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Growing veggies, milling corn, saving seed, & roasting coffee in Marshall, NC. 🐝🌻🌞🌿🌚🐞


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I wanna curl up and go to sleep in this tatsoi. 😴
Loving our lettuce right now! We’ve got a nice variety of heads and they have the best names like Drunken Woman, Ice Queen, and Outredgeous, which was the first lettuce grown in space! I topped this baby off with some beets, goat cheese, pecans, bacon, and a simple lemon vinaigrette. #lettucenerd #lettucestories
Wowza! 😍
A few purple Napas finally! The first round were plowed through by groundhogs or voles? Now a hard frost threatens the rest that have not quite headed up. Wish all your farmers luck this weekend. ❄️ #farmlife #itaintoveryet #greensgalore #napacabbage
Oxhearts have stolen my 🧡.
Head lettuces got me like “gurrrrl!” 💅
You gotta make it out to @mad_co_brew_house this weekend to try these fall beauties including Wendy’s Squash Soup Beer made with the 8 varieties of winter squash we grew this year, our Purple Peruvian potatoes, sumac, and beets. Perfect for soup season! 😆Cheers Marshall! 🍻
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It’s fall y’all.
Say that five times fast....
But don’t really. It’s easy it just sounds ridiculous.
We know Halloween is over but we still got some tasty treats on tap.
Farmhouse Beet
Now with more beets than we’ve ever used in a beer at 25#/bbl it’s a beety little brew.
Wendy’s Squash Soup Beer
Brewed with 8 different varieties of squash from our favorite local farmer @wendytownfarms a pinch of beets for color a few pounds of purple fingerling potatoes and a handful of dried sumac.
Fall Farmhouse
Brewed with cinnamon, allspice, clove, and vanilla sticks. It’s basically fall in a glass without all the sticky sweetness of a psl.
So much good stuff delivered today! Thanks to @vivianasheville @buxtonhallbbq @bhramari_brewingco @ganshanstation #eatlocalavl #avleats #itsfallyall
Starting to reflect on this season as things sort of slow down. Potatoes were one of our most successful crops this year. I really love growing them and am excited to start playing with some potato breeding projects in the future. There are over 4,000 varieties of potatoes (mostly found in the Andes). We grew 10. From left to right: Purple Viking, Caribe, King Harry, Canela Russet, Pinto Gold, Nicola, Jester, Mountain Rose, Purple Peruvian, and Adirondack Blue. 
#potatoes #taters #wizardmixpotatoes
Greens season! I’ve got my best stand on horned mustard greens this year after bringing the seed from Texas and saving it in NC for 3 years. #collards #mustards #cabbage #tatsoi #greens #seedsaving
✨Appaloosa fresh shell beans✨
Luther enjoying some brussel sprout greens! He loves his veggies! 💚