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∇ Latina en Utah 💃🏻
💗Cool tia, hair love,Disney fan, foodie,bilingual &makeup lover
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I’m back from a nice little break from the gram💗And ready to try and share more of life even those rough times that we all have. ☺️Here’s a few fun photos from the fabulous @lovelettersmuseum installation in #saltlakecity 🌈💗Totally worth visting UT friends! #utahgram #visitutah
Dance with the waves, move with the sea, fly free like a bird 🌊🌊🌊
#myhappyplace #founditonamazon
“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” 🛸💫 #starwarsland
Red, white, blue 🇺🇸celebrating this year in California //how about you? 💙❤️💙Happy Independence!! #fourthofjuly ⭐️⭐️⭐️
🌟I hope Emma always remembers to reach for the stars! 🌟 #auntie #momjeans
🌼No better way to spend the first day of summer than OUT OF OFFICE in my beautiful FLORIDA! 🌼 Swipe to see the beautiful beach, it was full of sea shells! 🐚🐚🐚 #floridagirl #firstdayofsummer #summerishere #summervibes
Summer is just around the corner, we can feel it in these oh so warmer and longer days! ☀️Which to me it means more sunshine, which means more bliss for this deprived of Vitamin C Florida girl in a Utah cold world! 
But really, so happy it's warmer out and even though I still am a FL girl, I have learned to like the outdoors.🏔
Especially hikes, so I complied a list of some easy, instagrammable hikes in Utah (link in bio @withlovefromkris) that I have ACTUALLY done. // Me encanta estar en sol, emocionada que viene el verano! Happy hiking!✌🏼 #beautahful #utahhiking
Can I share a secret? I use to be embarrassed of my teeth since I never got braces😆 I was one of those teens that wanted them haha... Fast forward today I still never got them but I do love my teeth & thanks to Colgate Advanced LED Whitening my smile is brighter! It’s an easy to use whitening device & treatment that you use 10 minutes a day for 10 days to get that bright smile! Check my link bio to try it too. 
#ad #teethwhitening #Colgate #shopsmiles #ColgateSmile @shopsmilesbycolgate
Sometimes LIFE happens and you just don’t get that good night sleep but you still have to show up 🥴(this has been me) But thankfully I have been using Moisture Surge eye concentrate gel which is lightweight that instantly refreshes my eyes! With 96-hours of continuous hydration eyes look brighter, smoother, and refreshed … like you had a good night’s sleep when life just happens. //////Aveces no dormimos lo suficiente porque la vida es difícil pero con remedios como este de clinique todos los días me veo como si dormí bien😜 #moisturesurge #sponsored @clinique
Ready for some fun in the sun this spring with my cute & comfy @KarenKane maxi dress! ///// Estoy lista para el verano y para andar vestidos como este! 
#sponsored #KarenKane ☀️
Always look forward to weekends especially when it means to adventure with my siblings (will miss this)! 💗⛰💦
For the outdoors lovers check out these springs in Utah—way beautiful with warm water and a fun hike up! 
And totally recommend going to see the @aladdin broadway—we saw it this weekend too and it was amazing, genie stole the show! //Que fin de semana más linda con mis hermanos voy a extraños los! #beautahful
Glad I got this photo taken before I got sea sick 😷 anyoneelse gets sea sick? Good remedies? 
Nonetheless it was still a beautiful sail! ⚓️
🐬Swipe to see the cute bottle nose dolphins we saw! 🐬They were jumping and swirling all around us but we were told they were asleep💤 -such amazing animals! // Me encantó ver los delfines tan cerca, son tan lindos!! ❤️
// Cute swimsuit thanks to @limericki, there swimsuits are always so flattering perfect for every body shape! #limericki #bodypositivity #hawaii