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Mother of 3. Wife of a 3rd generation grocer. Culinary Nutrition Expert Student. You are what you eat. Adventure in food, kids and life!

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I handed in my last assignment this morning and I am done my Culinary Nutrition Expert Program! I truly cannot grasp all the things I have learned, there is just so much ❤️ One of my new eating habits are the intake of berries everyday, whether it’s in a smoothie or just popping a few in my mouth for a snack, these berries are where its at! So many antioxidants to fight off disease, toxins and oh, did I mention aging? You got it, berries are gold. If you don’t eat them often, you should start✌️#wifeofagrocer #cneprogram #berries
I’m teaching my first cooking class today! 6 women will be in my kitchen and will learn about cancer fighting foods. This is my chick pea, pumpkin seed, turmeric trail mix. Wanna try it out? It’s on the blog👌check out my insta stories to see parts of the class! #wifeofagrocer #cneprogram #cancer
I’m a little under the weather and way too much to do this week🤔To power through, I just made myself my replenish elixir with ashwagandha to help  manage the stress ❤️ please let it help! #linkinbio #wifeofagrocer #elixirs
Have you ever tried roasting chicken with a coconut oil baste? Well, I did for the first time and it was delish! I used this @bluegoosepurefoods chicken (raised without the use of antibiotics or animal by-products) Thanks #bluegoosepurefoods ❤️ #wifeofagrocer #dinnerideas
Stress buster smoothie on the blog! Try it out before a shopping day, it will definitely give your body what it needs to beat the rush ❤️ I truly love sharing food. Xo #wifeofagrocer #smoothiebowl #smoothie
Sesame seed milk is the new trial this week! Why? Sesame seeds are a great source of calcium ✔️and it has copper(huh?). Copper is a mineral that is super important in our anti-inflammatory systems ✔️So if you are looking to fight inflammation in your body, this is the perfect milk for you ❤️ #wifeofagrocer #sesamemilk
Already feeling holiday stress? Check out my latest blog with 3 food ideas to help manage that stress! My feature recipe is a one pot sloppy joe with a classy twist. It’s sure to please anyone who walks through your door. Bonus anti-stress tip: this beautiful Le Creuset dish came from Talk about no stress, shopping from the comfort of your home with points. It’s the perfect on-line experience to find a gift for someone on your list or even for you! #linkinbio #wifeofagrocer #rbcrewards #sponsored
Gluten free ginger chocolate chip cookies ❤️ Homework has never been so good. These are made with a combo of brown rice flour and buckwheat flour. I fell in love with buckwheat flour long ago, its rich in colour and rich in proteins and fiber. Did you know that buckwheat is actually a seed not a whole grain?! #wifeofagrocer #cneprogram #foodfacts
I found these beautiful valentines radishes in my husband’s store today. OMG how I love radishes and this is the first time I’ve found these ones on the shelf. Yeah @cookstown_greens Feels like a beautiful fresh start to the week 💗 💗 #wifeofagrocer
Mushroom turmeric soup. Did you know that mushrooms help to regulate the function of your immune system. Can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want to help their immune system at this time of year! #cneprogram #wifeofagrocer #homework
I made walnut milk today. Why? I have learned that walnuts are full of amazing nutrients, vitamins and good fats. In some circles walnuts are considered to be brain food and mood boosters because of it’s high levels of omega 3s. I recently read a study that a lack of omega 3s in kids can cause hyperactivity, irritability and tantrums. Hmm 🤔 #wifeofagrocer #foodfacts
Okay, chia seeds are growing on me. This is the chia seed chocolate pudding that I put in my girl's lunch today. It has apple sauce, cacao, chia seeds and honey 🍯 with some water. Although you could also mix it with a great herbal tea, good idea right? #cneprogram #wifeofagrocer #homework