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Growing veggies, herbs, flowers, & hops in Marshall NC naturally without chemicals and with respect for nature. 🐝🌻🌞🌿🌚🐞


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Come and get it y'all! @westashevilletailgate market til 6:30!
CSA Box 15: spicy baby mustard greens, okra, lemon & opal basil, carrots, radishes, bell & jalapeΓ±o peppers, cherry, Cherokee purple, wild boar, & yellow plum tomatoes, onions, and shishito peppers. 
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Zinnias are officially taller than me!
Alright, flood update: we got the tomatoes standing back up, only lost about 15 plants, lost most of our bell peppers, eggplant is making a comeback (thought it was done), and the things that were not in the path of destruction (winter squash, okra, cowpeas)  are thriving from the rain. We lost some late "summer" plantings, but it's time to move on to fall anyway, so not the end of the world. Luckily we had very little damage done to our fall plantings and I'm glad I hadn't gotten around to planting fall roots yet because they would have all washed away. The biggest loss is all of the topsoil that washed down to the spring. We may have to get down there and shovel it out. Just please pray to the rain gods that we get through the rest of this season without another monsoon. πŸ™πŸ» Thanks to everyone for your kind words and encouragement and to those that have offered to help us!
Looking good Mr. Stripey. Hopefully we can save the rest of you! 
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Tomato troll's gonna gitcha! We out here til 6:30. @westashevilletailgate
CSA Box 14: zucchini, radishes, carrots, Basil, chimayo, bell, jalapeno, & jimmy nardello peppers, Cherokee purple tomato, okra, green tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. 
#CSA #communitysupportedagriculture #postflood #veggies #boxoveg #avleats #avlfood #eatlocalavl
Glad to see you're okay Mr. Turtle. πŸ’š
3 inches of rain in 30 minutes followed by more. This is one of the hardest parts of farming. This is worse than the flood we had last year. I learned last year that some things will recover, but this is a huge bummer. We will be rescuing vegetables from the mud for our CSA and the market tomorrow, please come support your local farmers. @westashevilletailgate
Pruning and turning into a stone woman. 
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That's a good spot for you! 
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Dear Ugly, I love you. Now everyone else get with the program!
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