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Founder/Chief Alchemist at XIMNET
Founder/CEO at XTOPIA
Called to Part Oceans
Blues Poet / Guitarist


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Do, repeat. Serve.
Keep walking
Society is always pitting its collective will against yours. If you want to change something in this world, you better find a damn good way to subvert that will and install yours. Be prepared to battle the ferocity of that collective will bearing into you like a beast, with the unmasked intention of destroying you as you attempt to remodel it.
You know what that is
Share the joy
No shortcuts without paycuts
Let go to grow
Serve to be happy
Listen to the call of the heart
XTOPIA DEV DAY :  David Teow @teow6633 takes team through our milestones to day and roster of contributors
"When you have seen the darkest of nights, you are ready for the most beautiful dawns"