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This is a good color story. You like?
WHAT?!?! I haven’t been motivated to get up for anything other than Sonny this early in the am! I mean, who goes hiking up a steep mountain in the dark in 30 degrees?? Boulder people I guess! SO THANKFUL you guys invited us to do this. You know who you are.
Cannot believe I’m back in Boulder, CO with @1908brands & @bundleorganics 🤠 It’s so crazy how life comes full circle. I was 18 and immature when I lived here. I was homesick, depressed and didn’t know where my life was headed. Now at 33, I’m working with an awesome company and even woke up at 5:30 this am to hike a mountain. Feeling so grateful today. ❤️❤️❤️
Boulder peeps! I’ll be @wonder_juice today from 5:15pm to 6pm celebrating the launch of @bundleorganics 🎉Come say hi and grab some snacks and smoothies! See you there! ❤️
Soaking up these two before a busy week! Off to Boulder, Colorado tomorrow to hang with my @1908brands & @bundleorganics family. Can’t wait to be back there. Did you guys know I went to CU Boulder for a year and a half? If you were my freshman roomie in Farrand Hall, message me! I’m dying to find you! Also, any restaurant/workout recommendations welcome! Thank you!
Ten seconds later he started to fall asleep. Pure joy.
@shopbop dinner parties are the best. They start early and the wine doesn’t give me a headache. ❤️ you @shopbop and my @rhoderesort dress! #stylehigh #sponsored
I Love My Baby, But...
Is BACK! We took a little breather over the holidays but we have a GREAT episode for you this week. Click link in bio. to watch. I sat down with @renanziva - a Child Development Specialist and answered all the questions you guys messaged me! We covered potty training, discipline, first words and so much more! Get your pen and paper ready to take some notes! And let me know if you have any more questions for her for our next video or blog post!! She’s seriously the best and I trust her more than anyone with this kind of stuff.
“Self-acceptance was one of the hardest things for me to learn after my pregnancy, and also the most freeing.” I recently wrote an article for @refinery29 about my pregnancy and adjusting to life after. Click the link in my bio to read more! @bundleorganics
❤️How we spent our weekend❤️
This is a a selfie of me (obviously 😉) feeling a little more confident and alive here than I feel at the moment. Last year at this time I posted a video on my @youtube page about those “New Years Blues” and this time around I’ve felt them just as hard. I grew up LOVING the holidays. They were my favorite time of year. Now that my dad is gone, from the week of Thanksgiving to the first week of the New Year, I feel down. I wish I could compartmentalize the feelings but I just can’t. It’s hard when everyone out there seems so happy and I feel so blue. It’s especially hard when I’m with Sonny and have to push away my feelings because I don’t want him to see me upset. Today, we had help from our nanny Ofelia and I took the day to lay in bed and cry a little. We need those days. I told myself tomorrow is a new day, it will be better and perhaps I will have the motivation to start getting sh*t done. But then my friend told me, maybe tomorrow won’t be that day and that’s ok too. I guess what I’m trying to say is, life is all about feeling feelings and not feeling bad about them. Yes, feel remorseful when you’ve done something wrong but don’t beat yourself up for feeling a feeling you can’t control. Sit with it, eat haribo frogs or pirates booty or whatever the hell is your guilty pleasure, watch tv in bed, ball your eyes out and say to yourself “ Life can be crap. People get taken away from us for no good reason but there is ALWAYS a new day. Whether that’s tomorrow or a week or longer, life is filled with series of waves we ride and there’s no way out but through.
Swinging into the New Year like...🥰🥰🥰