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Founder/Chief Alchemist at XIMNET
Founder/CEO at XTOPIA
Called to Part Oceans
Aspiring Blues Poet / Guitarist


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Be the exception.
You are loved. Keep the faith.
I bought a pair of Bata sneakers. It's the old new cool for me.
Thank you and farewell.
Day 3: Jomblang & Pantai Timang and Day 4 saying goodbye to Mas Sa and Yogya.
I was offered Jamu for breakfast. Too polite to say no so, I drank it... It's more bitter than WONGLOUKAT with added powder. More surprisingly, it has the exact taste. 🌋😌
Caption this.  #Jomplang #Caving #Yogyakarta
Dawn at Borobudur
It's happening 🌋🌋🌋 Awesome Javanese lunch after a long flight.