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Foodies growing food for flavor and seed. Corn, beans, and more!


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I look at this bowl of beautiful little rejects and I see a journey, a lot of lessons and skills learned through experience, trial, and error. I see more beauty in all of this than the final product. We’ve been quiet here lately because our journey is taking us back to New England where we will expand, grow, and learn more. It feels good to figure out what we’re truly passionate about and to hone in on what we want in the future. I hope to continue to collaborate with people who love to cook and eat, and are interested in the history and future of our food. Peace out NC, we’ll miss you. 💚✌️💚
One more, nothing cows love more than grass! 🤣This is his first reintroduction to grassy pasture since winter and he’s excited about it! #lutherthecow
✨💗Luther Moments💞✨
You know what they say, little woman = big corn! Happy International Women’s Day! #fbf to dreamy summer days.
Precious Moments brought to you by Chappy and Luther today. 🤣
Bean hole and Seminole pumpkin al rescaldo, plus some wizard taters! 🔥🔥🔥
We mill this beautiful Kentucky Butcher Corn to order, stoneground cold, to retain the germ and oils. Why? Because that’s how we preserve the amazing flavor and nutrition that these kernels absorbed from the sun and soil through Spring, Summer, and Fall. Sweet little time capsules to remind you of warm summer days and nourish you up until next season’s harvest. 
Available for sale to Asheville area restaurants and chefs as well as in our online shop (link in profile). #laboroflove #grits #cornmeal #kentuckybutchercorn #stoneground #avleats #eatlocalavl #corn #makecornbreadnotwar
I’ve been married to this guy for 10 years today! #photobooth #10yearanniversary
Here are 12 of 15 varieties of beans we grew in 2018. Most will be saved for seed, but we have some of our larger crops available in our shop! (Link in profile) 
#beans #themagicalfruit #diversitybaby #seedsaving
We love pushing the limits in the Winter. No tunnels, just field grown, and sweet as can be! Things are winding down a bit now,  but I feel good about what we accomplished this winter.
Sauerkraut is my co-pilot. 
#bumperstickerideas #wintercabbage #sauerkraut
Gratuitous slo-mo carrot vid on this beautiful day! 🥕 #wintercarrots #naturescandy #carrots