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Illustrator based in Sheffield
Available for commissions: will@willustration.co.uk
Featured Artist on BBC One’s ‘Home is Where the Art Is’ S01E07


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Today I laser etched my Sheffield riso illustration onto recycled card 😍
An accurate self portrait of pre deadline me...
It’s my final year hand in next week so I’m currently in the process of frantically wrapping up everything I’ve been up to this year. Decided to make these maps of everything I’ve done. A bit of a visual checklist to make sure I’ve included each project, workshop, visit, talk... etc somewhere in my physical and digital submission. It’s really satisfying looking back on my year like this and realising how much I’ve actually been up to!
Illustrations for my research inquiry
Swipe to see colour development! At the start of the year I worked on a really fun project with @wessexarch to illustrate proposals for a comic they are publishing. The story centred around a street they are excavating in Sheffield called Hollis Croft. Alongside visualising the street and settings I also developed characters and comic layouts. Was such a fun process reconstructing the information I researched. Here’s the original line drawing and coloured spread proposal of what I imagined the ‘Cock Pub’ would have looked like back in Victorian times. I didn’t personally win the commission but it was such a rewarding process working in different ways than which I usually do. Plus my good mate @seymourdraws won the job so make sure you head over to his account to see his responses!
I’ve put together a zine containing a selection of the drawings I did at the @geolaw / @shuillustration life drawing sessions over the past year 🙌
Special delivery...
Editorial response to the New Scientist article “Happy New You”. Responding to an extract titled Embracing Nature. Focusing on the terms ‘eco therapy’ and ‘green prescription’🌿
Last year I was asked by The Showroom Cinema @showroomworkstation to illustrate a series of posters for their Funny Fortnights season. This drawing of a Chevelle SS 454 was from the film Dazed and Confused and I included it a Stoner & Cult Comedy themed poster 🎞
#tb to this satisfying process shot of adding some colour to the signs at @union_st 😍
I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s shown any love or support over these past few months. In all honesty I’m absolutely sh****ng myself about graduation and every bit of appreciation or commission offer has really helped me to screw my head back on. I’ve signed for a flat, applied for some part time jobs to pay the bills and preparing myself for some new freelance jobs starting soon. Bring on adulthood 😂😕...📷 by @doodlingforadegree
I’m currently in the process of completing my last Uni project and writing my final years Research Inquiry. It’s based on exploring the future of Illustration. Outlining the exact wants and needs from commissioners for a 21st century Illustrator. Here’s some process shots of a case study I’m completing as part of this, embracing new technologies and smart materials!