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Growing veggies, milling corn, saving seed, & roasting coffee in Marshall, NC. 🐝🌻🌞🌿🌚🐞


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Coincidentally harvested spring mix on the first day of Spring! Headed over to @auxbaravl 😋
Tomato seeds for sale! These tomato varieties have made it through drought, floods, and have been super productive through it all. We’ve been selecting and maintaining these seeds for years. Check ‘em out! (link in profile)
Thanks to Tim Miller of Millberg Farm for passing a couple of these along to us! -
#seeds #seedsaving #tomatoseeds #tomatoes #coyotetomatoes #portertomatoes #yellowplumyomatoes
Onions are in! Feels good to get something in the ground at the new spot. 😊
Every time I say “I’m going to plant onions tomorrow!” ❄️❄️❄️
The potatoes whispered to me to play them a ditty. 🥁 
#greensprouting #taters #thingsidoinmybasement #punxisfarmers
Y’all, I just had an epiphany. I am never canning or freezing salsa again! I just made some with our canned tomatoes, rehydrated chilies, cilantro I just harvested, and some lime and onion from the store. It’s way better than what I made and put up in the summer and this way I can keep the canning simple. 😉 I hope my fellow canners can appreciate me dorking out right now. 🤓#wintersalsaforthewin #cabinfever #salsa #snowday
Onion starts are here!
Finally racked up my watermelon wine. Smells sweet like fresh watermelons. Tastes boozy and dry. I was surprised how much color I lost. I think I’ll carbonate it when I bottle it for a watermelon “champagne” to be enjoyed this summer. Swipe to see how red it was in primary fermentation and the watermelons that made the wine: Bradford, Blacktail Mountain, and Charleston Gray. Psyched to grow more Bradfords this year. We managed to save some seed last year. They’re the best watermelon I’ve ever eaten! So sweet, hence the booziness of this wine! #weedywendellswatermelonwine #watermelonwine #watermelonchampagne
This meal reminds me of my childhood when my Nanaw and I would go shopping at Neiman Marcus and have lunch at their cafe. They served popovers with strawberry butter and cups of chicken broth to sip on. I like to add salad and call it a meal. Made with our hoop house greens, roasted carrots and turnips, and cilantro green goddess dressing. Ladies’ Lunch.
Din-din pickin’s! Learned a few more things about growing in winter this year. It’s been a nice cold one to experiment during too. 😨
When you spend your whole morning going down a wheel hoe video YouTube wormhole and breakfast turns into brunch. Cornbread, arugula, & homemade pimento cheese strata. 
If you want to make awesome cornbread and then use the leftovers for this, head over to the link in our profile for cornmeal and grits. 
💥Update! Bloody Butcher is sold out! Stay tuned for new varieties...💥 #fuckthatsdelicious #cornbread #pimentocheese #strata #makecornbreadnotwar
2 birds, one stone. Making cayenne powder and saving seeds. Dried chiles are just another thing that are so much better when you grow/dry them yourself or get them from a local farmer. They have so much flavor and such a strong aroma. Makes me wonder how old the crap is you buy at the store. #carolinacayenne #cayennepowder #driedchiles #seedsaving #thatcolortho