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Big shout out to Lewis, who is currently 2nd in the Ginetta G5 challenge championship! 🚗🏅 > Who else is achieving big things?! 💪🏻
We stopped by to enjoy the sunshine with our green tea range of energy drinks, what did you do this weekend?
Tastes even better than it looks - Blueberry Pomegranate!
Brighten up everyday with refreshing raspberry mojito!
Stay on top. Perform and recover with the refreshing mango!
Our special affiliate is back!

You may have seen his face on our first round of drink development!

Safe to say we have him back out of retirement as we have a new iced tea energy coming to market!

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All will be revealed. #xiteing
Grip on to a refreshing raspberry and mojito flavour available now on www.xitenrg.com
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If your going to climb a mountain an xite energy will get you too the top.
Zero sugar, packed with bcaa's and energy it's the perfect energy drink to help you perform and recover.
Which flavour would you choose?
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We know it's Monday so to keep you 'Xited', energised and refreshed, we're offering 10% off our online store on our iced tea natural energy!
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Greet the day with an icy Mango! Order yours now at shop.xitenrg.com