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Paola discusses how she got her confidence back to hit the dating scene #UltraFemme360 #BodybyBTL #RealPatientsRealResults http://ow.ly/MvBb30jQYgD
Urinary incontinence is a much more intimate issue than pads and not being able to partake in one’s favorite activities. It is estimated urinary leakage during intercourse affect up to 25% of women with incontinence. If you, or a loved one, are unable to relax and enjoy sex, or worse yet avoid it altogether, you need to learn about #Emsella.
Jeff Richmond explains the important matrics in running your practice in this episode of Growing Dermatologist!
Click to listen to full podcast - https://www.growingdermatologist.com/important-metrics-running-practice-jeff-richmond/ 
#growingdermatologist #podcast
Curious to see what Versa looks like before and right after? Dr Jason Emer in BH uses the Versa to contour the cheeks and notice that instant gratification?! 😍😍😍 #revanesseversa#contourthosecheekbones#hadermalfiller#prolleniumrevanesse
Say hello to the new fitter and firmer you with #Emsculpt

Did you read about the brand new BTL Emsella? This remarkable ‘chair’ allows you to strengthen your pelvic floor whilst fully clothed, with a view to curing incontinence. No surgery, no pain, no downtime. Walk in, sit down, relax whilst the device stimulates your pelvic floor. A course of 6 treatments is recommended. Contact us for more information.  #women #emsella #mother #pelvicfloor #incontinence #menopause #childbirth #stressurinaryincontinence #medicalaesthetics #health #gynecology 
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The #BTLEmsella from @btlaestheticsuk is featured in @dailymail as Dr Tracey Sims from @intimateyou_ clinic explains the benefits. #womenshealth #incontinence #mumsofinstagram
Dr. Werschler and Pam's tireless hospitality, the emphasis on sharing and learning and having FUN, along with the amazing braintrust gathered here all make this a really special meeting and an awesome place to be.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR 2019 NOW!!!
Believe the hype #Emsculpt Emsculpt.com
3 words to know to better your sex life #BTL Pelvic Suite
Why is it with the advances in Feminism, Women’s Marches and the body positivity movement that society isn’t open and trying to progress the women’s health movement? We care and don’t want to see your family, friends and neighbors try to hide, deny or simply avoid conversations about women’s health issues. #StartTheConversationToday #FriendsHelpingFriends #BTLEmsella #UltraFemme360
Empowering you to “Fight the Fat” #Emsculpt #BTLVanquishME #ExilisUltra360
Gut Buster #BTLVanquishME