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4 years ago today I lost my dad suddenly from a heart attack. Ben and I were having the time of our lives living in Ibiza and I didn’t think I could be any happier when an early morning phone call turned my world upside down. In that moment I realised I would never ever be as happy as I was the day before. My dad was my everything. I worried about him dying all the time and how I would cope when my nightmare became a reality but as time goes on you learn to deal with it. It doesn’t mean I miss him any less. My biggest sadness is that he will never know my children. He would have adored Dolly and now I’m about to have another one it just highlights how much he has missed. But it helps to remember he is looking over us all the time and will be the best guardian angel this baby could ever wish for. Dolly can vouch for that! #whiledollysleeps 
P.S. Sorry to be so emotional so early. I blame the hormones. I didn’t mean to make you cry ❤️
The awesome @themiddlemama is stepping in for me this week and hosting the hashtag #trendytottuesdays with @jane_copeland as I’m busy bouncing on a giant ball trying to get this baby to come out. BUT I did get a chance to take a pic of Dolly in her denim playsuit and new favourite pineapple shoes! The biggest news this week is she has finally given in and allowed me to tie her hair up. We had a lot of tears but now she loves it and keeps telling me what nice hair she has. It might not be the biggest ponytail yet but at least it’s not forever in her eyes. Next on the list of things to achieve is her allowing me to put a hair slide in. It’s the small things. P.S. I think she knows something in our world is about to change as she keeps saying “I love you” which is making me cry 😢 #trendytottuesdays #toddlerdictatorship
The countdown is really on now. Induce date is almost here and I can’t wait for this HG hell to be over and the moment I meet my new baby. I’m being induced at 38 weeks and I had to have two steroid injections to help bring the lungs on. Brilliantly the side effects have given me a boost and I have had a couple of good days. It would be incredible if they last but I won’t hold my breath. I’m just making the most of actually having some energy to get baby ready. I’ve been busy doing lots of online shopping for the baby and of course Dolly. Something I haven’t had any interest in...what the hell has HG done to me 😳. Anyway the wait is almost over. I never thought I’d get here but I am and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself #hgwarrior #pregnancysickness #37weekspregnant #tootiredtofaketan #toopreggotosunbathe #toosicktogiveashit
#tbt Yes I know I’ve posted this pic before but I really need it in my life right now. I’ve been quiet on here again lately because erm, have I told you I’m suffering from hyperemisis gravidarum and feel sick everyday?! I’m 37 weeks pregnant and have felt sick everyday for 8 months! Can you take a moment to imagine that 😳. It’s exhausting and depressing and everyday feels like a week but the good news is I have my induce date and I’m on the final countdown. Problem now is that I’m scared. I’m scared of going through labour again. I know it’s a means to an end but I can’t help it. I want the sickness to disappear and for that to happen I have to go through the most immense pain. I also want to hold my baby in my arms. My baby that has sadly taken second place to this illness. At a time when most women are excited and busy planning the arrival of their baby I have been too busy trying to survive each and everyday. Once again this illness has taken the excitement and joy out of my pregnancy but I just need to get my shit together now, get through this next week and get over this final hurdle by remembering it will all be worth it in the end. #whiledollysleeps #finalpush #prayforme
Dolly went to a birthday party at the weekend. Here she is trying to eat the balloons on the way in 🤷🏻‍♀️ #trendytottueadays
Please join in with our hashtag #trendytotuesdays by posting a pic of your kid, tagging the brands they are wearing plus @trendytottuesdays. By doing this you’ll make @jane_copeland and I very happy 😘
I had such a lovely day yesterday. A very low key baby brunch with friends who have been there throughout this HG hell to listen to me cry a lot, sigh a lot and well basically moan a lot. This is a side effect of HG that not many people realise or understand. Some think “how can you be so miserable when you’re expecting a baby? Don’t you realise how lucky you are?” Well of course I bloody well do! I know so many people wish for this but trust me when I say no one would ever wish for hyperemisis gravidarum. The truth is HG can make you so god damn depressed you struggle to get out of bed in the morning because you know what the day will bring. It’s a long and lonely journey that can leave you wondering why me, how will I survive today let alone 9 months? I was offered counselling at the start of this pregnancy because of this but I declined knowing how lucky I was to have so many amazing friends and family (best husband ever) who have supported me along the way and I couldn’t be more grateful to them. And let’s not forget Dolly who was my reason to get up everyday! #whiledollysleeps #hgsurvivor #3weekstogo #ivegotthis #pregnancysicknesssupport
I’ve escaped for the day! Ben and Dolly are having a Dolly & Daddy Day and I’m on my way to London for a low key baby brunch in my new @ancientgreeksandals and @zara dress. I’ve taken my HG meds and hoping for a good day. Come on, I deserve it don’t I?! And my friends who have listened to me for 8 months deserve it too 😬 #whiledollysleeps
The girl loves a turban. What can I say, like mother like daughter #trendytottuesdays 
Please join in with our hashtag #trendytottuesdays by posting a pic of your kid, tagging the brands they are wearing and @trendytottuesdays and using the hashtag #trendytottuesdays. You will make @jane_copeland and I very happy 😀

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It better be this hot in August when I can actually enjoy it with a G&T! #34weekspregnant #whiledollysleeps
I don’t know what I would have done without these @birkenstock sandals during this pregnancy. My swollen feet are so grateful to @schuhpr who gifted them to me. I had forgotten how nice it is to slip on a pair of fresh new Birkenstocks as my other ones are so old and used mainly for the garden now. My feet and hands have swollen so much during this pregnancy. It didn’t happen with Dolly. I wonder if that means it’s a boy?! Who knows! It probably has more to do with it being summer and not winter. #whiledollysleeps #gifted #birkenstocks #schuh
I’m not sure she can get more trendy this Tuesday 😂. Rainbow sweatshirt complete with Katsu Curry sauce but she’s happy 😆 #whiledollysleeps #trendytottuesdays
I had the best. Missed and loved always not just today #whiledollysleeps #fathersday