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Exploring the world with @kingstolas πŸ’›πŸŒ΄ Lifestyle / fashion blogger & photographer from Norway. ✨ Business inquiries:

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When your dinner look like this πŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ#joeandthejuice
We took this pretty late one evening with a selftimer. A taxi wanted to drive pass us so we had to run with the lights around us πŸ˜… Luckily the image didnt turned out that bad πŸ’› #truestory #lifeasaphotographer
My face when I find pretty things on eBay 😁 like this jacket for only 15$ ✨ Find the link in my latest blogpost! #ebayfinds #ootd
S a t u r d a y 🌸 my blog is updated! #selfie
Happy friday 😁 wish you all a lovely weekend! #tivoli
Treat your skin good 😌 in love with this detox mask from Caudalie @spasupplynorge ✨ #crueltyfree #spasupplynorge
A d d i c t e d to Joe 😜 #joeandthejuice
Guess what, I love pink walls 😜🌸 #ootd
We just did πŸ‘Š #joeandthejuice
In love with my new eyeshadow kit from PΓΌr @spasupplynorge ☺ Have you seen my latest blogpost? πŸ‘‰ #purbeauty #spasupply
Yeezy couple πŸ–– #yeezyboost #joeandthejuice #leicaq
My blog is updated with some fun facts πŸ˜‹ Wish you all a happy sunday πŸ’• #ootd