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Collector of Marvel, GI Joe, Yoda, Funko, Batman, other misc figures and my main man WOLVERINE. Site-

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Recap on the spidey #marvellegends wave. I don't have a pic of mysterio
Some new #marvellegends info for y'all. I didn't an ETA. Will update if anything changes
Darth Maul has arrived!
Mail call!
Got my Hawkeye order from @walgreens. I always order extras for this exact case. Got one good one out of 4. Not crushed or squished from the bubbles on top but sliced. On the side? 🤔 I gotta go to walgreens right now anyway so their) they're going back
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"you should have tried to doink me in the noggin" - Thanos

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X-Men Wolverine Egg Attack EAA-066 Special Edition Version Action Figure - Previews Exclusive
Hot topic mail call
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Mail call from Big Apple Collectibles. Long read - 
Back in June 2018 I ordered a set of FNAF Pizzeria pops which had an ETA of June (and still shows so on the website). 6 months later I asked them for a quick update. They said they get their orders later than most big box stores. Sure, I get that. About 2 months later I asked for another update. Same thing. Be assured I'll get them as soon as they do. After another month or so (over 9 months now) I asked for a cancelation. They responded in less than an hour and said that they're return policy states that returns are issued in the form of store credit. I read that on their site. If I was OK with that they would immediately process it. I responded a few minutes later but never heard anything. I tried a week later through email and no response. I went back to messenger and was blocked 😡 even opened up a paypal case but it was denied of course because it was way outside the window. However a few days later I got an email that my order was finally canceled. That was about all it said. There is no form of credit that showed up on the site. I waited a few days. Check my paypal in case it by some miracle was refunded but nothing. I finally emailed them again asking if I had an order canceled how would I go about using the credit. No reply. I got an egift card a week later. That's how it is issued. As far as the stickers for the exclusives go I did not expect them. That is mentioned on the site and I believe they get them from overseas.
TL;DR. Do not do business with this company. There is almost no way to get a hold of them if you have a problem (they are selective in the messages they respond to). Check any post here or FB that they actually allow comments on. They have an F rating with the BBB. That says it all. However, if you do, most people don't have problems with items that are already in stock.
I'm done now. We can all block each other and get done with it 😁 @bigapplecollectibles
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Fanatics MJ is up. Every one is having a hell of a time getting through. Adding to cart, checking out and everything good luck. I got mine. The app was a tiny bit easier to use
Too many prices too list atm. DM me if interested
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