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S P A C E // I N V A D E R 👽 #riodejaneiro || The aliens sure picked a great spot to land the UFO on earth 🌎
Today’s travel vlog is a trip to Rio’s UFO, aka Niterói @macniteroi •
Find out what happens when UFOs and Rio collide... link in bio 🎬
We went to to the end of the earth to seek some of the world’s best wines @palliserwine #margrainvineyard @wairarapa #martinborough @weruntheatlas @lagunaniguelian
L O C O // C O N T I G O #vieques || Took a trip offshore...
New Vieques vlog live! The last vlog in the Puerto Rico series. Link in bio 🎬
Martinborough/Wairarapa a must for Pinot Noir so good even Queen Elizabeth II stashes away a few bottles #poppies #martinborough #wairarapa
Sunny days and cool nights create the perfect conditions for cool-climate grape, including, of course, the world-famous Sauvignon Blanc. Lovely time drifting between tasting rooms such as @giesenwines and dining among the wines! Felt so Oo in my @oofos!
Post-hike relaxation in my @oofos I drink coffee for the things I can change and wine for the things I can’t change. @wairauriverwines @weruntheatlas
Kia Ora! Savoring a moment of rest and sunshine in Aotearoa while wearing my @oofos 😎 About to go for a run and representing my running clubs @mrc_losangeles @mikkellerrunningclub_oc @mikkellerrunningclubsd #aotearoa #wairarapa #weruntheatlas #kiaora
L A // N O C H E #puertorico || Found street art 🇵🇷 walking around San Juan at night
See what San Juan is like after the sun sets! Vlog in bio 🎬
Stay safe 🙏🇵🇷#Dorian
P U T // U R // R E C O R D S // O N  #riodejaneiro || Chillin in the music room in @selina 🎶 Yes there is a music room in this hostel! Complete with music note wallpaper and a vintage record player with vinyls of Brazilian samba! 📀

If you are heading to Latin America and looking for a place to stay, check out @selina. I have been to the ones in Lapa, Río de Janeiro Brazil 🇧🇷, Bogota Colombia 🇨🇴 and most recently Medellin Colombia. They are all unique and funky, and located in fun walkable sections of the city!
T H I R S T Y // T U E S D A Y 🍼🐵#malaysiatrulyasia || Staying hydrated in the rainforest of Borneo Malaysia!
This travel Tuesday, we have a special treat for all you travel hipsters, or “tripsters” who are looking for an off the beaten path adventure.
Borneo Malaysia is nature at its best. It has untouched rainforests and a chance to see some of the world’s most magnificent and endangered animals. It’s not over touristed so you can have a real adventure. If you think these monkeys are fun in the photos, wait to you see them in person.
Check it out in the latest vlog- link in bio! 🎬 Special guest narration by @b_p_loves_trains 🐵
Termina Kasih 🇲🇾! 🙏
Looking for the ultimate rush? Affable Antioquia embraces travelers with offerings of volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, emerald coffee farms, and pristine forests that range from breathtaking to downright incredible. We based ourselves @selina #selinamedellín and journeyed throughout @medellin_travel #medellin and #antioquia including @guatapeiscolor #guatape and the #zonacafetera including the @fnc_antioquia a place of immense and palpable magnetism. There were so many great moments, including spending time with @pacificcouncil but a favorite was hiking among coffee bushes shrouded by ethereal cloud forest near #venecia and picking ripe cherries alongside our hosts at a community farming cooperative, following the beans to the roasting area, and then identifying flavors at a cupping session. After that, I will savor my morning cup with in a whole new way. #selina #colombia #antioquia #medellin #coffee #streetart #finca #streetartmedellin
Life imitates art; paisa to the max. #zocalo #guatape #zocalos #zocalosguatape #penol #piedradelpeñol #colombia #selina #selinamedellin #selinamedellín #antioquia #antioqueños #cats #cats_of_instagram #cats_of_world #cats_of_instworld #medellin #paisa #paisasbelike