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Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers ☀️
Abby Haynes (@_abbyhaynes_)
📸 Dublin, Ireland
📍 WKU Faculty Led: Ireland - Advertising and Public Relations Internship, Summer 2018
A special #tbt post for all the students that studied abroad last fall 🌎 
Haley Baker (@haleybaker143)
📸Edinburgh, Scotland
📍 CISabroad: Semester in Edinburgh, Fall 2017
We can’t “camel”flouge how we feel about study abroad! 
Olivia Nisbet (@olivia129)
📸 Sahara Desert, Morocco
📍 WKU Faculty Led: Morocco, Summer 2018
When the view is worth the climb.
📸 Brittany Bagwell (@brit_bagwell)
📍 WKU Faculty Led: Costa Rica, Summer 2018
Walk away from studying abroad with friendships and memories of a lifetime!
Riley Jones (@rileykjones)
📸 Reykjavik, Iceland
📍 Harlaxton College, Spring 2018
Looking back at Bowling Green on our way to Louisville! 🏈
Kassidy Orrender (@kassidyorrender)
📸 Mount Nebo, Jordan
📍 CET Jordan: Intensive Language, Summer 2018
Today’s beautiful blue skies has got us feeling like we’re in Madrid 😎🌎
Emma Overstreet (@emma_overstreet)
📷 Madrid, Spain
📍 Harlaxton College, Spring 2018
On Wednesdays we... [comment with your Wednesday mood]
 Erin Woggon (@ewogg )
📸 Venice, Italy
📍 ISA Berlin, Spring 2018
Ever heard Whole Wide World by Cage the Elephant? It was about this moment 🐘
Jacob Tipton (@jtip33)
📸 Limpopo, South Africa
📍 WKU Faculty Led: Economy of South Africa, Winter 2018
The first day of fall semester can be an uphill battle, but for Hilltoppers it’s a breeze!
Kara Hodges (@karahodges)
📸 Boskovice, Czech Republic
📍 WKU Faculty Led: Czech Republic & Central Europe, Summer 2018
Making new friends in Spain = going full Indiana Jones exploring old caves, countrysides and churches together💃🏻💃 Last day for Barcelona—heading to NYC to continue the @wku FUSE grant  that makes this adventuring possible, follow @lizindefinitely for more! 🇪🇸✈️🗽 #LiztakesSAGL #SAGLtakeover
📸 Soria, Spain
📍 KIIS Barcelona, Summer 2018
There are two things Barcelona has aplenty: Mopeds and Modernisme. I’ll have one of each, please 💃🏻🛵 #SAGLtakeover #LiztakesSAGL
📸 Barcelona, Spain
📍 KIIS Barcelona, Summer 2018