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I should really be packing, but I've stopped for a cup of tea before the rest of my hectic day continues. Plus this one is using his @leapfrogofficial thingy to practice his numbers & letters. He's cute as a button and is learning everything they are teaching at school by because he won't demonstrate it in front of them they don't believe he can do it 🙄 little monkey. 
Right enough procrastinating, the suitcase still needs packing and the husband needs picking up from work. Oh and then they'll all want feeding too. A woman's work never being done and all that 😶

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This is a necessity today! See instastories 🙄

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The simple pleasures in life at the moment are the feet up sofa cuddles I get with my favourite fella. 
Crap all on the telly, so we're watching classic Ground Force while we wait for kids to finally settle down. 
He really is my favourite 💏

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I've been a bit quieter the past couple of days. Upset tummy has meant I've had to take things easy and take time to look after myself. 
Seeing the GP the other day confirmed something my husband had suspected for a while, that I probably have IBS. A touch of gastroenteritis has sparked an almost week long episode of spasms that are making me a little apprehensive to eat. The history of developing dairy intolerance and an immediate reaction to eating bell peppers are further indicators. Oh and stress! The incredible, consistent levels of stress have also been wreaking havoc on my poor tummy too. 
This week I've had to slow down, breathe (literally) and reassess.

I've missed all the #freeupmyinsta prompts so far this week too, but it's been unavoidable. That's life though isn't it?! Sometimes it's all go, sometimes it's all stop! And that's ok. I'm ok with that. 
In the meantime the prompt for today was #bloom and this shirt is all about that for me. It's comfortable and soft with a flash of the unexpected. Kind of like me! 
#timetorest #IBS #embroidery #brushedcotton #whatiwore #littlesquaresofmylife
I think I got a bit carried away making dairy free rice crispie cakes ... there's another tray chilling in the fridge! 
#chocolatericekripiecakes #beenbusy #dairyfree #anybodywantsome #gotcarriedaway #mumlife #mumproblems #momlife #momproblems #inthekitchen
When you forgot your bedroom window was left open a little and find the remnants of Ophelia decorating your carpet ... #fromwhereistand #ophelia #leaf #shouldhaveshutthewindow #stormdecorating #smh #wheresthevac #littlesquaresofmylife
When you watch a hair tutorial and your son decides to reenact it on your hair. 
Apparently it's now fashiony hair 😳 #someonepassmeabrushplease 
#sofashiony #newhairdo #whenkidsdoyourhair #ijustwantedtowatchmrsmeldrumcurlherhair #tangles #mumlife #mumhair #littlesquaresofmylife #motherblogger
Today will be the last time I get to have lunch just the two of us. He has been so good this past week especially that they've decided he's ready to stay for lunch. It's only 15 minutes extra but it's a huge step for him. Proud as punch of him. 
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Ok, so I'm one of those annoying people who gets Christmas all wrapped up by the beginning of December. 
Are you already thinking about it? Have you started stashing bits away too? I can't be the only one surely! Haha x

#gettingreadyforchristmas #sickeninglyorganised #organised #primarni #littlesquaresofmylife
Mental health is something I deal with every single day, and not just the autism in my children. I deal with being in an almost constant state of anxiety. It has, through the years, become my normal. It can be anything from manageable to absolutely crippling. It takes your breathe away and makes your chest ache. Your mind runs through every possible scenario of the present, past and future all at once leaving you gasping for breath. It grips at your heart when you go to leave the house and renders you mute in new and uncomfortable situations. 
I will laugh and smile, always being optimistic because if you're laughing you won't see the mess I am inside, or the fact my legs and hands are trembling. You won't notice my mouth is dry and I feel like I'm going to be sick. You'll only see what I need you to see. Because I don't think I could cope if I thought you were worried. Worrying about you worrying, the cycle is vicious and unending. 
I'll make sure you see the best of me, laughing, happy, optimistic. I'll save the rest for other times when it's just too much, and tears are the only relief. 
This beautiful friend of mine is also plagued by anxiety. Happy, all the smiles, all the jokes to make others feel better. Sometimes it is the friends who seem the strongest who actually need the most love and support. Like armadillos, a hard protective shell on the outside, but delicate and so vulnerable on the inside. 
This is our story of anxiety, a mental health disorder that we all too often put down to being something we should 'get over' as quickly as possible. But it's just not that straight forward. It is irrational and frustrating and life altering. It's ok to not be ok, this isn't something you get over but something you strive to overcome every single day. 
#worldmentalheathday #itsoktobotbeok #mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #anxietydisorder #womensmentalhealth #worldmentalhealthawarenessday #wmhad
A migraine this morning, the worst I've had in ages! Then the boy not having the best day, but then not surprising after being awake most of the night with terrors. The eldest came back from school beside herself after having an anxiety attack during a lesson, so needed talking down. 
By the time the husband got home I was very ready for him to take over the reigns while I dodged upstairs for a shower. 
He then whipped up a dinner of epic proportions, which has since been devoured by everyone. These Angus burgers from @aldiuk are on point after such a cruddy start to the week. Also Violife dairy free cheese to make it snazzy! 
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These days are for jumping on Daddy, kisses and cuddles, and time together. After a 4:45am wakeup call from the boy, I'm amazed Phil is coping anywhere near as well as he is! 
We've seen the full spectrum of adolescent mood swings today. From loving kindness to full on screaming sulks. 
We've already cracked open the wine to cope with the whiplash of the day. 
I'm hoping their demeanour stays friendly till bedtime ... #sundays #sundayfeels #daddy #pileondaddy #sundayfeels #kids #familylife #exhausted #parenting #parentlife #dadlife