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My shadow 🖤😻🖤
Let’s take a moment to appreciate HANDS today
Hands offer support, utility and strength.
They express kindness, nurturing, attention, praise and communication.
Hands tell the stories of our lives.
This incredible image via @visible.body
The government is putting out safety messages of “keep a metre from the heater”, meanwhile my cat is like 🔥😽🔥
Got the winter blues? I made this warming Doterra essential oils blend for my yoga class. Siberian Fir is the newest in my oil collection, and can be good for balancing emotions and soothing anxious feelings. Harmonised with uplifting orange, peppermint, and a spark of cinnamon, this blend is sure to comfort and warm from the inside out.
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What is it that we fear about being “wrong”? Momentary embarrassment? Perceived lack in competency? Distrust in our abilities?

Vulnerability and receptivity are the seeds of opportunity to explore, develop, innovate and contribute.
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Retiring my latest flow yoga sequence for a little while, but first documenting on video. Here’s a speedy section of the sequence — guess which transition is my favourite 😌
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Just me and my muse... 😽
〰️ content
〰️ agile
〰️ solar-powered
〰️ affectionate
〰️ self-indulgent
〰️ comforting
〰️ graceful
〰️ doesn’t have to pay taxes
Instead of setting goals at the start of each year, I prefer to choose a word (or three) to be my theme for the year. I can then revisit at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure my actions and intentions are aligned with this theme. This year, my main focus word has been “EASE”. In moments of difficulty or overwhelm, it can be worthwhile to consider the situation with a different mindset: How it would feel if this situation were easy? Or, manageable? Enjoyable? What small action could be taken, or thought flipped upside down, would help to gain perspective on this situation? A momentary reset can help to gain clarity – even merely 30 seconds of closing eyes and listening to breath.

Something else that has arisen from recent conversations is wondering about these ongoing niggles in the body – an achy back, a catch in the shoulder, a restricted neck. Sometimes we’ll get ‘fixed’ by professionals, but then eventually go back to our trusty old habitual tendencies and the cycle repeats. Besides obvious injuries, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what pattern of movements or postures create instability, asymmetry and aggravation in the body.

Let’s consider this one small thing: how do you put your seatbelt on in the car? Do you wrench your dominant arm back and yank the seatbelt forward? Or would it feel more easeful to reach across your body with your opposite arm? There are many unconscious actions we take in the day. I wonder what the ripple effect would be of moving with ease.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
Another fun launch class, presenting BB81 with @zachkenworthy and @hannah.pearless 💓💓💓 fundraising for #pinkribbon 🎀 thanks to everyone that turned up!
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At it again with @3ringriot ⭕️🎪 Great to see you again Deryn, hope to see your theatre show sometime soon! ❤️
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Quarterly workshops today! I’ve been so excited for #BodyBalance81 to come out - it’s one of my new faves and I can’t wait to teach it. Launching in two weeks! 💚🧘🏻‍♀️💚