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In the words of the wise Anton Ego, "I'd like some fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that"?

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Greens on greens on greens. #veghaul  #farmersmarketfinds #plantpower
Been on a galette making kick lately. This one is roasted leeks and sweet potato with a balsamic drizzle and a buckwheat crust. #nopiepannoproblem  #winterveggies #bakinglove
When it's chilly out and you want to eat comfort food for every meal, so you start the day off with maple turmeric oats... Recipe link in bio. #allthefeels #comfortfood #plantpowered
Apples baked in a pumpkin = twofer Fall dessert. #pumpkin #fall #yums
Waking up the starter because it's baking weather! Ready to fill the house with warm smells of sourdough (oat, sorghum, quinoa, brown rice) bread. #feelslikefall #bakingseason
Roots on roots on roots! Happy Fall, y'all! #veglove #fall #somanyfeels #farmersmarketfinds
My go to weekend brunch meal: quinoa crepes. (1 part quinoa + 1/4 part brown rice blended to flour) + salt + nut/seed milk of choice - just enough to get a thin, runny batter. 
Pour in a hot pan. Flip. Done. 
If you are wondering, yes that is avocado, and yes that is a bed sheet... #breakfastinbed #plantpowered #fruitlove #easylikesundaymorning
Pumpkin seed milk. It's super creamy and tasty.

1c. pumpkin seeds (soaked) + 4 c. water + T. coconut oil + a pinch of salt + a touch of maple syrup and vanilla (if sweetness is preferred). Blend. Strain. Enjoy. 
Pro tip: The pulp makes a tasty ricotta-esque spread. Add lemon juice, a touch more salt, and strain the extra liquid out of the pulp using a cheesecloth. If you plan to use the pulp, wait until after you strain your milk to add in maple and/or vanilla. 
#seedmilk #pumpkin #plantpowered #diyfood
That time when you burn your quinoa, but instead of tossing it out, you toss it with a thyme vinaigrette, cukes, fresh parsley, and call it toasted quinoa salad. 😳😁😉 #makeitwork #veglove #instayum
Making Maki
Cheddar cauliflower pan roasted in sweet and spiciness! Despite the name, there's no cheddar in the cauliflower.
Spiced nut and chocolate tart. #noovennoproblem