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We took ourselves down to the #Barbican for some top-notch #Macbeth by the #royalshakespearecompany today - can confirm there were audible gasps from @hill.archie and I at the end. We also thought that we’d be getting partially restricted gallery seats before being offered central seats in the stalls - and it was here that we peaked by literally not being able to find what was directly under our feet. All in all, a pretty sweet trip to the theatre with some gorgeous @judesicecream - would highly recommend. #shakespeare #theatre #whyisthebarbicansoconfusing
Possibly the most delightfully bookish 12 hours of my life - attending Pat Barker’s event at Durham Book Festival, getting to interview her, going through the archives at Palace Green Library on witchcraft and attending Richard Maclean.... Smith’s live podcast on the Hexham Heads. One lucky happy bean ☺️
#tbt to that time when @to.mander and I went to a Michelin starred restaurant in Beijing, pretended it was our anniversary two months early and somehow got another course (out of 4 gazillion, which then turned out to be THE BEST cake). Happy (actual) Anniversary - thank you for taking me to awesome places and for always making me smile 💙😂☺️
London, you are always so good to me.
Tallinn (and Helsinki) food diary: You might think after my posts that all we did this holiday was eat dumplings and pastries and drink interesting cocktails. You would be right. #tallinn #helsinki #estonia #finland
A (very cold and windy) day in Helsinki - swipe to find out what Voldemort’s name is in Finnish! 🔮 #Helsinki #Finland #daytrip
I’d like to show you one of the most beautiful things in the world - sunrise over the Baltic Sea, where the light cuts sea and sky like a thin blade. 💙 #balticsea #sunrise #seascape #travel
Windy views from the top of Riga ❤️💙💜 #Riga #Latvia
The things you see around Riga when @to.mander has a Lonely Planet guidebook ❤️
Fun fact: Jūrmala used to be (according to the Lonely Planet) ‘the French Riviera of the USSR.’ It’s so calm and beautiful there it actually doesn’t look real. 💜
Vilnius Food Diary: dumplings and cocktails - what more do you need? #vilnius
Day 2 and I fell in love - Trakai, you absolute beauty 💜