WiFi + Coffee = πŸ’™

WiFi + Coffee = πŸ’™ Follow

We got you covered with all the best places for coffee & coworking in #Brussels and elsewhere β˜•


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Red Tuesday at @mylittlecupbrussels β˜•
Wake up #wiffeelovers, it's Monday... oops, Tuesday again! β˜• On what exciting project are you working this week? πŸ‘Š
At @ledillens you can work while sipping a cuppa of @orcoffee β˜• and staring at a weekly flower bouquet made by @eloelimouton πŸ’ What's not to like? Happy Wednesday #wiffeelovers πŸ€—
More than 200 #wiffeelovers in here, yay πŸ‘
If you buy an edition of today's #LaCapitale, chances are that you will stumble upon a few words about us! πŸ™ˆ Thank you @marieblasee for the interview, what a nice way to kick off the week πŸ€— Bonus : we featured 3 of our favourite spots in #Brussels : #ParlorCoffee, @the_office_bxl & @luka_resto πŸ’Œ
#TGIF at @belgacoffee 😴
They're so discreet on social media you could easily forget to insert them in your weekly #wiffee routine, but #ParlorCoffee is actually one of our go-to spots! Well located, with an excellent coffee (which could be a bit more expensive than other places we recommend) and a stable WiFi connexion make this classic coffee shop one of our favourite ones! And yours soon? πŸ‘Š
Happy Monday everyone! It's time to get out of the house and to make your choice between the hundreds of #wiffeespots available on our map! Heading to the Louise area? Stay put, we've got a nice selection for you! Why not try to work a few hours at #LaRΓ©crΓ©, @Peckbxl or @lafabriqueresto? Another hidden gem of yours we don't know about maybe ? β˜•οΈ
#TGIF πŸ‘Š Last meeting before the weekend at @lppbxl β˜• And then it will be time to enjoy some well deserved time off! See you on Monday #wiffeelovers πŸ‘‹
Good morning #WiffeeLovers! May your coffee be strong and your motivation endless. Or maybe it's the other way around? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, our #wiffeetip of the day, located a few blocks away from the European Institutions, provides you anything you need so you don't have to worry about small conveniences! But here's the real tip : for 3,60€ only you can have access to liters of Americano coffee β˜•οΈ Now we're talking, right? Let's go to @the_office_bxl !
Ok now, that's what we call an 'office with a view' 😍