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We love flowers! Get a bouquet of flowers starting from just $35! 💐🌻🌹 | 🇸🇬


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Who wouldn't say YES to the WEEKEND😆? Unleash positive vibes🌈 to the positive minds with our little ray of sunflower shine🌻✨! NOTE: As each Whateverflower bouquet is a unique & original design based on the flower choice of the purchaser, actual appearance may differ from this picture.
You call it Thursday, I call it Friday's eve😎✨. Blast everyone with LOVE🚀💕 with our gorgeous insta-worthy blooms!
Here are some lovely lilies to brighten up your day😉💕! Check out our site for more stunning and definitely affordable bouquets💐✨!
Send a pocketful of sunshine🌻 to your dear ones and be the person who brightens up their day ✨with this $55 Sunflower bouquet!
Roses are red, Violets are blue, give her a smile that's especially for you.❤️ Express your profound love for her with this $55 red roses🌹 bouquet!
Goodbye October, Hello November! Start the month brightly with these charming blooms!
A stunning bouquet for only $55? Put a smile on her face with these lovely lilies that will surely make her heart melt!💞
Be someone's sunshine with this lovely sunflower bouquet for only $55!
($35, gerbera bouquet)
Sending pretty blooms to express your love has never been easier. Simply select the main flowers for your bouquet and leave the rest to our amazing florists!
This bouquet of dreamy Ecuador roses for just $55!
Our website is finally up and running, click on our link in bio and make someone's day!
😍 So happy with these bright red roses! 🌹