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A break in your workday to look at kitty toes 😻🐾
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A supersonic snapshot of my current teaching 🦅
Here are nine pictures illustrating the small eco-conscious behavioural changes I’ve made in my world over the last few years, as a minor contribution to the health of the greater world. 
These aren’t revolutionary new ideas, just some small commitments to regular habits. I also strongly believe that it’s not helpful or attractive to have a self-righteous attitude about our conservation efforts – let’s share ideas and support each other to make small, conscious changes.
Read more in the blog – link in bio.
Less packaging by bulk-buying goods and storing in jars.
Taking used containers to bulk stores for a refill.
No more buying new books – back to the library.
This eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush subscription is affordable and more sustainable than the plastic kind.
My first company vehicle was a push scooter.
6. REUSE ☕️
This wee Keep Cup is the bearer of precious liquid goodness.
Homegrown sprouts and kombucha.
Bags in bags on bags with bags.
Auckland Council organics collection.
I try to often observe my habitual movements and consider more easeful ways of moving, while also exploring yoga sequences that can help to support daily functions, but this is too much 🤣🤣🤣
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There is no such thing as good or bad form, or posture. There is no right or wrong “exercise”. What does “functional exercise” even mean, and what is this “core” thing everyone keeps talking about whilst planking or crunching?! My newsfeed is blowing up with these so-called “fitness coaches” and “rehab experts” putting all type of crap out there. For 1 of 2 reasons, maybe both
1. Pure ignorance
2. Trying to grow their following by giving people what they think they want
The only bad posture is the posture we spend too much time in (shout-out Andreo Spina). Life is not perfect posture, and neither is sports
As human beings, our movement capacity should be vast. If we only stay in a small handfuls of postures we aren’t fulfilling our movement potential, and we’re creating more dysfunctions and weaknesses because of it. Your body will devolve rapidly
If you always hammer down the same posture, even if it’s “good posture”, you’re only creating strength and neurological control in that specific posture. So when your body slips out of that particular shape, weakness and injury is the outcome - and that’s not a good sign
There is no such thing as a functional exercise, just functional (or non-functional) joints that can fulfill movement potential. If your joints can’t successfully control a range of motion that is necessary in your daily life, you should probably make that a priority for your training practice
So in conclusion, is it that you need to practice good form (and never lose it, ever)...or, practice multiple forms.
How do we practice in those ways? Well, it’s going to take a philosophical change first and foremost. Understanding our biology and neurology is important
If you do not know how to train in such ways, find those who do. 
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This girl 😻 Always gotta show me how it’s done 🖤
Currently my favourite yoga pose 🦎
Planning a new sequence for tonight with this pose as the basis 🕺
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I flippin love saturdays 😍
I love my job THIS much 🤗
Filming your class to watch back for self-assessment is the woooooorrrst. Yuck yuck yuck. 🤢
But, it’s gotta be done 👊🏻
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“Helping”, apparently
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My shadow 🖤😻🖤
Let’s take a moment to appreciate HANDS today
Hands offer support, utility and strength.
They express kindness, nurturing, attention, praise and communication.
Hands tell the stories of our lives.
This incredible image via @visible.body