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WCAS is an open-intake dog-only shelter in rural Tennessee. Our mission is to save lives & find forever homes. We may be small but our love is mighty.


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The beauty of Grace. 💘#nationalpitbullawarenessmonth #adoptable #availableforrescue #whitecountyanimalshelter
We’ve gone over this. Y’all know how we feel about ears. So, ya’ll already know we squealed when we met this baby girl. 🎀 
For more information about Janna or other equally adorable and adoptable dogs, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #adoptable #availableforrescue #puppiesofinstagram #whitecountyanimalshelter
It’s Pitbull Awareness Month. Instead of getting on our soapbox about Pitties, we thought we’d just introduce you to Sachi. Because that sweet face says it all. For more information on Sachi and other adoptable pups, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. 💕 #adoptabull #luvabull #whitecountyanimalshelter #pitbullawarenessmonth
Today is National Black Dog Day. October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month and Pitbull Awareness Month. So, it only feels right to celebrate Perry. Perry is the second-longest resident at the shelter. When Perry came to us (in February), he didn’t seem to know how to play. He certainly didn’t know what to do with a toy. Which is why watching Perry (with his favorite toy) enjoying these last warm days of the year brings us so much joy. Here’s to hoping October is Perry’s month. For more information on Perry or other adoptable dogs, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #whitecountyanimalshelter #luvabull #adoptable #availableforrescue #blackdog #pitbullawarenessmonth #adoptashelterdogmonth
We think he may be part Ewok. 🐻💕 For more information about adoptable McCoy or other fuzzies, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #whitecountyanimalshelter #availableforrescue #adoptable
Some dogs take their photo shoots VERY seriously. For more information on a DaLitta (and to view her other successful shots), please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #adoptable #availableforrescue #whitecountyanimalshelter
Who doesn't love a black Lab(mix) puppy? #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue  #puppiesofinstagram
"Best Ears Of The Month" goes to Hiway. 💕For more information on this sweet girl and other adoptable dogs, please visit us at www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com.
Some dogs tell us so much with just their eyes. 👁
For more information about Brenner and other adoptable pups, please visit www.whitecountyanimalshelter.com. #whitecountyanimalshelter #adoptable #availableforrescue
The White County Animal Shelter is honored to have been chosen to receive a $1,000 grant from the @petfinderfoundation. This funding will be used for spay & neuter to help get our dogs at the shelter ready for adoption. Thank you, Petfinder! 💙🐾 #whitecountyanimalshelter #petfinderfoundation
Claira and these baby blues are available for adoption. 💙 #adoptable #availableforrescue #whitecountyanimalshelter
We may be a bit biased, but we think we have the cutest dogs. And they're all #adoptable or #availableforrescue. 🐾💚#whitecountyanimalshelter