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live on coffee and flowers.

try not to worry what the weather will be. 🌹
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happy mother’s day 💕
either you gonna be consistent or nonexistent ✌️thank you @donldglover •
I don’t have time to waste.
“” PISCES: embraces every new person she meets with love, but this causes her to get hurt because she doesn't bother with walls. will bring dessert and salad to a dinner, even if you told her she didn't have to bring anything. 🌿
👯‍♀️ #nationalsiblingday
I’m tired of fear. I’ve always been so scared of change, of chances of heartbreak, of not knowing. so I’m starting to drive more. literally and metaphorically. I’m going to do it all & not wait on anyone to hold my hand.
#happyeaster #heisrisen
yesterday was much needed ✨
what a lovely weekend 💕
yesterday was much needed 🍒
can I do a #mcm on a Tuesday? 😍 #jensenackles #supernatural #smartassandahunk
my brother took me all the way to the Grand Canyon for my birthday. he tried to push me off but he’s the one who kept sliding. we also saw a male rabbit name Princess on a leash, went to the National Geographic store & stopped at the Galaxy Diner. he kept asking me what I wanted to do for my birthday & he even let me play my music in the truck. love you, Ruk. thanks for today ✌️