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what color are your eyes?
good morning 🌥
beach or mountains?
good morning! i've just came back from bicycling and i feel so good, however, i would feel even better if it wouldn't be so hot outside smh
— favourite season? [ autumn 🍂]
“i was in love with the sky, and when i talked about it your eyes would watch me as i stared at the lilac and rose colors painting the landscape. you loved me, i saw it in the way you watched me talk about what i love.”
— you’ll never say so now but in that moment you loved me
light or dark colors?
good morning babes! i'm really looking forward to this day because i'm finally meeting my friend who i haven't been with for ages + i have more exciting plans✨🌥🐇
— what are your plans for today?
— do you still have holidays?
“my favourite season had always been summer. there was something painfully beautiful in the way that the flowers bloomed after all that darkness. the way that the birds came out, singing, after months of storms and wind. the way that the sun shined like never before, radiating the earth with its love. reminding us, that after darkness comes light, and after storms come the sunshine. the flowers grow back, so will you.” 💫🌅
single, taken or crushing? 💫
would you like to be here?
good morning everyone!
hey guys! jeez i haven't been active for the last couple of months but i'll try to be active again heh