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Collector of Marvel, GI Joe, Yoda, Funko, Batman, other misc figures and my main man WOLVERINE. Site-

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ICYMI Go check out director @toddphillips1 teaser of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker/Arthur Fleck.
Don't ask me about the movie. I don't really know much about it or it's connection to the DCU 😁
Spider buggy spotted in Orlando!
Here's a look at the Pop display walgreens is getting
Pics again from @jojo_thelastking
#funko #funkopop #walgreensexclusive
Wow! Thanks @jojo_thelastking
#funko #funkopop
Got my package from @walgreens I was waiting on and came in mostly crunched as expected. Frankenstein is not too bad. It's damage came from bouncing around in the box. Got a pretty mint Jason though 🙌 this is exactly why I order multiples. Just returned some of the damaged ones today.
#funko #funkopop #wolviescollection
Walmart pickup
#funko #funkopop #wolviescollection
In stock on walgreens now
Was waiting for @fedex for some more crunched up Pops from @walgreens. He stopped his truck in front of my house for a good 10 minutes and then took off. I saw this update on my notifications 😢🤔
I thought I was out of these. Noice
$14 shipped
10 inches
$40 plus shipping
$20 plus shipping per 2 pack