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Carefree young adult by day,
Neonatal travel nurse by night.


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The travel nurse community can seem so big, but when you land an assignment with one of your favorite girls from the Virgin Islands, you窶决e reminded how small this world really is! #WhatAreTheOdds #HereComesTrouble
She窶冱 well traveled, yet always a tourist!
Today on the blog, I窶冦 sharing all the details from my solo vacation to Thailand + some of my favorite photos! Tag a friend who you want to go with, you窶决e gonna need this! #TanishaTakesThailand2018 #LinkInBio 汨ゥ沛セ窶昨汳サ汞ケ汞ュ
Thailand day 10 was spent touring the beautiful island of Phi Phi + a boat trip to Monkey Beach!  #TanishaTakesThailand2018 汾挺汞ケ汞ュ
Thailand day eight was AMAZING! I spent the day trekking through the jungle and loving on these gentle giants! Be sure to check out my insta story to see the full experience! #TanishaTakesThailand2018 汾會汞ケ汞ュ笨ィ
365 Days of Summer笘ク
Less stress, more sunsets!
Thailand day four was simply a dream! I spent the day playing at Khao Sok National Park and slept in a floating bungalow! I still can窶冲 believe I flew across the world by myself, but I窶冦 sure glad I did! #GoalsAttained #TanishaTakesThailand2018
The sun ain窶冲 the only thing that窶冱 shinin窶
Thailand day three was spent recovering from last night and a traditional Thai cooking class with my South African Princess #TheColorOfFriendship #TanishaTakesThailand2018 汳呆汨ゥ沛セ窶昨沚ウ汞ソ汞ヲ
Thailand day two was spent touring the city of Bangkok and exploring the ancient temples. The statues were beautiful, but they only reminded me how blessed I am to serve the one true living God! 笨ィ笶、ク #WhatAnExperience #TanishaTakesThailand2018
After 24+ hours of traveling (and a small passport discrepancy that almost had me stuck in Beijing for life 沽ウ) I have safely made it to Bangkok, Thailand!! Praise God for His protection and traveling grace; now let窶冱 get this trip poppin! #TanishaTakesThailand2018 笨ィ汞ケ汞ュ#IWorkHardSoIdeserveIt