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Veterans Day: Remembering my son William and all those who served our country! Thank you for your service ❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻
Kevin Hines:

I had the privilege of meeting the most amazing gift of a human being by the name of Kevin Hines. He shared his story about his emotional struggle and his journey from the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge, his discovery, the road to help and healing. And most importantly to show hope for all those suffering. He truly is making a difference by touching lives and saving lives and inspiring others... Check out his documentary called: “Suicide: the ripple effect”. About bringing awareness and hope to others.

I found a song that is so profound. Check it out... Herbie Hancock The Imagine project. “Don’t give up” (feat, pink, and John Legend.  #kevinhines #kevinhinesstory
On October 13th at Copper Hill Golf Club East Granby Connecticut. Come support our heroes!!❤