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Our goal is to bring together the women in computing at Cornell.

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Escape the rain, go to the Sandia and Bloomberg info sessions tonight! 🌧 Eat two free dinners & learn new things back to back 😎
G-Body #1 TMRW!!! 🤩 In Thurston 205! Learn more about us, our initiatives, and how to get involved. Also FREE FOOD! ☺️
When Dame Shirley was pushed out of her government tech job, she seized it as an opportunity to start her own company. Read more about it in the WSJ article, "The First Women in Tech Didn't Leave– Men Pushed Them Out" 👩‍💻
Events this week! 🤩 And remember to pace yourselves and not stretch too thin– you got this! 👩‍💻
Happy Career Week everyone! We know it can get crazy, but keep these tips in mind to get through it 💪🏽 Stay confident and support one another! As always, we’re here as a resource for everyone 🙌🏼❤️
Mahfuza '19 knows how to balance work and play at her @toasttab internship: in between working on her important work projects, she gets lunch around Fenway Park ⚾️, plays Mario Kart 🚗, and has fun with other interns– they once had a chicken nugget eating contest! 🍗 Read more about it on FB! 🍞
Jessica Hong '20 is pursuing her interests in computer vision/graphics and social good as a @google Earth Engine Intern this summer! 🌎 Amazing! Read more on FB 👓
Caley Drooff IS '20 is working with 3D printed fur this summer at the @mitmedialab! Whaaaat! 🙀
She has learned that "a well designed interface is one that requires no explanation." 👏🙌 Read more on FB!
"Independence, excitement, bash-scripts, sun, Uber": what a summer! 💻☀️🚙 Gauri is working at @uscedu's Interaction Lab, creating a robot that will assist the elderly. Read more about it on FB! 🤖
"Finding a product that I'm passionate about will always be important to me in any job." Rachel Goffin, IS '19, PM intern at @hulu! 🌴 Read more about her awesome summer on FB– after work, she rides rentable scooters!! 🛴
Best parts of the summer for Matt Barker '19? People, comedy, and the subway! 🚇 Read about his experience at Squarespace on FB.
"Thought I would come to SF faced with Soylent and tech bros and so far I've only had to see the former" 👨‍💻🥛 Check out what else Nina Ray '19 has to say about her summer at Zenysis on our FB page, and stay tuned for more Summer Stories! ☀️