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Final #summersoulopen workout in the books! Thanks to everyone who has been following along and trying the workouts with us. I got 197 reps on this POS. First person who can post a vid of them beating me (135# barbell, all reps and running clock in the entire video) gets the last prize pack. Good luck and good fitnessing. *Charity donation announcement and overall competition winner to be posted sometime next week.
Well here we are...the final #summersoulopen workout and my does it look rotten... @alejandr0e and @chucksmokes_tbl  letting the world know what the final #SummerSoulOpen workout is!
30 Hang Power Clean 135/95
30 Wall Balls 20/14
30 Calorie Row
30 Bar Facing Burpee
30 Front Squat 135/95
*10ft target for both men/women on wall ball
*two foot take off mandatory for bar facing burpee
β € 
#teamPRGNX #teamSOUL
Supposed to be powers. Not quite powers. 195. #summerslam ain't ready.
Strong friend of mine started her own thing. If you're interested in getting started, getting stronger or fitter, don't be afraid to check her out! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ #Repost @amy_75kg (@get_repost)

This has been a few months in the making,  but it's finally here!  I am happy to announce my new company,  DeadInside Performance LLC πŸ’€ 
I have a lot to offer the weightlifting and crossfit world and I am SO excited to be able to help more athletes achieve greatness in the sport of weightlifting! 
Check out the website to find: βœ” Monthly programming subscription via Train Heroic #armyofthedead βœ” Customized remote programming! βœ”Pre-made programs that can be downloaded today! βœ”Exercise demo library and YouTube channel βœ” Merchandise βœ”  AND MORE πŸ˜„πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š LINK IN BIO! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ CHECK IT OUT, SUBSCRIBE, AND BECOME PART OF TEAM #DEADINSIDE AND #ARMYOFTHEDEAD

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Just call me The Bad Guy.

Summer Soul Open Workout 4 is...
*For time or as far as you can get
*Help with weight change is permitted *Weight change time is included in total time whether athlete changes weight him/herself or not
*If you finish the 2 sets before 3 minutes are up, you keep going.  Workout is for time. β € 
#teamSOUL #teamPRGNX #SummerSoulOpen
In case you haven't heard, @blackandbravewrestling is now in EVERY @hottopic nationwide AND online at! Enjoy!!
Let's play a game this week...anyone who can guess my time for this one will get a nice little prize. One guess per person. I did it this afternoon and it was rotten. Good luck to all. "End Of The Trail"
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Assault Bike Calories
Box Jump Over
Pull Up
*10:00 cap
*Bike must be restart after each set
*24/20" box
*Two foot take off and landing mandatory for BJO
*Chin must break horizontal plane of bar at top and arms fully extended at bottom with feet off ground
*Strict, Kipping or Butterfly Pull Ups are allowed
β € 
#teamSOUL #teamPRGNX #SummerSoulOpen
Agony or ecstasy? #summersoulopen @wwe @progenex @fierroskitchen @metperformancelab @crossfit @fitaid
No. No. No. #SummerSoulOpen WOD 2 @dannyxsoul
"Straight Edge Means I'm Better Than You"
β € 
15 Dumbbell Snatch (45/30)
55 Double Unders
*11:00 cap
*Dumbbell Snatch is performed with two dumbbells *Dumbbell must go from ground to overhead in one motion, stopping at the chest or shoulder is not permitted *Only one head of the dumbbell has to touch the floor, both of them however must touch at the same time
β € 
Watch Games Athlete and Power Ranger enthusiast (@christianvlucero) demo the Snatches in the video.
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#teamSOUL #teamPRGNX #SummerSoulOpen @teamsoul
Here we go folks! Week 1 workout is ready. Feel free to join in and do the workouts along with us! Post your scores! Tag us in videos! Let's have a fitness party worldwide!! #Repost @dannyxsoul (@get_repost)
#SummerSoulOpen Event 1
β€œMillion Dollar Dream”
β € 
In 3:00
Row 500m
Complete Max Reps Squat Snatch with remaining time 95/65
β € 
Immediately into 
In 3:00
Row 500m
Complete Max Reps Squat Clean with remaining time 95/65
β € 
Immediately into 
In 3:00
Row 500m
Complete Max Reps Thruster with remaining time 95/65
β € *Total score is barbell reps completed
*No transition time in bt row to bar or bar to row
*Total workout time is 9:00
*Row is not scored
β € 
@teamsoul @wwerollins @wwecesaro @itsmebayley @beckylynchwwe @wildcatk @noamdar @roderickstrong @sincarawwe @koshairby @steverubin209 @progenex @reebok @competitioncorner @joshyg27 β € 
#teamSOUL #teamPRGNX
This week marks the start of the first annual #SummerSoulOpen!! Over the next 5 weeks a few friends and I will be competing in a little fitness competition similar to the @crossfitgames Open. We've all bet on ourselves to push each other mentally and physically leading up to SummerSlam and the proceeds will be going to a charity of the winner's choosing. 
We'll be posting the workouts weekly so you guys can get wild along with us. If you're miserable after/during, thank @dannyxsoul at @crossfitsoul for the programming. Keep an eye on @wwecesaro @itsmebayley @joshyg27 @wildcatlk @roderickstrong @koshairby @noamdar @iammikaze @steverubin209 @tommy_cullen and @beckylynchwwe as we power through the next month! 
Photo cred: @dro