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Having a bigger body doesn’t make me any less worthy of love, respect, attention, jobs, happiness, ANYTHING.
When we realize that our worth is not determined by our physical appearance, anything is possible.
My body, my rules.
My life, my decisions.
I am an unstoppable woman and I definitely won’t let extra fat on my body determine my success or value as a human being. 🧡

words/model: @sonnyturner___
photo: @peterdevito
@marshaellemusic didn’t wear a pair of shorts in public until she was 23-years-old. Now 25, she decided last year to pose for photos in a swimsuit. She never expected to have the confidence to share the photographs. But when she did, her life changed completely. “So much positive energy came back to me,” she said. “That’s when doors actually started opening up ― when I started being more transparent and vulnerable and honest about what’s going on. People of all ages and abilities could relate.” Hundreds of amputees from around the world messaged her in dozens of languages. Her music career gained momentum.

Elle was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency, which causes a malformation of the upper thigh that makes one leg considerably shorter than the other. When she was 9 months old, she traveled with her mother from Haiti to the U.S. to receive medical care. She got her first prosthesis when she was 5.
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photo: #EsseinAkan
It’s not “childish” to delete people off of social media, it’s called taking care of yourself and your mental health. ✨ Has this tactic helped anyone else?
“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” 🧡
photo: @justin_dingwall
mua: @orlioh 
model: @moostapha_s
Other girls are not your competition. Stand with them, not against. 🧡

photo: @a.gentle.wind x @nikewomen 
models: @dreyafrica @kiaedgehill @groovy.m @kareemadavine 
mua: @cirstyscloset
casting: @aliyah.monet
#NYFW? 🎨 @freddiemade
Stay patient, stay calm, stay determined, stay focused, and most of all trust your journey. You have at least one believer ✋🏽😇🧡
Mid-day phone call led me to Afropunk... I decided to wear this tee because women (especially black women) give so much and we are always excepted to just roll with the punches. Women are expected to “please” the man. It’s a two way street as far as I’m concerned. And WOMEN DONT OWE YOU SH*T! What’s your thoughts? 🧡
words/photo: @kiiarashee
shirt: @poetjasminemans
My artwork relies heavily on my background as a Zoroastrian, whose parents were born and raised in India. Home for me is connected to many places (India, Toronto, Abu Dhabi). As a Zoroastrian, we are already seen as the 'foreigners' of India. Our ancestors moved from Iran thousands of years ago and we adapted to the Gujarati cultures and traditions and added them to our own cultural roots. I make work connected to the South Asian diaspora, but at times it is difficult for me to connect to a few things, as I may not have the same cultural values as a Hindu or Muslim Indian.

This current piece is more of a personal one and is based on a topic that I strongly relate to. I wanted to speak to the taboos and stereotypes made about women from South Asian diaspora, by further exaggerating them in my visuals. I posed in my grandma's saree with certain objects to create juxtaposition between the antique and the contemporary. I want viewers to see the way I'm farming the standards and expectations made of all Indian girls, because these are older standards that don't necessarily tie in with the contemporary culture.
By: @anaheez.avenues x @disruptive.desi
Counter-protesting in 2018 ✔️
Give the support you want to receive 🧡