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Love my new headphones! 💕 It is a delight to have music playing in my ears on the go. Music brings me joy and listening to sweet songs, beautiful beats and lyrical masterpieces brightens up my days.

Boasting wireless capabilities, 5 EQ modes, cushioned ear pad, hifi sound quality and SD card playback feature the @riwboxofficial WB5 headphones were the perfect choice for me. 
They have lived up to every expectation and more. I love how lightweight and compact they are and the SD playback feature is amazing. They are amazing quality for the bargain price and look and feel high quality.

The only problem is that as the over ear headphones are adjustable they also fit my children too and my eldest has declared they are now his. It is reassuring that as they work wirelessly (also work wired too) that I don't have to worry about the hazard of wires when the kids are using headphones. Whilst they are handy for him to use so I don't have to hear his shows and games when he gets his tablet time I now have to buy myself another pair! Plus his little brother has demanded he gets some headphones too!! #riwbox #riwboxheadphones
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At the beginning of September my eldest started at his new school. Having said goodbye to his infant school in July he was excited to start year 3 in the junior school. He has settled in brilliantly and has loved every moment so far. He is confident going into school and even has a little swagger as he struts to school in his ultra comfy and stylish @vans_europe
Atwood leather shoes from the superb @jakeshoes

Then last week my youngest started school on a part time basis in the infant school his big brother went to before moving to junior school. He is over the moon at bring a big school boy and has embraced school so well. 
I'm a very proud mum seeing them both settle into new schools so well and I am sure they will flourish over the next few months.

With both of my boys now in school - two different schools in different directions from our house - I've had to adjust to a new school run and rise up to the challenge of getting them both to their different schools on time. As we do the school run on foot I was concerned how littlest would cope especially as he has the longest distance to walk.

Thankfully the amazing @microscooters Micro Trike has been a lifesaver and made school runs a breeze! He can cruise along in style and comfort as I easily get us from A to B helped by how fantastic and easy it is to manoeuvre. Plus as it is ultra compact and super lightweight I can carry it home with ease after dropping him off at school. 
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Being diabetic one of things I have to make sure to do is look after my feet. Thanks to @dr_anders professional foot care range I can give my feet some much needed TLC as part of my daily foot care routine. The range is fantastic and has left my feet feeling soft, nourished and healthy. 
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T was super excited to get a parcel from @jakeshoes with some last minute school shoes ready for going back to school next week. 
They were super friendly and helpful on the phone when I needed advice before choosing his school shoes and delivery was amazingly fast.

The @vans_europe
Kids Atwood Lace Shoes in black leather are comfy, fit great and look amazing. Perfect for skating down the park as well as withstanding playground antics at school. The black leather is ideal for his school uniform whilst giving him a sense of style that suits his character. 
Roll on next week for back to school adventures and a new school year where I'm sure he'll make memories, have fun with friends, learn lots and flourishing.

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Yesterday we went to a @threeuk Junior Discovery 3D Animation session at the Swansea Three store. 
My eldest son had an amazing time and learnt so many new digital skills on how to create a 3D animation. He had a blast and is excited to practice and develop the skills he learnt at the session back at home using the Toontastic app.

The session was run by the lovely Cerys who was very welcoming and helpful. She took him through the whole process step by step with lots of tips and tricks to make it easier for him whilst letting the children explore the app by themselves and encouraging their creativity and independence.

He had such a great time, having fun whilst learning that he's already asked if he can go to other Junior Discovery sessions to learn digital skills such as coding, garageband and stop motion. 
They have Junior Discovery sessions available at the Swansea, Islington and Maidenhead stores. Three Discovery also go into schools to each pupils these sessions and skills. They also have adult sessions for individuals and businesses to help teach people digital skills and introduce them to new technology. 
#threeuk #threediscovery #juniordiscovery #3danimation #digitalskills #discoveryswansea #ipad #toontasticapp #summerlearning #educational #funlearning #creative
Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular was amazing! We were all mesmerized by the magnificent dinosaurs that looked incredibly real. Michaela Strachan as Huxley the paleontologist was wonderful as she took us on a spectacular journey through the various ages of the dinosaurs, introducing us to breathtaking dinosaurs. 
We were all enchanted by the show even our 3 year old who watched on in wonder. Our 7 year old delighted in seeing the dinosaurs and learning amazing facts.

Breathtaking. Spectacular. Dinotastic. Educational. Funny. Creative. 
Words can't really describe how amazing the @dinosaurlive
show was. The dinosaurs were out of this world - they looked, moved and sounded so real as if they were still alive today. The music was dramatic. The scenery was stunning. The changing props added realism and highlighted the evolving world that the dinosaurs faced. Together it brought the world of dinosaurs to life in front of our very eyes.

Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular UK tour, July - December 2018, for tickets and venueswww.dinosaurlive.com

#walkingwithdinosaurs #walkingwithdinosaursarenaspectacular #liveshow #dinosaurs #dinosaurlive
With the glorious weather we've been having there has been many trips to the beach of an evening. Splashing in the stunning sea as the day winds down has cooled down these busy two boys of mine. Hearing the waves lap at the golden sand as they joyfully play has washed away the stresses if hectic family life. 🏖️🌊🐚☀️💛 #beach
#beachboys #thisisthelife #newgale #pembrokeshire #nofilter #familytimes #makingmemories
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Strawberry picking at @brooksgrove 🍓🌱☀️🍓 #strawberrypicking #pyofruit #brooksgroovefarm #pembrokeshire #lifessimplepleasures #naturesgoodness #childhoodmemories #familydayout
The other day I was lucky to win a place on a special day event for my eldest son - Wildcraft by @woodlandclassroom 🌳🍃🏫 Inspired by survival video games such as Minecraft, Wildcraft gives children the chance to learn survival skills and play in the wonderous woods at Penllergare Valley Woods. 🌲🌳 He already loves having fun and adventures in the great outdoors so learning outside in nature I hoped he would be in his element. He is also huge Minecraft fan so was super excited about stepping out from the virtual world into real life and learning survival skills in the woods. I also hoped it would boost his self-confidence and be beneficial to socialise with new children outside of his school friends.

He looked so grown up trekking into the woods for adventures with his fellow Wildcraft survivalists for 6 hours of outdoor education with expert woodland classroom teachers. Returning after a day in the woods he was full of stories of learning how to make a spear and sword, lighting fires, building a camp, finding resources, trading items, roasting marshmallows on the fire and so much more!! With a big grin on his face as he retold joyful stories of his Wildcraft adventures he asked please can I come again another day. 🗡️🔥 I can't thank the amazing James and Lea enough for the brilliant time my son had, for teaching him awesome survival skills and providing such an epic Wildcraft experience.

#woodlandclassroom #wildcraft #outdooreducation #survivalskills #minecraft #penllergarewoods #countrykids #kidsgowild #minecraftkids #makingmemories
#sorrynotsorry more Monster Jam® photos.....only happens once a year here in the UK!

The @feldentertainment Monster Jam® show we watched on the weekend at the iconic Principality Stadium was filled with many 'wow' moments.

As we left the Monster Jam® show my eldest declared "Monster Jam® was not good, it was INCREDIBLE!!" @jonzimmergd26 in the Dragon™ truck blazing around the arena.

Watching the faces of my boys glow with glee as they were enchanted, surprised and entertained by the full throttle Motorsport action of trucks racing, flying through the air and performing heart-in-the-mouth stunts. 
@korganmane in the legendary Grave Digger® truck dazzling the crowd with an epic freestyle performance.

The @monsterenergy Supercross bikes and their breathtaking performance. Their talent shone through as they displayed the most incredible mid-air stunts. 
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The boys absolutely loved the @monsterjam Pit Party at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on the weekend. 
Seeing the huge trucks, drivers and ramps up close in person was unforgettable! 
#monsterjamuk #monstertruck #monsterjamcardiff #monsterjam #monsterjancardiff2018 #pitparty #maximumdestruction #maxd #principalitystadium #cardiff
My monster truck mad boys are going to have a big surprise tomorrow when we take them to Principality Stadium in Cardiff to the @monsterjam pit party and live action packed show. I can't wait to see their faces when they see the trucks performing thrilling stunts. 
To give me bonus cool mum points I've been learning all about the Monster Jam® trucks and drivers. Hopefully I can impress my Monster Jam® fans with fun facts such as the fact that each Monster Jam® tyre is custom made and it takes over 50 hours to precisely carve just 1 tyre!

Roll on tomorrow for the ride of our lives! 
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