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Went to support this beautiful black woman for her dirty 30. My good friend. Blessings and Love Love.
Don’t let today’s work get past you. It’s Friday. Put an exclamation point on your work and finish. Then you can turn up how you do. #Love&Light #bELIeve
It’s been great playing with you these past 2 years and Been an honor to be able to receive the knowledge you’ve attained within the past 3... A dream come true honestly... Wherever The River Guide Me in this free agency process I Will Be. Do know... I Will be back better than before.
I use to always hear about how much potential I possessed but often couldn’t See being deep in some valley or another... This guy spoke on all the “potential” I possessed. People can see the Good in you but it means nothing until you bELIeve in yourself so much to the point that you don’t need a co-sign. I wasn’t able to reach maximum capacity outside of Self because I was over capacity within. Filled with programmings that poisoned my mind from bearth. All Praises Due I am now able and willing to reach full capacity. The Future is Now. #ThisBrotherKnewWhatHeWasTalkingAbout #ImAboutToGoBackToThisHaircut #bELIeve #tbt
Purpose Driven.
Rookie Camp before my foot broke. Just a couple weeks before we back in motion. Can’t wait to get back into it. 🙏🏿 🎼: @iamkinglos
First Watch
Time for me to take care of you now Ms.LadyBug🐞😘 You did the best you could in the window God allotted you to remind me who I Am. Though the mechanisms used at times were Earth shattering, hurtful, unintended even... I appreciate you with my whole body. #MotherEarthTuesday
Get in thru Sunday like where the week at