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One year ago I left Mongolia and today it feels like a part of me is still there in the vast beauty of its landscape. How can it be that whenever I travel to new places it feels like some part of me stays there and yet I'm more fulfilled when I'm back home afterwards than I've been before? ✨
The calm before the storm. ✨
Alone in Iceland. ✨ We encountered only five other people when trekking for three days in this part of the icelandic highland. I cannot wait to get back.
counting the days to go back.. @christina_willing
I started ski touring this winter and it was one of the best decisions. There is nothing better than being up in the mountains and for years this feeling was restricted to summer only. Being able to hike up on lonely summits in winter is like entering a brand new world and although I'm so looking forward to summer, the memories of these trips make me long for winter already 🙌✨