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“Mummy I don’t love you. I love Fugo” and then she cracks up 🤣
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I’ve been awake since 5 am. Today feels like the longest day ever. I’ve been trying to get work done but Hugo and his teeth (can a baby REALLY be teething at 4 months?) is having none of it. Dolly has been pretty awesome playing nicely with her toys though. All I want is Ben to come home so I can go to bed but instead I’ll have to do what I can’t do now 🤦🏻‍♀️ .
Jumper @hm (old)
Wet look leggings @missselfridge (old)
Trainer @converse
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@heyitsromeca @stylemotherbeat
She was the image of Ben when she was born but recently people are saying they can see me in her. I can’t see the resemblance but I can see the hidden personality traits. The little embarrassed placed arms when she’s feeling a bit awkward, the stubbornness when I ask her to say sorry, the shyness before she susses out a situation. Don’t worry Doll, you’ll grow out of it just like I did. Although the awkward arms might linger 😘♥️ #whiledollysleeps #likemotheelikedaughter
Dress @mini_rodini @alexandalexacom (Gift)
Trainers @vans @schuh (Gift)
Tights @jojomamanbebe
Today was a good day! We all slept in until 8.30 am. That NEVER happens. We missed the gym but who cares I got some much needed beauty sleep instead. Dolly and Hugo’s colds are improving and Hugo has been so smiley and has laughed a lot. I’m beginning to feel really Christmassy so I celebrated by I eating my first Christmas sandwich. We are about to start the babies dinner, bath and bed routine and settle down to watch Strictly with a bottle of red wine. It’s far from glamorous or exciting but it’s my favourite kind of Saturday. How did you spend yours? 😘♥️ #whiledollysleeps #saturdayvibes
I’m about to go out (nothing wild) for dinner on a Friday night! Can you tell I’m happy about it? I might actually have a proper conversation. Well, that’s as long as I don’t get too wine happy...
P.S. I’m actually cracking up (yes it’s real) because Ben said “what are you doing with your arms?” He hates insta and hates taking my photo 🤷🏻‍♀️ P.S.S. I bought these @thisiswhistles dungarees in the sale when I found out I was pregnant with Hugo. I LOVE my old ones so much but they’re getting a bit battered. I haven’t been able to fit into these (ever) until now and that’s another thing to smile about 🙌 #whiledollysleeps #mumontherun
After yesterday’s drama we are staying indoors all day. Dolly is in our bed watching Bing and feeling very sorry for herself. She’s calling “mummy” as I type this. I’m guessing it’s because she doesn’t like this episode and wants me to change it🤦🏻‍♀️. Hugo who only woke up once last night 🙌 has his terrible cough back. I’m supposed to be going to dinner tonight with my sister-in-law @justshanie so can we all pray that they improve because I need a holiday but a Friday night dinner will do instead 🙏🏻 #whiledollysleeps #fridayfeet
If you’ve noticed a crazy lady look in my eye then you’d be right! This was post poogate @alexandalexacom SS19 pressday. Yes you read that right. I foolishly decided to take Dolly AND Hugo into London to attend one of our favourite and very stylish press days. On arriving everyone congratulated me for being so brave. They should have said stupid! Fast forward 10 mins and I’m on my hands and knees in the toilet picking poo out of Dolly’s knickers with my bare hands. I’d left a screaming Hugo with the ever so lovely and glamorous head of press @novadeluxe along with my bag of wipes and Dolly’s change of clothes. At one point I started hysterically laughing because I could hear Hugo emptying the press day and I could do nothing about it because I was under poo arrest. It was a laugh or cry situation so I laughed. I’ve got to say a massive thank you to @novadeluxe, @carlyjstevens  and @pret_a_parent for their support and special thanks to Chantelle who worked in catering and is some sort of baby whisperer. She kindly calmed Hugo to sleep while I changed Dolly’s clothes in the middle of the press day. Who does that? Me in a tizz. What a day! 😱
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Still doing the pose. Can’t stop 🤷🏻‍♀️
P.S. This is not my door and I was well para somebody was going to come out and shoo me away! 
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On Sunday Dolly wore last year’s Christmas Day outfit. It’s size 18-24 months and she’s 3 in January 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s @marksandspencer which always comes up big on her but I can’t remember it being huge last year. Anyway slide pic to see her running towards me for a cuddle after this photo was taken and almost knocking me backwards onto the floor 🤣.
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I bought this leopard print @zara dress like everybody else did when I first had Hugo thinking I’ll definitely be able to get into that in a few weeks. 🤣🤣🤣 I love my optimism. Truth is I can get into it but my mum tum sticks out like I’m at that early pregnant stage (second baby early pregnant stage that is) so I’ve been putting off wearing it. Yesterday I decided there was no point putting it off any longer as I might never be able to wear it at this rate so instead I threw last years @andotherstories jumper on over the top and (jazz hands) ta daaaa. You’d never know, only I’ve just told you. Oh and you can’t see it in this pic anyway 🤣 #whiledollysleeps #whatmamaworemonday
We’ve just got back from a very touching service at St. George’s RAF Chapel in Biggin Hill. Dolly was very well behaved and Hugo slept the whole way through. It is such a lovely place to go to remember and we plan on making it a family tradition. #lestweforget #rememberencesunday #whiledollysleeps
Apparently this is my thing. My friend who took this photo said “now do your thing” and this pose is it. Wow I’m cringeworthy and I’m sorry but I can’t stop doing it 🤷🏻‍♀️
In other news.... yesterday was pretty hellish. I took Hugo to the docs because he caught Dolly’s cold and his cough had got quite bad. I just wanted them to tell me it’s a cold and nothing to worry about but the next thing I knew he’s got a nebuliser and we’re being told to go to A&E. He’s absolutely fine just chesty and has a bad cold like I thought but it was pretty scary. During the drive to hospital I kept blaming myself for not taking him to the doctors sooner. Mum guilt is so bad thing because actually it turned out my instincts had been right and everything I had been doing for him was correct. 
Anyway I’m posting this happy pic today because I’m happy and grateful Hugo is ok and I plan on having a lovely weekend. Have fun whatever you’re up to 😘