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...and they shall know me by my "Grams."

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Sometimes you just need [to make] some #buttermilkbiscuits. 
Happy belly, happy Mudge, happy Monday. 沽

P.S. Yes, that is #butter on my hand glistening just so in the light! 沽
It's been a good #weekend. 沽嬉汳 Keep spoiling me #Brighton! 沽

"Beach" bants 沽

That #glow though!
Apparently going for that #windswept look today! 沽を沍ャク
Love these guys at the Duke Street @bagelmanbtn! Definitely the best part of my #Friyay yesterday! 
They always have the hugest smiles on their faces, are happy to chat, AND they humour me when I ask for a #surprisebagel, so I wind up with some triple meat, double cheese, gloriousness* + a picture of them with said surprise bagel! Legends! *Don't worry, there were a few veggies in there too!
Conductors stepping up their ticket checking game with the #butterfly punch! 洶 Nice one my dude! 沽
@bagelmanbtn's Meat Packer - possibly the most glorious #bagel ever! 泗

As food is my #lovelanguage, the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach, and Brighton is certainly taking the express route! #happybelly 沽
When you don't know how to contour so you go ham on the #highlighter, and the sun catches you just right. 沽 #feelingmyself #nofilter
Pros of a new city? New restaurants to try! 
Preeeety sure the super lovely dudes at BeFries gave me one of every single sauce for my sampling sesh. Couldn't even fit them all in the picture! 'Twas a good lunch, deffo left with a #happybelly! 沽
As #food is my #lovelanguage, it makes sense that I'd eventually have a taste of home as my #ThrowbackThursday! 
Cold #Goombay a #happy M-J makes! 沽汞ァ汞ク笶、ク Need to restock though, that was my last one. 沽 Methinks a trip to the 242 needs to happen sooner rather than later...
On a scale from 1 to excited, I have a box of #limitededition all pink #Starbursts. 沽Å沽昨沽 泗 #blessed

Thank you @saraobehi!!! 笶、ク My heart and taste buds are happy!
Them #surprise day off, #grassematinテゥe, #nofilter type vibes...