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窶....I wear my heart on my sleeves you watchin my soul bleed窶
The Laboratory
Me and big bro on a cool night @southcity22 the great Gatsby gone be a movie 笨費ク
Repetition is the Father of Mastery.
Team Work Make The Dream Work... WE only got 1 goal in Mind!! 沛
#25. What a blessing. Where I窶冦 from, we barely make it to see 21. Thank You God for allowing me to see another year and for the many blessings you have bestowed upon my life. #bELIeve
Felt great touching the paint for the first time. Felt even worse losing. God is the greatest though so he gets the glory.
Bra said cut up so I cut up 沽を沽 tough loss but we gone beat they ass when it count!
The hardest thing for Humans to do is be consistent. Consistently getting up everyday and being able to sustain a particular Mind Set. Constantly moving forward and up not looking back.  There窶冱 so many different elements of life and forces in life keeping our attention in these Times that we often get blinded from the foundation of reaching success: The Work... The Sacrifice. The commitment. The Hurt. The Love...... #bELIeve
A product of my environment but never was consumed by it. You ever heard of the Burning Bush...
窶彜ometimes I close my eyes and go in that dark place. Where pain from all them lonely nights and heartaches.窶 -E.Rogers 
Either way it goes I Am blessed beyond measures. Thank you God. I Am humbled by your Grace. #MondayNightFootball
The Burgh be hella late on the tunes..... I窶冦 talkin bout hella 沽 Don窶冲 worry though in due time we gone spark it up... But I caught my dawg on the radio up here 沐・沐・沐・ @thereallildred... him and that boy @realballgreezy .. Salute G! Keep Going 汳ッ汳ッ沐