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If you have been told to Kegel away and you just can’t seem to feel it, perform or comply seek #BTLEmsella.
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My friends asking me if I have seen results after my 4 @emsculptflorida treatments and I just decided to interpret my results with a little dance.  Results are great and they feel great. At 50 I need to start thinking on saving my knees and my back, so with this I say bye bye to heavyweights squats and have better results than being at the gym day and night. #tadura #emsculpt #stayingfit #bestglutes #awesomeglutes #workoutfree #bunsofsteel #buildmuscleburnfat #HIFEM #btl #btlaesthetics #20ksquatsin30mins #20kcrunchesin30mins
VERSA is proud to help women refine and enhance their look, defining what beauty means to them. Visit RevanesseUSA.com to learn more. #VERSA #beautytips #instabeauty #dermalfillers #HAdermalfillers
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Do your machines make your booty shake? #emsculpt is the first and only devise on the market to help build muscle creating a much more defined booty 🍑 and abs! #buildingmuscle #btlaesthetics #buildmuscleburnfat #HIFEM #btl #20ksquatsin30mins #20kcrunchesin30mins
Did you know on average our jobs are more sedentary leading to individuals burning 100 fewer calories a day and getting fatter by the minute? If you or a loved one is part of this statistic remember there is always #BTLVanquishME http://ow.ly/zCPL30m9xcA
Get the VIP treatment. Unlock exclusive deals and savings on VERSA treatments. Download the Prollenium Elite app and earn $50 off each syringe of VERSA. ProlleniumElite.com #VERSA #beautytips #instabeauty #HAdermalfillers #dermalfillers
An #BTLEmsella today will keep the urine away. http://ow.ly/kIIS30m9xaU
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Urinary stress incontinence is an important but under-acknowledged issue in women’s health. Message me to find out how I can help you eliminate leakage
• What is urinary stress incontinence? Urinary stress incontinence occurs when an activity (i.e coughing, sneezing, running) puts pressure on the bladder and urine leaks from the urethra as a result. 🌸
• What is the most common cause of stress incontinence? The most common causes of stress incontinence among women are pregnancy and childbirth, especially having multiple vaginal deliveries. The trauma of pregnancy and childbirth causes the pelvic muscles to stretch out and weaken. 🌸
• How many women are affected? One study’s results showed an estimated 15 million adult women are affected by stress incontinence.
• Is there a pain-free, non-invasive, and effective treatment option? Yes! #EmSella. Message me for details!
< 2 weeks until West Coast Laser & Aesthetics Innovations Seattle 2018 at the World Trade Center Seattle WEST Saturday, October 27, 8:30 am to 3 pm..! This educational, fun and prize-loaded annual event is filling up quickly so register today at 503-291-6959 or contact@westcoastlaser.com
Did you know that 45% of women have a loss of intimacy due to incontinence? #BTLEmsella puts women back in the driver’s seat! http://bit.ly/PS_Emsella