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Precision on point! No need for a ton of adhesive looking all clumped. A little bit goes a long way. .
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🔴 ATTENTION 🔴 Please book your appointments accordingly.
Ladies!! Our lash artist Lauren is running a special for $100 on full set! If interested contact us soon. Call/text 401-654-8685
😍 so beautiful, so soft! .
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When you are the owner of Xclusive lashes & Beauty Bar and have waited 5 years to finally get Lashes! Why did I wait 5 years, because I couldn't find another lash artist that I would trust to properly do my lashes. 6-7 years ago I had extensions and I was always in pain and didn't understand why? I now know the reason was because they were improperly done. With that said today I have the most flawless set of lashes and can not even tell I have anything on! Perfection at its finest. No clumpy mascara, no clumpy amounts of adhesive, no heaviness, no chunks of lashes stuck together. Not to mention I don't look like a drag queen! Lol Thank you Deb for my amazing perfect Lashes! #keepslaying #warwickeyelashextensions #xclusivelashes #xclusivelashesri #mygirlsslayeveryday
Rant Begins!!!! What in the F$#k is this pic on the left!!! People! Really! Come on! What ever jackass of a "lash artist" that did this. Is a complete incompetent asshole! Yes, I'm swearing. Why? Because it's getting to the point where people, like this poor girl who didn't know what she had on. Probably thinking "ohh lash extensions?" " ohh cheap price?" " ohh they are sooo full and dramatic!" " ohh Volume lashes" STOP! ✋🏼 Please just stop! 
Why is it that people want what they can't majority of the time  have? Why do people think lash extensions are suppose to be this dramatic strip of lashes? Do people not understand how this works? Are you trying to be bald at the end? If thats the case then shave your head bald. Get lashes put on like this. Wait maybe a month. Take them off and look like the fetus that you are trying to look like! RI is full of the worst lash artist I have ever come across. Most of you don't even know it that have lashes on! 90% of the women who come from somewhere else have this similar look! And most of them can't figure out why there's so much of a difference of what they had and what we did to fix it. For some they are so uneducated about lash extensions will end up leaving because they liked this look. Well good riddens! We hope you are happy when you go bald too! I'm not sure anymore on what to say? I've said it so many times and I'll say it again. Do your research!!! And always remember. LASH EXTENSIONS WERE CREATED TO MIMIC THE NATURAL LASH WITH A LITTLE BIT WIDTH and VOLUME. Not to look like a clown! 
Luckily Lauren saved her natural lashes and put the right extensions on! What a difference! What they are suppose to look like!
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Turning beauties into goddesses! Lashes done by Maria
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A little bit goes a long way. .
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It's like night and day! Just like that Transformation! Lashed by Maria. .
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