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“When I was in college, a teacher once said that all women live by a ‘rape schedule.’ I was baffled by the term, but as she went on to explain, I got really freaked out. Because I realized that I knew exactly what she was talking about. And you do too. Because of their constant fear of rape (conscious or not), women do things throughout the day to protect themselves. Whether it’s carrying our keys in our hands as we walk home, locking our car doors as soon as we get in, or not walking down certain streets, we take precautions. While taking precautions is certainly not a bad idea, the fact that certain things women do are so ingrained into our daily routines is truly disturbing. It’s essentially like living in a prison – all the time. We can’t assume that we’re safe anywhere: not on the streets, not in our homes. And we’re so used to feeling unsafe that we don’t even see that there’s something seriously fucked up about it.”
— Jessica Valenti, Full Frontal Feminism
Reminder: you can start over at anytime. Your day is not ruined. Your world is not over. Take a deep breath. Start over.

Photo: @fanmdjanm
To all the people feeling alone today, you're not. Don't let this corporate holiday fool you. Please don’t feel pressured to get into a relationship just so you don’t feel alone. You are worth the world on your own. And if you just got out of a relationship, you deserve the time to heal and grow. 
Let's instead use this day to overindulge in self love! Go buy yourself flowers and chocolate. Drink some wine. Get that Spotify playlist going and treat yourself. 💕  #valentinesday
I love girls who are proud and uninhibited about their intelligence and will brag about their accomplishments and take no shit from pretentious boys who look down on women in their field. Girls who are outspoken and a bit arrogant and ambitious in a world where we are told that we must hide our intellect and to always put the needs of others in front of our own are amazing. 💕 
Words: Noelle Akopian
Photo: @aehrt
African-Americans have been “free” in this country for less time than they were enslaved. Do the math: Blacks have been "free" for 152 years, which means that most Americans are only two to three generations away from slavery. This is not that long ago... #BlackHistoryMonth
New official portraits of Barack and #MichelleObama unveiled today at the National Portrait Gallery. 💕 #PLEASECOMEBACK

Artists: @kehindewiley / @asherald
Stop believing that you ran out of time to shape yourself into who you want to be! Stop believing that its ruined! Stop believing you don’t have potential! You are not a fixed being! You have endless opportunities to grow. ❤️
Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. 
Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. 
Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does. 💧
Words: The Penelopiad
Artist: @neyon_tree
#FridayFeels 💕 Who's with us?
Shout out to black gay men. Too many times black gay men are portrayed negatively in media and just written off as jokes or harmful stereotypes. But nah, black gay men are smart, kind, handsome, strong, determined, etc... and they deserve more than people give them.

Photo: @jarelion / @rakeemc
Words: VisiOfColor on Twitter
Instead, focus on getting better and attracting better. 💕
We call ships ‘she.’ We call our war machines ‘women.’ We compare women to black widows and vipers. And you’re going to tell me it’s not ‘lady-like’ to scream, to take up space, to fight and demand respect and do whatever the hell I want? You’ve looked at nuclear bombs and been so in awe that you could only name them after women. Don’t try to down-play my power. 
Photo: @civitatestres / @velascarves