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Olio Nuovo...You Can Almost Taste It, because we are shipping today! #thefreshest #californiaoliveoil
There is nothing like dipping a fresh rustic French baguette into a dish of flavorful, fruity, complex extra virgin olive oil as you get ready to dig into dinner each night.  It's a staple in our family, nearly every single dinner you can catch us dipping bread in our olive oils - add in some Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and Pink Sea Salt for some flair! #justdip #oliveoillover #dinnertime
Enjoy the heck out of your caprese salads... tomato season is almost over (sad)! We keep things simple here at home = fresh tomatoes, chopped basil and cubed mozzarella drenched in Ascolano EVOO and our Tradition Balsamic Vinegar (don’t forget sea salt & pepper), my mouth is watering writing this!  Katie and I could eat this all day long (pretty much have a garden just for this reason!), the boys on the other hand... not so much at 4 & 6 yrs old LOL! 😁🍅🥗 What is your family go-to salad?  #bestsaladever #useevoo #caprese #capresesalad
Have a great weekend everyone!  It’s been an amazing year of awards for @wildgroves this year. 😌🍾🎉💪#goals #goldenbear #bestofcalifornia #bestofshow #californiaoliveoil
Ready for the 3rd day of the Garlic Festival!
The Wall Of Garlic olive oils, 6 to choose from!  At the Garlic Festival.
My radio interview yesterday on @953krty San Jose's Hot Country talking about our 6 different #garlic #oliveoils and our #1 EVOO in CA = Robust Blend!  Love these guys!  I got them on the new Jalapeño Garlic olive oi, it’s #hot!
Live from the Garlic Festival - "Flame-up" = really big flames and lots of #fire and #heat!  The Gilroy Garlic Festival is known for incredibly tasty food with lots of #garlic!  They are also known for these huge flames that start with Wild Groves EVOO! 
First our "Mild Blend EVOO" is heated in huge pans they use for cooking their #calamari dish to very high heat (basically right before the oil is ready to burst into flames!) then throw in their fresh calamari, which pops and steams when it hits that hot pan, and between the water and oil jumping around together, the oil catches fire and jumps off the pan into these huge flames that can go 6-8ft above the guy cooking, who has the coolest name!  He's a "Pyro-Chef." #gilroygarlicfestival #ggf2018 #pyrochef #garlic #flameup
Love #GARLIC as much as Denis?  Then we need to see you at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, meet us in our pop-up store, on the north side of the festival, on Garlic Avenue (sponsor area) in front of our 6 new garlic flavored olive oils! Lets taste :) #denisisthebest #garlicbreath #gilorygarlicfestival
Tell us, what do you do to make your kids eat their veggies? Any sort of dip seems to work around here. Just dip, drizzle or dunk any veggie and they are happy campers.

Made some hummus the other day with our new Garlic Meyer Lemon EVOO and the boys licked it up on carrots and cucumbers this afternoon.
We are ready for the GARLIC FESTIVAL!  Are you coming? :) We start setup tomorrow, and will be ready for all of you come 10am Friday morning when the @gilroygarlicfestival kick's off their 40th year dealing out garlic breath LOL!  Totally worth it!  #garlicbreath #gilroy #gilroygarlicfestival #garlic
Come and "chug" #GarlicOliveOil with the Wild Groves team at the Gilroy Garlic Festival this Friday - Sunday!  We'll have 6 different "Garlic" Olive Oils for you to taste!  That's some serious garlic breath, LOL!