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Rosemary essential oil for all exam givers!
Did you know you 100% steam distilled Rosemary EO enhances memory when inhaled while memorizing material?
It stimulates memory centers of your brain which enables you to learn more effectively. How cool is that! Studying just got easier :D  It's a miracle oil because of numerous benefits ranging from strengthening the hair follicles, alleviating pain, enhancing meditation and so much more!
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Here’s the important thing. Until now melt-and-pour soap slabs were all you could get at WSA Essentials for DIY soap making. But now, it's finally here! 90% Pure, Potassium Hydroxide available in 1/2 kilo jars :D
We know some of you have been waiting for quite some time so for you and all other liquid soapmakers, now you can get what you need right here. WSA Essentials Potassium Hydroxide used for liquid soaps, and Sodium Hydroxide for soap bars both require safety equipment and protocols. And despite their extremely caustic natures, both are used to make to make the most skin-compatible and nourishing soaps you can buy.
Don’t we all crave gentle baby soft skin? With our Glycolic Peel, it is now a possibility. Glycolic acid helps to remove the dead and dry skin cells on the surface making a new layer of skin visible. Slight irritation is bound to occur as this is a potent active ingredient that quickly penetrates into your skin and starts working the moment it's applied so that you see a noticeable difference in a matter of weeks.
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#throwback to our stall at the Stylecracker Night Market 💜 What a wonderful experience!
Need to boost focus? Rosemary oil is a great mental stimulant that enhances concentration, memory and mental awareness - perfect for students! 
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Eliminate blackheads and impurities with @wsa.essentials ' Activated Charcoal powder which draws toxins, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of your skin and eliminates the chances of acne, leaving you with smooth skin. #charcoal #deepcleanse #wsaessentials
Spread a thin layer of the mixture on your face, Wait for 5 minutes and then rinse for hydrated clear skin. Trust us to get you the finest quality of Activated Charcoal to make your DIY mask more effective! #DIYfacemask #aloeandcharcoal #ActivatedCharcoal #wsaessentials
All our ingredients are sourced directly from the farmers to avoid their exploitation and to keep our products authentic and all natural! #EthicallySourced #natural #DirectlyFromFarmers #wsaessentials
Who doesn't want to be a Rapunzbro?! And tbh it's not that hard, as long as you groom and nurture it well, you can let your beard down be it black or brown! Just take a few simple steps towards hydrating, strengthening and fortifying beard hair and the skin under it to prevent it from looking dull and weak. You can do this by simply applying a few drops of @wsa.essentials beard oil after a shower you're golden!  #beardcare #beardoils #wsaessentials
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Used this cool charcoal powder from @wsa.essentials , this thing is really impressive! Helped me get rid of those shitty blackheads.
Thanks for the shout-out Arsh, glad you've enjoyed our product! 
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Nothing as invigorating as a hot oil massage in the morning! 
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Order your glycolic acid peel from our WSA Essentials page on Flipkart! #glycolicacid #glycolic #clearskin #babyskin #wsaessentials