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The men folk and the girl off on a lifeboat trip today from Castle Beach, Tenby.

It's cloudy but humid as you like. Me and my Mummy to be bestie are sneaking off for a treat on our own while the rest of our brood catch the waves. 
Love our weekend dashes to the coast with our chosen family. 
Happy first day of the summer holidays X

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I feel like I've been missing a limb all week with this one off galavanting around Berlin, but she's back tonight and I cannot wait the squeeze her and hear all about her amazing adventure. 💕
Since the start of the year I have been on a little journey. It's been an unapologetically selfish one that has included sessions with a positive psychology coach and more recently a personal stylist. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
As I ebb closer to 40 I felt it was time to stop hiding in self doubt and seek the help I needed to be me. Not to stand in the limelight, just stand in my own right, happy and at peace with myself.
@kimcarrcoaching has been my life saver on the mental health side of things. She has helped me quieten the internal critic and realise some dreams I had long forgotten about. It has been a painful yet cathertic process, one I would do over and again. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
More recently I spent an evening laughing about my clothing choices with Renee from as we discussed my over packed wardrobe. It is something I had been hesitating in doing for years, and thought it was time to bite the bullet. I booked the session with Renee and thoroughly enjoyed talking about fashion with her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It was good to have someone else's objective eye look over my clothes and give some much needed guidance and reassurance!
We talked through some objectives and made some plans going forward. The best part being I get to use most of the items already hidden in my wardrobe.
although I'm only starting this process I would happily toot about it to anyone who stands with wardrobe doors open, looking at over stuffed rails thinking "I've got nothing to wear". Not for vanities sake but help bring a fresh eye, an honest opinion and a kick up the backside in the right direction toward am more authentic self. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
For now I'll be wardrobe decluttering and banishing the cardigans - because it IS to hot wear them and my arms aren't nearly as bad as I thought they were! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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So my teen has caught the travel bug and mapped out her travel plans for the next 20 years.

I wish I was joking but she's already sourced a backpacking company to go across Europe the summer she finishes her A levels! 
Today though I am seeing her off as she heads to Berlin with her German class. 
It's gonna be weird leaving her at school knowing she's heading off in a plane until Thursday, especially as theres already been tears between her and her baby bro. 
Hopefully I'll be able to hold myself together and not do the embarrassing snotty nosed ugly cry when I leave her.... although I make no promises!

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Where ever you wander my heart will be with you and yours with me. Always.

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This week has been a bit of a weird one. Work has been super busy and productive. The girl has loved her work experience placement even though she's been exhausted and socially drained from actually talking to people. The boy has bossed his transition days to year one, which makes my heart ache a little at how grown up he seems this week. I've organised some style help (more to follow once I've started and got stuck in!) as I feel ready to hone in on my personal style.

The weird part is I feel anxious, a bit down and suffering with serious bouts of self doubt. I should elated, but I just feel unsure. Maybe it's all the change happening at once. Our life is so stable and planned out to help support the kids needs that I think I've forgotten how to deal with transition myself. 
So today is a deep breathe day.

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When you Dad passed away it was sad to find hardly any pictures of him in later life. And none with us, his kids. It's then I decided I wanted to be present in photos with my kids instead of always being the one behind the camera. 
I'm never comfortable in front of the lense, to be completely honest I hate it. I asked Phil to retake a photo recently because I felt so uncomfortable with how I looked {swipe right to see the one I didn't like}. But this journey of self acceptance made me stop and think about the picture as a whole. To look at it through my children's eyes for a second. They wouldn't and don't see the flaws, they just see their mum sat in a big old tree smiling with them. Happy and there. So I've posted both, and looking at them side by side I prefer the 'lumpy' one, because the smiles meet their eyes in that one.

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Yesterday we made a watermelon gin fizz cocktail 🍉 it was lush! We used pink @gordonsginuk, a splash of prosecco and a glug of freshly blitzed watermelon.

We also made some mocktails for the kiddos with the watermelon and lemonade. Twas super delicious and refreshing after a super hot morning out.

Today I'm wishing we had more watermelon to make another batch. Although I'm also considering climbing into the freezer and pulling the door to for a little while as my face is slowly melting onto my chest!

Also why is my kid so bloody picky about microscopic floaty bits in the paddling pool? Refusing to go in as a result. May just too it up and have a soak myself in a minute. 
Happy Sunday anyway and here's to more watermelon gin fizz 🍉🍹 XX

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Flying solo this morning as Phil is down in Malmesbury today. 
That's the thing with being married to someone in ministry, you have to learn to share and I'm not the best at that in all honesty. 
Don't get me wrong 90% of the time I'm generous to a fault and happily give you the shirt off my back if you're in need. But there's a little bit that I'm rigidly selfish over. And you know what I think that's ok. 
It's not a bad thing to be selfish over a little when you're generous with a lot. Things like time with your husband and kids or self care should be things we are selfish over. It's healthy! How can you be generous if you've nothing left to be generous with?

So whilst it's just me and the kids this morning, when the husband gets home I'm going to be a little selfish and monopolise his time for a minute or two to find out how his morning went and soak up some cuddles too (in a PG way obvs!) 💕

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We grabbed some unwitting passersby and asked them to take a family photo for us. They graciously obliged and we managed to get a fairly decent one under the penny tree at @hanburyhall_nt earlier. 
The heat was almost too much to cope with by midday so we after we wandered around the orangerie and formal gardens we nipped into the shop for some onion marmalade (it's so good!) and a couple of ice lollies, we headed back to the car to head home.

Although hot, it was nice to have the place almost to ourselves. The peacefulness of the place felt calming to my anxious little heart today. I needed it more than I realised! 
I'm on the countdown to heading back to the coast for some vitamin sea though as that's my real happy place 💕

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I'm not sure where the rest of the world is but we are enjoying the sunshine and family time.

We had planned to go to the confetti fields in Wick, but thought better of it with hayfever being quite bad today for all of us. 
Anyway back to den building at Hanbury Hall.

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Thank goodness it is Friday! 
Today is a day of doing the home admin stuff. The food shop is done, the first load of washing has dried on the line and have finally sat down to eat lunch! 
It's been a few days since I had chance to grab an outfit piccy, but post school run managed it. Also my hair took a while to dry and has gone a little fuzzy but considering its survived Aldi, the butcher's, Asda, washing hanging and the school run without me having to actually doing it looks pretty fine to me!

@emilyandmore shared about her knew hair, or rather embracing her natural waves. Being on a journey of self acceptance myself I have also decided to let my hair do its own thing after years of trying to make it something it just isn't - which is straight! So today the waves are wild and loose, and I'm kinda loving them.

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