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WCAS is an open-intake dog-only shelter in rural Tennessee. Our mission is to save lives & find forever homes. We may be small but our love is mighty.


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It’s been a minute since we posted. So, we needed something that would catch your eye. We knew these four faces would do the trick. For more information about adoptable puppies and dogs, visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #puppylove #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue
There isn’t much sweeter than Candy. 🍭 For more information on this beautiful girl and another adoptable dogs, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #adoptable #availableforrescue  #whitecountyanimalshelter
We’ve come to the conclusion that she is in fact a dog. But, for a minute there, we would have put money on her being a teddy-bear mix. For more information on Shawnee and other available dogs, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue
It’s Monday. A little cuteness always helps. You’re welcome. 💕 For more information on this or other adorable cuties, visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter .com. #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue
New (AH-dorable) faces at the shelter. Stop on in and meet these girls! For our hours and more information on these and other adoptable dogs, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue
In our last post, we reminded y’all that surprising people with animals as Christmas gifts was not the best idea. However, Vinny wanted us to clarify that there are still dogs (like Vinny himself) waiting to be adopted to responsible, safe (and not surprised) homes. So, don’t let our last post scare you from adopting during this time of year if you have done your leg and heart work and are ready to welcome a dog into your home, despite the holidays. #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue
Just a gentle reminder. Unlike most other gifts, puppies (and other animals) are a lifetime commitment. And most people don’t like to be surprised with lifetime commitments. Consider gifting dog supplies or making a donation to a shelter in someone’s name instead. Happy holidays! #whitecountyanimalshelter
Things just got serious around here. And we need your help. The shelter is full. Every. Single. Kennel. And we are expecting more dogs. (Remember, we are an open intake county shelter.) We need your help networking our adoptable dogs (some of which are pictured above). Every dog that gets adopted or pulled by rescue partners frees up kennel space - which frees us from having to make decisions. Please, please, please share. And please send love. 💕 #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue
The weekend is almost here. In between watching football and jumping in piles of leaves, you should plan on coming to visit us this weekend. We’re open Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 2:30pm. Oh, and Mallory (pictured here) says no one will argue if you bring some treats with you to stock our pantry. Or you can find our Amazon wishlist by going to the “Donate” tab at www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue
Happy Monday from Mathis! Mathis is new to the shelter and has quickly charmed us all with that adorable bulldog face. For for more information on Mathis and other adoptable dogs, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #adoptable #availableforrescue #whitecountyanimalshelter
The beauty of Grace. 💘#nationalpitbullawarenessmonth #adoptable #availableforrescue #whitecountyanimalshelter
We’ve gone over this. Y’all know how we feel about ears. So, ya’ll already know we squealed when we met this baby girl. 🎀 
For more information about Janna or other equally adorable and adoptable dogs, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #adoptable #availableforrescue #puppiesofinstagram #whitecountyanimalshelter