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New Moon Mandala: July 2019. New dream seeds of things once left behind...but still full of juice!!
[Caption this image] I’d love to hear what words or expressions come through you!
I am reminded of this idea every time summer arrives, but I haven’t acted on it until now. I don’t think my summer break will be completely free of social media but it will definitely be less. In fact, I’ve already begun forgetting about my phone and have turned my attention to more living...with some awareness and a soft, restful intention to experience calm. Also, I’d like to have some gentle time to find flow and ease this summer because shifting is happening. I’m asking myself those uncomfortable questions that wedge me directly into that liminal space of more change. There is no end to it. •
I’ve been busy organizing random things around the house...those things that you come across and think 🤔 how nice it would be if everything belonged to its rightful place. And- I’ve got some fun projects I’m slowly putting together. I’d love it if it’s something you’d like to explore. Stay with me! More coming soon.
Water worlds. Where we all come from.
Trusting yourself is big work when you’ve been conditioned not too. Isn’t that most of us?! Truly listening to yourself and all that you hold is an art and a soul practice. For those with a need to be heard and seen in whatever state, I feel you. For so much of my life I’ve shared nervously with a shaky voice and trembling heart those things I felt would be my end! But, I did it anyway. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to find a channel for your voice or a strong reflective soul to genuinely listen to you without their input. Just their gentle presence. Our hurts, our anger, our disappointments, our over the top dreams, even our judgements and envious ideas need air! Find your people. Add to your life some good listeners. But, most importantly remember to always listen to yourself; to how you are feeling, what you are thinking, why “this thing” is coming up for you, why it feels like this and tell yourself the ➡️damn truth⬅️. Trust yourself to be honest, starting with you first. Then find your people, your healer-friends or counselors to help process the rest 💗
Refilling my cup. Drinking in this sweet magic; the dance happening right before my eyes. How are you filling up today?
The following are ways I’ve had the opportunity to experience true-relaxation:
•Napping. I prefer 20-25 minute naps. Especially in the afternoon.
• Receiving a Reiki treatment.
• Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep/rest).
• Meditation has also provided me with restful pauses.
• As well as dream re-entry or dream journeys.
• And...sitting in nature.
(Some more powerful than others.)
When I learned that I belong to “dreaming” people, everything begin making sense. Each time, I reclaim my resting and dreaming practices I have to sift through all the layers of what I thought was the only language to interpret my experience. I wrestle with my own colonized mind (she’s  in recovery—For Life...I’m sure of it) and learned concepts. I’ve found ways to be in between. As many times as necessary, I return. Down into the roots and then reaching towards a knowing that is timeless and travels with me in my bones. My dear friend Gemma, once asked me to drop what I had learned about resting and dreaming, and trace the dreaming practices that I am linked into, by blood. Once you find it, take it back. And, as I explored, I did find evidence. I do belong to a “Dreaming People.” > this is how I’m doing it. Resting and dreaming are inherent in us all. We should do more of that shit! We should take it back. Rest against the cult of busyness. Dream our way back into the present and into the future. Feed our souls by making space for rest and gentle living. And do it without guilt. Do it because it delivers us back into our wholeness. A world where there is access to these simple yet powerful ideas is a way to go against the way we’ve been programmed into believing that the faster, the busier, the numbing out to get the job done is total bs and our bodies, health and wellbeing are suffering.
And, for all those people that can’t and don’t have access to restful pauses, I’m fighting for you and your rightful and most deserving rest. I can only hope that I can make a difference. More coming soon. Follow my journey at
New Moon Mandala, May-Jun cycle. Even though this Mandala was created months ago, I set it in the May-Jun cycle. As I was cropping it, something about it seemed familiar. Like a place I had been before. I feel like it resembles my magical duck pond I’ve been spending time in within the last couple of weeks. A space I feel is a sanctuary and a place that holds much magic. So, my early Mandala was an attempt to seek a sanctuary even though I did not know it at the time. This feels true to me. Question is, am I calling it to me or is it calling me? The great mystery is a mystery. Life is one great dream. I am paradox unfolding. We are mystery in the making.
My mother asked me to take this picture of her. I said, “Mom, there is a glare coming from your glasses at this angle.” She responded calmly, “Well I guess that’s just how it’s going to be.” In that moment, I felt as if she was gifting me a wise return into presence and simplicity. I love her so much and I am so grateful she is well and alive and thriving. I went to visit her for a weekend to celebrate her birthday. Before cake slices and ice cream were passed around she told us in great detail what it was like coming to America and making her way through desert-lands with blistered feet. The sacrifice was huge and has left it’s marks. I am the daughter of resilient, indigenous women. I honor the women before me, the many shoulders that hold me up. In return I prepare for the same. I am strengthening those muscles to become a carrier, an ancestor whose support goes beyond the borders and any f*cken wall ever built!
From a place of
gratitude, I feel such
for all teachers,
all the reflective mirrors from those 
who have challenged
me in ways that, sometimes unintentionally pushed
me out of my comfort
zone and into growth, 
many times to face those things I couldn’t quite see until 
I was nudged into its reflection. There, waiting for me to reclaim, and carry my frayed soul to the altar.
Coyoté. Even the Baba Yagas and the Bone Women whose fierce knowing pushed me over the edge and into myself. Thank you. Thank you. In deep gratitude of your wisdom and love. Now, we are of one mind.
I’m shyly soft spoken and quiet. I feel exposed when I have to share who I am and what I do. I’ve been told many times by well meaning people to speak-up, project my voice, stand in my power, assert myself, be seen and heard. But, that is my power. A wisen elder that I crossed paths with many years ago, told me that gentleness is my medicine. I can definitely be bossy, become angered or frustrated, raise my voice, snicker. Basically, I forget sometimes the shadow that accompanies such gentleness. Owning your medicine requires responsibility. Too much isn’t good and hoarding it for selfish or egoic reasons can turn on you or become a poison. One way that it doesn’t serve me is when I estrange myself for fear of being seen a certain way (ego). I was raised to be humble at all costs and modest to the point of actually rejecting compliments! I know I’m not the only one here either! And being that my path involves holding space; guiding sensitive souls and wounded ones towards healthy relationships and holistic forms of communication, I need to work with my gentleness from a balanced and responsible space. I never want to put my assumptions on another because to me that doesn’t honor people. I am not perfect, but I am devoted to this work of seeing and meeting people where they are before assumptions leak and ooze judgement. I’m thinking of the judgement card here too, but I want to see and feel an expanded its place, one that doesn’t feel like it has traces of Christianity in it. I’d name that card discernment. That, to me feels expansive. Long story to say, that with a gentle heart, I hold vision for more opportunities for people to find ways of right relationship with other souls, beings, creatures and relatives. This is my prayer. My medicine story.
Happy Sunday. “You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even listen, simply wait. You need not even wait, just learn to become quiet, and still, and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” —Frank Kafka
We move into pulse by the electricity that courses through our bodies. I’m thinking about the time when I impulsively drove to the ocean because the sand dunes, the seafoam, the skinny-legged sand pipers and the glistening light-dancers of the grey-blue ocean told me to come home. To be held is what I needed at the time. To heal; return, reconnect. Now that I am further away from the coast, where I’ve made home here inland near the Sierra foothills of Northern California (Nisenan lands) I’ve come to know a different terrain with entirely unique supporting nature spirits. The courtship (relationship) is (for me) a slow process. It requires patience, humility, respect, daily tending, lots of research! These blossoms are not native to these lands and like me we both are adjusting to the energies of space. It’s taken me some time to find community; a handful of friends that truly get me. My next project hangs out in these realms of space, land, nature-based, restorative practices and how we can connect to these resources to flourish in our own rightful and intentional way.