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XITE ENERGY - For those with wings - Naturally focused.
▪ zero sugar, naturally caffeinated & flavoured.
▪Nootrpic focus blend & amino acids.


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Whatever your summer plans... make sure they involve plenty of XITEMENT 🌞
Rise and Shine! ☀️
It's Monday and that means it's time to focus on this weeks goals 🙌🏻
So why not get ahead of the game and order your case of XITE focus energy to fuel your week! NEXT DAY delivery available 🔥
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So crack open a cold can of XITE Focus energy and get those weekly tasks done, ready to enjoy another glorious weekend 😎
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All correct answers win a free case of XITE ENERGY to FOCUS their minds.

Can you bring it home?

Let's hope England can!


Winners announced Sunday 💥
The last decade has been dominated by big brands, with small ideas.

We didnt set out to revolutionise energy drinks. Just produce one we wanted to drink, without the bull*. We have changed what an energy drink should be. Its not about how much sugar you fit in a can, or how high a caffiene content you can stomach.

Why cant you have something that lifts you up, but keeps you focused?

Today you can. You dont even have to sacrifice on health. 🍚Zero sugar 🍇Naturall caffiene & flavours 🎯Industry first nootropics ♥️We bring you XITE Energy. 
Performance without sacrifice is here. We are just getting started.

Are you XITE'd?
We have a very XITING announcement coming tomorrow! 😏 and we know that you won't want to miss this!!! So turn on post notifications ✅

Congratulations @kiarajennings_ for winning our giveaway to win XITE ENERGY!!
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Won't last long so hit www.iamxite.com and get focused!

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Winner and despatch announced Monday!

Need to find your XITE?
Are you a student? Are you ready to focus? - Join our team! 
XITE ENERGY revolution will sweep across universities around the UK in september!

Find out more about our products and our XITE - www.iamxite.com

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Stay Focused.
Always to hand when you need that brain boost! Conquer all of your weeks tasks with a little help from XITE Nootropic energy!
XITE your tastebuds! 
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