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Pictures can't capture how pretty the colors are in this look. I loved it! Removing the makeup at the end of the day honestly hurt me. All credits go to the true makeup legends Naomi and Palvisha because I honestly could never.
I had the absolute time of my life last night. Not only did we get hear Shane live but we met some really great people who made our experience even  better. Shane is freaking sweet and so talented! Thank you for traveling across the country to spank yourself and I hope you come back soon! #funeraltour @iamnotshane
A picture is worth a thousand words but these memories are priceless 💃💛
Picnic Day ⛅🍪🎶
R.I.P Microsoft Paint :'(
Just me and my massive zit out here to remind you to enjoy the little things :)
If you've ever wondered what lightning looks like from inside a plane here you go
I'm here for a good time not a long time
Mildy late but hey 4/20 :)
This looks amazing
There was a cat in there