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What’s your best day ever on a bike? #womensmotoexhibit #motorcycling #mototravel #harleysportster #womensmotivation #harleydavidsondaily
I met Nikki @thedreamroll 2 years ago. We instantly connected and got broken heart friendship tattoos together. Mine says “fuck” and her says “off”. Love this beb.
What’s the first moto trip your taking this summer? #womensmotoexhibit #womensmotivation #bikerwomen #harleysportster #mototravel
Micayle is from Washington but has been in Portland for a year. She works at a tattoo gun shop and really gives 0 fucks. Stoked to meet new rad women in PDX.
Its spring!  Camping is just around the corner, I've got my first trip planned for the beginning of May. I've selected my top motorcycle camping tents. Make sure to measure your bike and specs of the tent to make sure your bike will fit! If your on a Road King with a fairing, measure that shit! ⠀
1) The Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent is easily one of the best/most popular tents out there. It has high-quality waterproofing, is light, weighing in at only 14.6 lbs and has sleeping capacity for 3 people, plus room for gear. ⠀
2) Goose, Wingman of the Road. The Goose is a cool new design made by some young dudes. Its made up of a central sleeping chamber with a verandah awning on one side that attaches to your bike – this allows you to store your gear out of the weather. 20lbs. Some of the motorcycle tents verandah doesn't actually allow for you to have space to sleep and park your bike in the tent. The new concept design of the Goose is a refreshing and practical design. $350 and in Europe only.⠀
4)The Vuz Motorcycle Tent is an excellent tent for the price. Comparatively its about the same quality as a Coleman. It can easily fit 2 people and a 3rd person but just a little snug. $280.⠀
5) Harley-Davidson Dome Tent. This tent is rad because you can fit 3 sportsters underneath the Verandah and its only $200. 12 lbs. ( My personal pick because I'm cheap)
Have you ever had a really terrible day, thinking nothing will snap you out of it? Motorcycles has always been the one thing that can put a smile on my face. My heart gets filled with adrenaline and happiness and I let the worries and responsibilities fade away.  Rider: @allisonroselear #girlswhoride #shiftlife #motochick #womenwhoride #bikesarefun
Have you ever experienced a double bind as a woman? I've noticed that when I'm warm and nurturing I am accepted in the work place, in public and on Instagram. But its when I have a strong opinion, voice or bold idea I'm villainized and labeled and harassed as "bossy" "bitchy" dumb or an angry feminist. I realize that men also have certain expectations of how they are supposed to be, act and achieve. Both genders or dual genders undergoe a series of expectations in society which are insane and unachievable. What are some of the insane expectations you've had to deal with as a woman, man or LGBTTQQIAAP and how do you move past them? #motochick #womenwhoride #girlswhoride #harleywomen #heforshe
Having a hard time picking out what your next bike should be? Check out my new blog post on to see write up and reviews 🤘🏾
Make your own magic #WomensMotoExhibit
What was your first solo ride like?
Scary, exciting, liberating? I remember being so scared, my first time driving in traffic, horrified that I was going to stall and back up traffic. I took my time with riding. I didn’t even go on the freeway until I had been riding for a year! Ladies who have been riding for awhile, do you have any tips for newer riders? 
Rider: @dorkian2
What was your first bike? #harleydavidson #womenwhoride #harleywomen
Karrie in SF a few years back ❤️#harleydavidson