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Mother of 3. Wife of a 3rd generation grocer. You are what you eat. Adventure in food, kids and life!

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Sesame Orange Crisps! My homework assignment for #cneprogram and my first time making my own crackers. Contrary to the photo, they don't have any gluten and are packed with sesame seeds, flax seeds and caraway seeds with a twist of orange. Not my best work but here's to my first try💪#wifeofagrocer #glutenfreecrackers #nutrientdense
Sweet Potato Muffins now on the blog! I'm always in search of new muffins recipes, so my girlfriend @joheger gave me her classic pumpkin muffin recipe but unfortunately my girls don't like pumpkin in their muffins (I know, what a drag!). So, I changed up the pumpkin for sweet potato and made some other quick switches and these were AMAZING!! Must try! #linkinbio #wifeofagrocer #sweetpotatoes
Happy Monday! I have a crazy week and one sick kid...ugh. So I'm starting this week off with some power food. This is a blueberry kale smoothie made with my homemade almond milk. I added pumpkin protein powder, camu camu powder (vit c),flax and coconut oil! #wifeofagrocer #smoothie #powersmoothie
Soup anyone? Gracious Glow Soup from the #undietcookbook . I used my home made curry powder and its packed with cauliflower, sweet potatoes and carrots. Happy Sunday! #cneprogram #wifeofagrocer #nutrientdense
It's #friyay and I'm entertaining my family this weekend. These will be on my list for appetizers. This Sunflower Power Spread is packed with nutrients and delish! #wifeofagrocer #sunflowerseeds #cneprogram
Chia Chocolate Pudding! I fully expected my kids to turn up their noses but shockingly they loved this snack! It has very simple ingredients, 2 cups coconut milk (homemade if you can), 1/2 cup cacao, pinch of salt, 1/2 cup chia seeds and maple syrup to taste 🍁 Worth a try! #wifeofagrocer #kidsnack #nutritious
Veggie Wraps with Almond Dipping Sauce! #yaasss This is recipe assignment #3, this week is about #plantiful eating.  How can we eat more veggies packed with nutrients. My girls were ok with these but I got the thumbs up from The Grocer👍#cneprogram #veggies #wifeofagrocer #imadethis #colourful
Cashew Banana Pancakes😎One of my assignments this week is to make a menu plan that one of my  classmates designed for me and my family. Here is the first meal, gluten free pancakes, made with eggs, cashew butter, bananas and cinnamon. My kids loved them. Its so nice to be stretched outside of my regular recipes ❤️ #cneprogram #wifeofagrocer #glutenfree #dairyfree #pancakes
Pumpkin molasses cookies on the blog! Rich in flavour, chewy to eat and full of vitamin A! Everyone is thinking about turkeys and pumpkin pies...if you want to shake it up, try these! Also great for a school snack👍Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! #thanksgiving #linkinbio #wifeofagrocer #pumpkin
Did you know that bell peppers are probably the best source of vitamin C for humans? Yes, they have way more vitamin C than oranges 🍊in fact oranges are way down on the list. We are one of 4 species on the earth that can no longer make their own vitamin C so it is an essential vitamin for us. Wanna fight those flu bugs? Eat some bell peppers! #wifeofagrocer #cneprogram #foodfacts
Recipe assignment #2 complete. I made my own honey mustard which was required to make a yummy BBQ sauce. All from scratch and yes those are mustard seeds. Hmm...what should I make with them!? #cneprogram #wifeofagrocer
My curry powder from scratch. Yes, I went to the store and bought all these spices in seeds, toasted them and ground them. The aroma is amazing, can't wait to make something with them. Did you know that alot of spices on the shelf are irradiated to kill harmful bacteria? Irradiation is equivalent to 30 million chest x-rays. The things you learn. #cneprogram #wifeofagrocer #currypowder