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I had planned on having my photo taken before my friends daughter’s Holy Communion but was running late because I couldn’t find any of the 1095 hair grips I own. I swear Ben throws them in the bin because he says I leave them around the house too much. Alright Monica (from Friends)! So instead you’re getting this stylist’s nightmare shot of a creased dress complete with visible pointless hanging tag and photobombing child covered in sun cream, food and juice stained clothes. This is the reality but we’re happy and we had a lovely day. I even managed to catch up on all the fabulous wedding highlights and have a little happy weep!  #whiledollysleeps #maternity #29weekspregnant
Throw back to not feeling sick every bloody day, having a waist and fitting into my favourite jeans 👖. These are ancient @missselfridge jeans that I cut the bottoms off and love with all my heart 💓 . They are also the item of clothing that I really want to fit into again. No scales for me just these jeans. It might take me a year or 2 or 3 and I’m putting no pressure on myself but I love them too much not to wear them again...one day. #whiledollysleeps #tbt #29weekspregnant #9weekstogo #induced
Someone was happy to be home from nursery and even happier to stomp around in daddy’s work boots. Weirdly I can remember doing the same with my dad’s boots. #whiledollysleeps #toddlerofinstagram
Yesterday was tough. I puked a lot, felt sick all day and cried because I still have 10 weeks left of Hyperemiss Gravidarum. Today is HG Awareness Day. Please look at my stories for more info. @pregnancysicknesssupport have asked what helps to get you through each day and my answer is Dolly. She was my reward at the end of my last HG hell and although it was a nightmare she was worth it. People used to say it would all be worth it in the end and I felt like punching them in the face. I’m not normally violent, I promise. But I thought how could anyone possibly know what I’m going through and flippantly comment that it would all be worth it. Luckily for me they were right and I’m counting down the days until I get my next reward! #hgawarenessday #trendytottuesdays #hgad18 #itsinyourgenes #pregnancysupport
I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately. Work has been crazy busy which is great because time has been going fast. We have been at my mum’s for a couple of weeks so Dolly has had lots of lovely nana time. Sickness update is not great. Still on lots of meds and feeling pretty rough but I’m now on the 10 week countdown and nearly into single figures. Trying to look on the bright side! This post is for #whatmamaworemonday but it’s actually what I wore to my godson’s Holy Communion yesterday. #whiledollysleeps #whatmamaworemonday @heyitsromeca @rachelthehat #hyperemesis
If you look really closely you’ll see the tiger that Dolly is having a staring competition with. We decided to go to @london_zoo on the hottest day of the year this weekend. Why wouldn’t you when you’re 7 months pregnant?! Genius idea 💡 To be fair the queues weren’t too bad but I couldn’t understand why I was so tired from walking around. Ben explained it’s because I’m carrying around the equivalent of 2 Waitrose bags filled with shopping! #trendytottuesdays #whiledollysleeps
Dolly loving life on Hampstead Heath. It’s so cute to see how much she loves coming to her Nana’s house and spending time doing all the things I used to love as a child. I was lucky enough to grow up living opposite Hampstead Heath and my mum and dad took my sister and I there as much as possible during the summer months. I miss having this incredible space on my doorstep but at least I have loads of fields (filled with sheep that Dolls is obsessed with) in Kent! P.S. Check out the pout 😂#whiledollysleeps #northlondonerlivinginkent
Dolly is obsessed with putting a jacket/coat (or boat as she likes to call it) on before leaving the house no matter how hot it is. I managed to wrestle it off her shortly after this photo was taken. We’ve popped back to Hampstead to see my mum and I’m loving my new @ukgap jumpsuit. It’s so comfortable but maybe a little too hot for today. No complaints here though. We’re sooo happy to see the sunshine 🌞 #whiledollysleeps #27weekspregnant
Sorry I’ve been quiet this week but I’ve had back to back shoots on. It’s been great for keeping my mind occupied and making the time go quickly! I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with Dolls this weekend though. We might even go to the zoo. Here I am loving my new maternity dungarees from @ukgap. I used a 40% discount code which made splashing cash so near to the finishing line a little sweeter. #whiledollysleeps #27weekspregnant
It’s ok I got Ben’s (he’s not a fan of having his photo on here) permission before posting this pic. It was too good a shot of Dolly’s jacket not to! Don’t forget it’s #trendytottuesdays today. Join in by posting a pic of your kid, using the hashtag #trendytottuesdays, tagging the brands they are wearing and @trendytottuesdays #trendytottuesdays #whiledollysleeps
How was this just last weekend? Please come back sunshine ☀️. We love you almost as much as Dolly loves her turban. I think she wears one better than me annoyingly! #whiledollysleeps
I’ve just realised it’s Thursday🙄 so I can do a #tbt pic which is lucky because today I’m wearing maternity leggings and the longest oversized tee I could find to hide my bum! So I’m throwing it back to when I had a waist and could wear high waisted trousers. I loved this outfit. It was one of my stylist uniforms. Easy to run around in, bend down to tie up shoes and fix hems etc. These days I’m wearing what’s comfortable on repeat because it’s a total waste to spend loads on clothes when you’re preggers.  I was convinced being pregnant would mean I’d  save money because I wouldn’t be buying any, ahem many new clothes or alcohol but I hadn’t taken into account that my food bill would double - eek! 😳🤰🏻🤷🏻‍♀️