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There is no shame in self-love. Masturbation is completely normal, natural and has many health benefits; including a a boost in immunity, reducing stress, relieving muscle tension and cramps, aiding in sleep, and so on. -
In a world filled with stigmas, policing of women’s bodies and rampant sex shaming, @shopvibrantly, a #PlannedParenthood company, is committed to fighting stereotypes and shaking up the sex toy industry by funneling 100% of their proceeds back into Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains. -
Beyond body-safe, inclusive sex toys, @shopvibrantly sells books and a range of products that promote sexual education and inspiration to celebrate our bodies without shame judgement. More at bevibrant.com #ad
Recent research from the U.S. Government (CDC) shows that black fathers are more involved with their kids on a daily basis than fathers from any other racial group. Despite this, the false stereotypes that plague their reputation persist. Why is that? 
Black fathers, we see you, we appreciate you and love you. ✨
Focus on being somebody instead of somebody’s. 🧡
No more relationships/friendships with people that make you feel guilty about your accomplishments. #dumpthem
Women and femmes are socialised to pander to the needs of EVERYONE else before ourselves. You can always tell how someone really feels about you based on how they react to your achievements and 'good news'. Do they always deflect the conversation back onto them? Do they become passive aggressive and start saying things they know will 'push your buttons'? Do they constantly undermine your achievements? Do they make you feel guilty when you talk about your achievements, to the point you just stop telling them things? Do you literally feel exhausted after seeing them, because they only drop in when they need advice?
Protect your energy. Choose yourself. Get rid of the weight that's holding you down. It's YOU who suffers the consequences of the choices you make, it's YOU whose left feeling uncomfortable by shrinking to fit into places, and people, that you have outgrown. So make choices based on what fulfills YOU. Not what you can do for SOMEONE ELSE who cannot see your worth past what you are PROVIDING for them. You are not their therapist. Stop wasting time on people who don't realize what a privilege it is to even know you

words/art: @florencegiven
Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and celebrate your evolution. 
There’s plenty to appreciate in the direction you’re headed. 🧡
I hope you will remember to never tolerate or ignore racism in your presence. Change is only possible when there are voices to speak up for it. ✨
You deserve to be loved without having to hide the parts of yourself that you think are unlovable. ✨
photo: @annebarlinkhoff
muses: @rheanna.d @lavessa._
Who feels this? When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where our power is. ✨
It's time to become more conscious about our roles in taking care of our planet. We can begin with where we spend our money on fashion. Did you know that fast fashion creates 25 billion pounds of waste per year? 😮

Cruelty-free, ethically-designed, sustainable clothing brand, made by women for women, @milonicki, is a great place to start your journey. More at milonicki.com ✨ #ad
If you're not willing to listen to scientists about #climatechange, you may want to rethink your excitement over the #MarsLanding. 
Credit for that goes to science and engineering, and you can't pick and choose which science you choose to acknowledge. 🤷🏽‍♀️
quote: @jessphoenix2018
My new year’s resolution is to stop wondering if I'm good enough for other people and start wondering if they’re good enough for me. 🙏🏾☀️
photo: @trippydana
muse: @tanerelle
You’re not over exaggerating. You’re not too sensitive. You’re not too much. If it hurts you it fucking hurts you. If it makes you angry, then it makes you angry. There’s nothing wrong with you for feeling. 🙏🏾
photo: @sammiswar
muse: @theonlyvelli
quote via: @bellahijadelaluna