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A Lady Bug cried out to me and I felt her pain. I’m not a kid anymore mama, them times changed. You still my baby though. I appreciate you. #bELIeve #ComebackSeason
Thankful for where I’ve been. Faithful to where I’m going. #bELIeve
Hours on top of hours. Repetition on top of Repetition. Ya’ll know who the trainer is! ✔️✔️ #bELIeveDat #WeBackCoach
🏃🏿‍♂️💨 North-western Bulls!!?.... Where We At!! #AlmostThatTime #DrewWhatsGoodie? #bELIeve
Screaming Happy Birthday to the strongest woman I know. Tranae Jackson. I can write a Lifetime on how amazing of a woman you are and what you’ve taught and showed me, but I’m not. Just know that your unwavering faith in The Lord is nothing less than a Butterfly floating in the wind against the win to eat its nectar... Rejoice and live in this day. Yo cheek bones should be stuck to your cornea by the end of the day from smiling so hard. Wish I was there with you all. I Love You Ma. 💙💙💜
Dawg took all the meat out the freezer. Enough is Enough. 🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂😭 #HotAf #MamaDon’tPlayBoutHaAc #iThoughtHeWasInHalfAhCasket #HeWasScrapingTheIceOffTheSideEatinIt
Early stages of something great. White bros. Guitar genius 🎸🎼🎼
Last Game Of The Season I tore my ACL. Going into a pivotal offseason that could bring change on many levels for me.... Most would question why it happened to them. Me? I Thank God it happened to me how it did. For I did not understand the magnitude of the space I Am about to enter. I Thank God for allotting me the time to See beyond what most think is real. Surely I am blessed with a gift, but my purpose serves far beyond any physical thing... Do know though❗️I will be back and better ❗️Ready to go Ape Nuts whenever I am blessed to be! #bELIeve
New Jerusalem. This is one of the best systems I’ve seen. Trust me, there aren’t many out there teaching life decisions and being able to make sound choices in the Face of God. I appreciate you guys being excited to see me but I am more humbled to be in your presence and to emit light and energy unto the youth. My deepest appreciation Goes Out To You Beautiful People.
Count it all as a blessing. All Praises Due to The Beneficent.