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インターナショナルに読まれるバイリンガルカルチャーマガジン。Bilingual Culture Magazine based in Tokyo.
Interview with Maylee Todd up now! Read it at Wooly-web! ⬇


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Interested in working on a Radio show in Japan? Do you like music, art and culture?
Why don’t you join the new radio show at LOVE FM Radio!
A show bringing together everything from Music, Art, Culture, and food, to show the lifestyle and to share the charm-points of Fukuoka with the rest of the country, and throughout Asia. With contents on where to walk around, where to have fun, and just generally how to enjoy Fukuoka, put into a cultural context. 
We are currently looking for bilingual people interested in being part of the staff of the production as well as DJ on the show that will start airing in April! 
No Experience needed, any nationality is welcome, currently living in Fukuoka or Tokyo, age between 17~30!
If you are interested, please join the orientation at Space on the station (Room 11) in Fukuoka on March 1 (18:30~) or March 3 (17:00~)! More info at →fcr-orien.peatix.com

#fukuoka #radio #dj
【WORLD SNAP Tokyo vol.3】
World Snapはもうチェックした?
Woolyが街中でキラりと個性光るgirls&boysをキャッチ!今回撮影隊はLosを拠点に活動するファッションデザイナーTUESDAY BASSENに遭遇!彼女のインスタも要チェックです♡
webのworld snapページをクリック
----------------------------------------------------Thanks for joining “Wooly WORLD SNAP”. Check our website for great captures!!!! (Link in bio)
Also check her creative fashions♡
photo: @uwarei 
今最も多くのクリエイターから熱いラブコールを受ける街、Brooklyn。その街で今最も活躍を期待される若手イラストレーター3人 eve、moka、yuta mihiraは何を見て何を感じたのか、全新作描き下ろしでご覧頂けるこの春最もホットな展示が3/5からスタートします!
3/6 のレセプションパーティーには3人の作家に加え、DJ、VJも参加予定。

Woolyを始めNYLONやPERK,WARP Magazine,BEAMSなど数々の媒体やブランドで活躍する彼らに会えるこのチャンス、お見逃しなく!
▪︎レセプションパーティー:3/6(tue) 20:00- START
▪︎ゲスト:eve、moka、yuta mihira、DJ,VJ追加発表予定
▪︎場所:NOS EBIS 入場料無料 ワンドリンク制
【WORLD SNAP Tokyo vol.3】
Woolyが街中でキラりと個性光るgirls&boysをキャッチ!webのworld snapページでチェックしてみて!
----------------------------------------------------Thanks for joining “Wooly WORLD SNAP”. Check our website for great captures!!!! (Link in bio)
photo: @uwarei 
【College Radio Japan Asia/Art】
CRJA FUKUOKA!最新チャートTOP20をSpotifyにて公開中!誰でも簡単に聴けます🌟
現在開催中のLondon Fashion Weekでストリートスナップを敢行!モデルやインフルエンサーたちの最新スタイルを一部お届け。
Catch the street style during the #londonfashionweek !
#streetstyle #streetsnap #lfw
Happy Valentine♡
バレンタインは恋人と暖かい家にこもって映画でもどう?Today's Cinema 第2弾webにて公開中!
前回に続き現在NYLON3月号にてイラスト掲載中のmokaとFUKUOKA CALLINGでムービーを手掛けたmiyuのスペシャルコンビでお送りしています!
今回紹介する映画は『Big Fish』ティム・バートンが創り出すファンタジーな世界に酔いしれてみて。
詳細はプロフィールのURLをクリック!Today's Cinema第1弾も要チェックです!
《EXHIBITION FINAL DAY!》 'Vulnerable and Truthful' exhibition featuring thee young photographers based in London and Paris, capturing women just as they are, in all their diversity and complexity. The exhibition has recieved a lot of attentions both from a Japanese as well as an international audience, and today is your last chance to enjoy this mesmerising exhibition. 
Located in the recently opened ROPPONMATSU TSUTAYA BOOKS, it is easily accessible from the central of Fukuoka. So why don't grab a cup of coffee from the café next to the exhibition and just enjoy the the works of three upcoming young artists.

Photographers: Naomi Wong / CHLOE SHEPPARD / Fabien Vilrus
Date: January 26 - February 13 
Place: TSUTAYA BOOKS Ropponmatsu 
#woolymagazine #fukuoka #exhibition #photography #fukuokaexhibition #福岡 #六本松蔦屋書店
若手写真家 松藤美里が初の個展”Plans Are For the Poor”を六本木・CLEAR EDITION &GALLERYにて開催!現在wooly webでは、インタビューを公開中!大好きな犬について笑顔で語ってくれた彼女。是非、彼女の世界観を会場で感じてみてください♡!・
個展は2/24(Sat)まで!・ #松藤美里#photographer#photography#exhibition#wooly#doglovers#ny#jp
This time WOOLY Magazine went together with actress/cover girl Yumi Shimizu to “Yokohama Chocolate Factory and Museum” which opened on January 26th. With Valentine drawing close, here are some good tips for you who might still be wondering over what to give! 
Please check our website!(Link in bio)

'Vulnerable and Truthful' exhibition is now in it's final week! If you've yet to visit, now is your last chance! Limited to these last couple of days, some of the most popular worksof the exhibition will be sold as posters, as well as postcards. 
With many visitors from both in Japan and all around the world, the exhibition has gained a lot of attention from a wide range of people, from professional creators to students. The location is very central, at Ropponmatsu TSUTAYA, wo you can even grab a coffee while admiring the mesmerasing photographs.

Photographers: Naomi Wong / CHLOE SHEPPARD / Fabien Vilrus
Date: January 26 - February 13 
Place: TSUTAYA BOOKS Ropponmatsu 
#woolymagazine #fukuoka #exhibition #photography #fukuokaexhibition #福岡 #六本松蔦屋書店
〈Vulnerable And Truthful-傷つきやすさ、本当のこと-〉もいよいよFINAL WEEK✨
海外からも多くのお客様に来て頂いております!会場では大好評中の作品ポスターやFINAL WEEK限定のポストカードも販売中です!
お気軽にお立ち寄りください! ・
・Naomi Wong( @naomiwongo )
・Chloe Sheppard( @eolhcsheppard )
・Fabien Vilrus( @fabienvilrus )

This work : Fabien Vilrus