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Dutch poffertjes. Too cute. #brunchingit
Was side-eyeing the 'light' but knew better than to turn down egg nog anything. #lifecomplete
Can these campfires be a permanent addition to 124 St? #allisbrightfestival
2 ºC, sunny, and snow that's not muddy. Goals please for the whole winter! #actuallyitsonlyfall #edmontonprobs
U of A has some great public art -- here's my favourite. Both ancient and futuristic, it's sort of steampunk I guess? I know nothing about art but find this oddly captivating. #jordibonet
at-home Sundays are the best kind of Sundays #aprèscall #pyjamasallday
The winter commute is a little monotonous. But peaceful. Apart from the daily near wipeouts (but what's life without a lil risk). #stoppingbysidewalkonasnowymorning
Home Depot wanderings invariably end in the flooring aisle.  #tilelust #maybesomeday
checking off tourist things in Montreal #schwartz's
Appreciated the sidewalk musicians enhancing the already lovely ambience of Vieux Quebec. This fellow sang, whistled, and guitared. #triplethreat
Ferried over to the north shore of the St. Lawrence today. What a beautiful part of the country! #Tadoussac #fjords #fleuves #baleines
Pretty little towns on PEI. Wonder if they need a rad onc...