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New blog post is up!
Do click the link above at my profile 🔝
This time I’m sharing more informations about DIAMONDS 💎 & best of all where to get value for money top GIA GRADE AUTHENTIC DIAMONDS, where you can save up to 60% compare to retail jewellery shops. 
So those who are planning to propose or wanna buy diamonds as gift and who wanna get the best quality diamonds at good pricing, this blog post is for you! 
Or the ladies who wanna hint your bf or hubby for a rock 💎please feel free to send him my blog link 😂 
Hope this blog will help you guys to save some money 💋👼🏼
Thanks @matynmishel for this handmade Satin Brooch Hand Bouquet 💐 
Do checkout their page if you are keen to purchase, there are plentiful of designs to choose from ❤️
They do beautiful decoration for #malaywedding as well ❤️ #malayweddingguide #singaporemalaywedding
I've been away for almost 1.5 months and those of you who has seen my previous posts would have known that I went for surgeries and I'm so thankful to say that I'm recovering well and I'm almost 80-90% healed. 
I wanna thank god for being with me the whole time. 
From me making decision to proceed with the surgeries or not, to choosing a good surgeon, to go through a very successful surgery procedures, to smooth recovery journey and even till now. 
God has been taking very good care of me and has always been by my side. .
I also wanna thanks all the people, from my family, my personal friends to even followers whom I've never met, that have sent me regards through PM or comments to cheer for me and is excited for the new me.
Of course life is never perfect and god once again showed his miracle on me.
From this incident I'm grateful that god has removed negative people from my life as well. I'm sad to say that I've had sponsor that wanted to void my contract just because I wasn't able to meet them and advertise for them while I'm on recovery, which of course in the end we terminate the contract as I don't see any point in forcing the still in recovery me, to work with all these negativities, but I see this as a blessing in disguise as god knows that I deserves to work with better sponsors that has compassion and a good heart, because I really put in effort to test out all products or services and in writing my blogs.
Honestly I'm never lack of sponsors it's just that I'm very selective with whom i work with and I'm not desperate to just take whatever sponsors that comes, as god has definitely blessed me well that I can afford things or services that I want, by myself. .
Lastly I also wanna thanks all my past and current sponsors who has been with me for awhile (6months-3years).
Thanks for all of your love in taking care of me from providing the products to the services that I've been getting and gonna get in future. I love u guys & god bless you all ❤️
Can't wait to meet all my sponsors and friends soon in a more healthy and beautiful me, I'll gonna be back very soon!🙆🏻❤️
#heartfelt #heartfeltwords #thankgod #thankyougod #childofgod #plasticsurgeryjourney
So after my two surgeries in singapore within a month (neck and lower back surgery due to previous car accident) I could not workout for awhile and put on extra weight, it was very bad even on my face.
So here is me totally bared face without any makeup, no contouring etc.
Ready to have a no need photo edit new look with Dr Kosit at Masterpiece clinic.
. Nose reconstruction . Buccal fat removal . Lower cheek and neck liposuction
Will be blogging about my surgeries process, once I recover after one month post surgery and will be working out to get back in shape for overall.
So look out for the new me ❤️
#masterpiececlinic @masterpiece_clinic
I'm ready. #masterpiece 
My changes starts today.
Stay tune for more updates! 👍🏻
My New Blogpost with @theknightsbridgeclinic And @dr.israr.wong about Ellanse filler (少女针) is finally out ❤️
Those that are keen to know more about fillers injection or even considering fat transfer should take some time to read 👍🏻
Special promo is included in the blog so don't miss out the 50% discount for ellanse fillers! (Limited Time Only)
Do read them from the link at my bio 👆🏻
P.S: There will be more new blog post about other aesthetic treatments, wedding bridal stuffs and also my final update on my tattoo removal will be coming soon! 💋
#beforeandafter #vshapeface #facelift
Great food great girl's time ❤️
Quality Time x Quality Food 💙❤️
My naughty cutie after grooming ❤️
Don't Touch! ❌
Thanks for keeping my V-shape face always in shape 😘@theknightsbridgeclinic @dr.israr.Wong
#sgaesthetics #sgfillers #sgbotox #vshapeface #sgdoctors #ellanse
Thank you @y5buddysg for always being my trusted travel buddy.
This is my third holiday with @y5buddysg and so thankful for the many beautiful places that it has brought me to.
Enabling me to keep in touch with my love ones back in singapore and also to monitor live video and updates of my puppy and home situation👍🏻
Can't wait for my next few upcoming trip! 
Get yours by contacting @y5buddysg directly! ❤️💋
First experience to this highly raved restaurant but I'm only giving it 2/10.
Ambience and services are good but as they recently changed their menu, all dishes were simply too salty and too spicy.
So no, I won't recommend this place eventhough everyone is recommending it. 
Maybe try again when they change to a better menu. 😶