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Live classes this week means I get a mid-week BEACH DAY! 🐚 🌴 ☀️
As much as I love teaching, for this little introvert, going live means I need some pre-scheduled recovery time. So sneaking off to an empty beach to bake on the sand and read a book is my favorite way to unplug.
How about you? Do you have tasks that you need time to recover from or are you an Energizer bunny just go go going all week? ⚡🐰⚡
The content planning masterclass is TOMORROW!

Grab your monthly Dare to Grow membership and come hang out with me LIVE as I share how to plan your blog, email, and social media content so it all works together and you're never scrambling for ideas or stressed out by what to share.

Grab your pass at and get access to the live class, 30 days to watch the replay, and our private Facebook group just in case you have more questions.

I'll be live at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern - see you there!
OK, after my last 'Gram telling you to post more photos of yourself, I figured I could give you a few tips to nail that selfie.

1 → If you see an open space or a blank wall that matches your branding or find yourself in some good light, take advantage. I spotted this wall on our way to the farmers market and knew it would work well because of the amount of empty space.

2 → You can post different versions of the same photo a few weeks apart - no one will care and you'll end up with a lot more content than if you just post the best one. Save the best two or three instead.

3 → So many people use Instagram now that asking a total stranger to help you out is A. not weird and B. might nab you some pretty good photos.

4 → If someone else is taking your photo, don't always look straight at them. Look about 45 degrees away and pretend like something is hilarious. I don't always look entirely happy if I just smile, so sometimes I fake laugh until it turns into a real laugh.

5 → Have your photographer take photos as you walk toward them. Warn them in advance so they don't stop when you start to move. You'll end up with a few wide shots and a few close up and you'll look more natural than if you pose.

6 → If you're taking photos of yourself, spend time at home taking selfies and learning your angles so you can be stealthy in public. The previous photo of me with a popsicle was taken on a restaurant patio, surrounded by people, so I snapped five photos and hoped for the best!

OK, your turn - LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me your best trick for getting good photos of yourself without hiring a professional.
Squeezing in as many beach days as possible 🌴 Just finished reading ‘My Not So Perfect Life’ and always looking to expand my collection of light + cheesy beach reads. Any suggestions??
You may have noticed there are more selfies around here lately and that's because I'm doing a little experiment.

You see, I listened to the @goaldiggerpodcast a few weeks ago and Jenna said she’d experimented with posting nothing but photos of herself on her own Instagram. And what she found was that selfies get double or sometimes TRIPLE the likes + comments of non-selfies.

And I hate to tell ya, but testing this on my own Instagram is proving those results. 🙅 If you're not stoked about the idea of taking a million photos of yourself, I get it - it still feels kinda silly to me too.

But here’s the thing - you are not the only one in your niche so people need to connect your photos + captions with YOU. I can't tell you how many times I've unfollowed an account because I couldn't remember who exactly was behind all those beautiful photos. 👉 Are YOU showing up on your blog + in your business...or are you hiding behind quotes and cute desk photos?

I dare you to try posting nothing but selfies for a week and see if your audience appreciates seeing YOU a whole lot more. 🙋 Leave a comment and tell me if you're in!
A little over a week left to watch my 90-minute masterclass on creating content for Instagram stories.

Stories is my FAVORITE way to create content quickly that connects with my audience and gets them to take action.

I know you're watching other people's stories 👀, why aren't you creating them for your audience too?

Grab a Dare to Grow membership and watch it before it's gone >>> (link is in my bio!)
One of the things I've realized in creating content for ALL THE doesn't have to be such a struggle because I don't need to start from scratch for every blog post, email, video, social media caption.
I don't need to spend my entire week writing and writing and writing, trying to come up with a brilliant new idea every time I hit publish.
Talk about a TIME SAVING revelation!
Because there is an EASIER WAY to create content and because the Dare to Grow members voted that they need HAAALP with their content plan, I'm going to share my process + tools in the next masterclass!
We're going to cover how to make a COMPLETE CONTENT PLAN for your blog + email list + social media that helps you:
✓ Use project management systems and calendars to plan and track everything you need to create
✓ Create blog posts, emails, and social media posts that all work together instead of writing about something new every time you hit publish
✓ And plan everything ahead of time so you know exactly what you’ll be sharing weeks (if not MONTHS!) in advance
Per usual, a Dare to Grow membership gets you access to the live class on July 17th and 30 days to watch the replay! 🌸 Link is in my bio and all the details are over at See you there!
Sundays are for . . . farmers markets, beaches, and books. (And this photo is definitely from last week because today is waaaaay too hot for pants 😆)
There's lots of new peeps hanging out with me here on Instagram lately, so I thought I'd introduce myself in case we haven't met before! #fridayintroductions
I'm Sarah (you probably figured that out) and I'm your gal for growing your audience online.
I share tips + tutorials for:
✖️Creating content
✖️Growing your blog traffic
✖️Connecting via social media
✖️Starting + growing your email list
And I'm a big fan of skipping the overwhelm and the should's and focusing on the stuff that works best for YOU and YOUR people.
Here's how I can help you grow:
👉 You can find a ton of BLOG POSTS over at
👉 Self-paced COURSES on Pinterest, launching your email list, Photoshop, and productivity are over at
👉 Book a personalized WEBSITE REVIEW at
👉 And if you want tutorials, masterclasses, monthly LIVE group coaching, and the ability to ask me questions any time you damn well please, you can find MEMBERSHIP info over at
So how did I get here?
I'm originally from ✋Michigan (now residing in San Diego). I've been blogging + building websites for over 20 years. I did 7 years at a corporate job and then built a freelance design business to escape the office grind in 2012.
When I’m not glued to my couch + my laptop, you can find me teaching aerial silks, reading everything I can get my hands on, and eating my way through San Diego. You may have noticed there are a lot of photos of me holding food and looking absolutely thrilled 🤣
⭐ OK, enough about me - I want to learn about YOU! LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me the #1 thing you want to accomplish before the end of this year.
📷 @chasingdaylightphoto
New post on the blog today! Sharing a little about my sudden burst of productivity (after months of not feelin' it AT ALL) and how I'm trying to add some summer vacation into my days. (Because kids shouldn't have all the fun!) Hop over to or click the link in my profile 🌴
BoardBooster is GONE 😱
All that work. All that automation. All your beautiful pins bringing in blog traffic without you having to lift a finger and ::POOF:: you're starting from scratch again 😭
I know you're thinking about switching to TailWind and lucky for you I've already got a whole tutorial on how to use it over on my blog.
👉 Head over to or click the link in my bio!
Feel free to leave your TailWind questions in the comments here on or over on my blog post. I've been using it for years and it's one of my FAVORITE blog-boosting tools!
P.S. Tag a friend who's having BoardBooster panic below and help them out 🙋
Automation is one of my FAVORITE things to keep my blog + biz running without me having to do everything.
👉 But set-it + forget it isn't 100% the truth.
This month I've been going through older (but still popular) blog posts and email sequences to make sure they're in good shape. Making a point to update things every 6 months or so is a good idea because:
✖️ You've probably become a better writer (who wouldn't with all the content we're producing??) ✖️You've probably learned more stuff that would help your audience.
✖️And you've probably learned more about your audience and can dive even deeper into what they need + are working through.
📩 I'll be sending out on email TOMORROW (Monday) with a checklist of all the things you might want to go back and update. If you're not getting my emails yet, click the link in my bio to get on the list!
LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me...are you good at updating the set it + forget it stuff? Or do you just forget it for real?
📷 @chasingdaylightphoto