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I guess this year had one common theme
This is my wife. She is gorgeous. I guess the beach is pretty too.
Hammock life
Cancun is almost as beautiful as my wife
We both hadn窶冲 kissed anyone before our wedding, but I think we are pretty good at it!
Happy Birthday to the love of my life, best friend, and future wife. Excited to marry you in two weeks and be weird with you forever. Love you, Bungus.
I will never make fun of someone on a Segway again. I had a fun day, in an amazing place, with the most beautiful human I know (who also happens to be my best friend and fiancテゥ). Also, Segways are no joke super dope
I wish I was back in Maui doing more photo shoots with my supermodel fiancテゥ.
Great views from Maui
The birth of a Dodger fan
2 years ago I met @hayleydawnnelson and I have been excited to spend every day with her since. I look forward to many years more with her as my wife.