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Gooood morninggggg, Vietnam! Green with envy over these Semester at Sea views? So are we! 
Jeremy Latham (@leremyjatham)
沒ク Ben Tre Province, Vietnam
沒 Semester at Sea, Spring, 208
We窶决e halfway through the week, so it窶冱 all downhill from here! 笵ー竊假ク
Michael Goedde (@mgoedde10)
沒ク Spain
沒 LLC: Study in Spain, Summer 2016
窶廬 haven't had so much fun since the day we put glue on Frテ、ulein Josephine's toothbrush!窶
Riley Jones (@rileykjones)
沒ク Salzburg, Austria
沒 Harlaxton College, Spring 2018
窶廝righton窶 your future and study abroad! 沁。
Molly Anderson (@mollyanderson27)
沒ク Brighton, England
沒 CCSA: London, Summer 2017
Want to know the BIGGEST secret of my behind-the-scenes of Harlaxton takeover? OK. This photo is actually a mirror selfie!
I窶况e had a blast sharing a piece of my life here as Media & Communications Coordinator, but it窶冱 time to turn it back over to the SAGL family that helped me get this gig in the first place. Safe travels, Hilltoppers.
#BrysontakesSAGL #SAGLtakeover
Bryson Keltner (@brysonkeltner)
沒ク Grantham, England
沒 Harlaxton College, Spring 2018
Forget the Olympics. I窶况e got all the gold I need. 
#BrysontakesSAGL #SAGLtakeover
Bryson Keltner (@brysonkeltner)
沒ク Grantham, England
沒 Harlaxton College, Spring 2018
Hi there, Hilltoppers! It窶冱 Bryson, the current Media & Communications Coordinator at Harlaxton College, coming at you with my own SAGL takeover!
WKU study abroad became close to my heart when I did Semester at Sea in the fall of 2014. After that, I became a student worker in the SAGL office and a SAGL Student Rep. One of my favorite parts of my college experience was helping other students have the same incredible experiences that I had abroad.
Now, I窶冦 getting to continue that passion for study abroad by working for Harlaxton.
So make way; I窶冦 taking over! #BrysontakesSAGL #SAGLtakeover
Bryson Keltner (@brysonkeltner)
沒ク Grantham, England
沒 Harlaxton College, Spring 2018
In the words of Macklemore, 窶忱ou know I窶冦 back, like I never left.窶
That窶冱 right Hilltoppers, we窶况e got another takeover for you! Except this is no regular takeover, this is a cool takeover. As in current Media & Communications Coordinator of Harlaxton cool. You窶冤l be getting a behind-the-scenes look at the manor for the next few days, our special treat. So without further ado, let窶冱 welcome WKU and SAGL alum Bryson Keltner to the stage... er, I mean... newsfeed.
Oaxaca: hard to pronounce, easy to love. 
Tiye Gardner (@tiye.g)
沒ク Oaxaca, Mexico
沒 Sol Education Abroad: Mexico, Fall 2017
Where would you rather travel to? Blue Lagoon or Goo Lagoon? 
Sydney New (@sydneynew_)
沒ク Blue Lagoon, Iceland
沒 Harlaxton College, Spring 2018
"Swiss cheese, today." I say to the Subway employee. "Swiss mountains, today" Avery says to her Instagram followers.
Avery Nordgren (@_averyn)
沒ク Interlaken, Switzerland
沒 AIFS Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spring 2018
#Repost @semesteratsea
"Vietnam is the country I was most looking forward to because my grandpa actually served in war here and I think that I'm going to be able to understand a little bit more about the war than I've heard from him. He doesn't talk about it much. My mom is not too fond of him talking about it because that's her father and she doesn't like to think about the things he had to do in war. So I think coming back from this and learning about it from their perspective, I can talk to him in a different way about the war and just get to know more about it. It's part of our history and if people aren't open to talking about it, it's something we might forget. I don't think we can forget anything in history, just keep an open mind about it. And I'm going to keep that in mind going forward so we can keep things like that from happening again." -Timothy "Hayes" Lawson, @wku 汞サ汞ウ #humansofsas #semesteratsea #sassp18