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a high energy string band from Los Angeles, California.


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Papi & Harriet's was a blast. Shout out to our friends who travelled all the way out to the high desert to watch us play! 😌
A new release is in the works. Should we drop an EP asap or wait a little longer until we've got a full Album?
Our set time got pushed to 11pm but come through and hang with us, its gonna be so much fun* (*fun not gaurenteed)
Getting pumped for the show tonight with our boys @notthosepilgrims !  #imlovinit
Heading to the desert on Thursday jam With @notthosepilgrims at @pappyandharriets !
And now a message from our Father..
Hey Guys! We're playing a last minute gig under the Hyperion Bridge tonight. Its a super sick space and it's BYOB. DM for the password, the bridge people can be pretty territorial. No cover!
Sabbath Rules
We're sending our love to everyone who was affected by the Borderline shooting. We've performed here before and we're heartbroken/disgusted/horrified that someone could commit such vile acts against other humans especially in a space like the Borderline. The last time we were at the Borderline the entire bar got up to line dance to the song "Footloose" under a giant metal cowboy hat suspended above the dancefloor. It was a very whacky and wholesome moment that was etched into our memories forever. We couldnt believe a place like this existed such close proximity to Los Angeles, needless to say we were very amused.  Borderline is the last place we would imagine a tragedy like this occurring. This type of shit is happening way too often, something needs to change. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. 😞