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I’m finally at a place where I fully love myself & now I’m ready to give that to someone else. I’m a relationship type person, where I feel like the rest of the world isn’t anymore, but I can be patient. I’ve realized that I push when I start to catch feelings, but it’s time to embrace them and just let it happen. not expecting this to happen anytime soon, I’m just not scared anymore. ♥️ #myheartisfull #iwanttoloveagain #commitment
happy #fridaythe13th 🔪
my dad & I built a mothafreakin hammock. 🌲 #timetorelax #unwind #hammock
💔 #prayersforvegas #prayersfortheworld  #whatanuglyworld
I’ve been waiting for you, October 🌲🍂 #hellooctober #fallishere #sweaterweather
be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it •
3 years ago, I was in a relationship where he bought my clothes because I couldn't wear anything that he didn't approve of. I was in a relationship where I was told to stop being stupid whenever I had an anxiety attack. I was in a relationship where I was told where and when I could go do things, like shop or get my nails done. I was in a relationship where I was harassed by gang members because of who his ex was. I was lied to every single day and told who could be my friend. I was naive and didn't have a voice. I was also part of the problem by letting it happen and creating arguments when I could just to see if someone would fight back with / for me. So when someone asks when I'll finally get in a relationship with someone or asks why I'm still single, it is because of this. It's because I will never settle or lower my voice again and I have yet to find someone who will lift me higher rather than push me down. I'm in no rush and I'm doing just fine. 🌹#imhappynow #stronger #happilysingle #waitingfortheone #emotionalabuseisstillabuse #selflove #happy
I kind of don't want to leave. ♥️ #pikeplacemarket #seattlewashington #theresalotofgoodlookingmenhere #allofthecoffee
dance with the waves, move with the sea. let the rhythm of your water set your soul free. 🌊