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net.old-fogey, musician, political thinker, voracious reader, network guy, father of 4, IBMer (opinions are mine), geek-of-all-trades, Swiss Army Nerd

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Saw this LEGO build and thought of @elsmorew...
New Brazilian steakhouse in Lexington...great food, great service - we'll be back!
It's primary day in Kentucky! #IVoted
🎵🎵Please, Mr. Postman, look and see...if there's a letter, a letter for me... #tinysnowman
🎼Daddy sang bass, Mama sang tenor, me and little brother would join right in there... #tinysnowman
Saying goodbye to an old friend today - this 2002 Suburban piled up 270K miles as we hauled 4 kids to/from school, games, band contests, college...and everything in between.

Now, Goodwill Cars to Work will use her to help others.

To donate a vehicle in KY, call 1-866-654-2277 - towing is free.
Like father, like daughter... #tinysnowman
More garage cleanup = more archeological discoveries from my larval stage...
Excited to see Conspirare at Transylvania tonight!
First woolly bear of the fall...according to legend, the width of the middle stripe predicts the severity of the coming winter.

Gotta love it...
A nice visitor on my front door..: