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Couldn't wait for a Thursday to post this video Mummy just sent me!

See the grin in the last photo? Promise you I'm that proud every single time I put on my #Dominica costume! 🇩🇲 #767
Was trying to take a picture because I thought my eyebrows were 🔥 today, but my hair wasn't having it.
In case you somehow managed to miss my 32 million (only mild hyperbole there) Instagram stories from about a week ago: 
Recently "modelled" (read "ate") my way through a trip to #Amsterdam with some friends who also all happen to be amazing #photographers. You'll be able to check out some of their work (borrowed with permission of course) in my latest blog post, up soon. Keep an eye out for it!
If you #bake you understand! #greaseandflour 
Happy Monday! (:
Love a good Sunday #roast. That #crackling though... 🔥🙌
Have you ever been sad you didn't leave yourself any #leftovers? That is last night's dinner, and 😭 is me right now. Should have gone for large #ribs. Next time Lumberjacks, next time. #lessonlearned
Excited to try some new products from @lush! Current weather conditions ❄️ have inspired me to show my skin a little extra #love! The Scrubee and Soft Coeur are #winterstaples for me, but felt like switching it up a bit! Thanks to some top quality assistance from Jenair in the Brighton store, I ended up with the Honey Bear massage bar, and deliciously scented Cherryish body scrub/moisturiser. Basically, I'm a sucker for all things cocoa butter! 😍
Stood behind a little wall with about 5-6 feet of sidewalk in front of me, and can still clearly see another 15 ft or so down to the bottom. Isn't she beautiful? 😍

This is why I won't go to the "beach" with y'all in England people. Not even sorry. 😎🤷 #beachsnob #Bahamas 🇧🇸 #clearwater

P.S. #nofilter 😉
Well now I can't finish the quiz. I hope you're happy @buzzfeedquiz! 😂
😂 Savagery aside, how do you play @uno? 
I think you can play the #drawtwo on top of the #drawfour or another draw two, but no draw fours on top of draw twos... 🤷 Thoughts? #uno