockparty #willworkforfood #community
R.I.P. Tony. It’s rare that I am deeply touched by the loss of someone famous that I didn’t know personally, but I feel like I did, and I think so many others feel the same. It’s too often that the brilliant ones go too soon. 💔
Whole lotta purple going on as usual! 
#italiandandeliongreens #purplesugarsnaps #springonions #purpleveg
Wheat with a friend on top! 🕷
Check out what Matt’s been working on!  @spentplanetfermentation via @RepostApp ======> @spentplanetfermentation:Check it out people! This is a tiny potato grown from seed that we bred by cross pollinating two of our favorite colorful varieties by hand. A lot of squinting and cursing went down in the making of this thing... With any luck it'll produce a unique new potato variety. Always excited to push myself and learn more about plant breeding and genetics. #necromancer #plantbreeding #stopbreeding #cantstopwontstop #sciencebro
Getting some seeds in the ground before another week of rain. I saved all of these seeds myself, so wish my babies a safe voyage! #cherokeelongearpopcorn #hogbrainscowpeas #ozarkrazorbackcowpeas #seedsaving
First cultivation. Thank you sun! Looks like “Matt” has been doing his job (scaring crows). #corn #cornfield #kentuckyrainbowcorn #kentuckybutchercorn #appalachiangrown