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I'm not perfect, but I'm worth it. I am simply amazing. My life must have music, books and sports. “Every day create your history”


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Today we ventured into unknown territory. New school, new teachers, new friends, new language, school bus and no uniform. She fearlessly accepted the challenge while my stomach was in knots, I got a migraine and I worried all day 🙈 #NoLimits #firstdayofschool #Year6 #grade4
#Firstdayofschool. My Mila bear is in #JK and I still can’t believe it. O how time flies.
All I need in this life of sins 🙏🏾 #travelbuddy
The easiest travelling partner EVER.... #blessed🙏🏾
Long ass day but it was so worth it. From 5:45 am to 5:15 pm #Lawd. First music competition. She had 3 numbers; 2nd place in duet and 1st place in piano ensemble. She didn’t won a solo award but scored a 95% on her evaluation. Words can’t even describe how proud I am. She impress me everyday. #proudmom #musiclover #muse
I refuse to be loyal to an organization that’s not loyal to players/coach. #Trash ( I would burn for dramatic effect but the way my neighbourhood is set up. I don’t wanna get arrested ). Do not give me this basketball is a business bs🖕🏾#comp10 ❤️#youdontknowme
Where to even start....Damn...This hurts my soul....Thank you @demar_derozan for all that you have done for this city, this country, this organization. Thank you for bringing life and hope back into Toronto basketball at a time when we thought we were going to hit rock bottom. Thank you for being the ONLY Toronto made All star that never quit on us and never thought about leaving us. Thank you for taking us places in the #NBA that we never thought we would reach. Your loyalty, work ethic and the person you are on and off the court is the reason I showed up every season. ( I won’t show up this season) As far as the @raptors goes unfortunately they didn’t have your back as much as you had theirs so fuck them. I wish them nothing but the worse. You will always be #MrToronto and we still got you. #comp10
I’ve officially quit the @raptors 
Go @spurs 
Go @detroitpistons
Mila Bear.......😍😊💞💕
#ArgosLove #FamilyOverEverything
#FamilyOverEverything #argos