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Groovin’ my way into my 23rd year be like... 😇🥰 #happybirthdaytome #anoldbean #checkoutmymoves
Things 2018 has taught me (inspired by the incredible @petereed and his #AthleteAdvice: 
1) Friendships are so essential, so important and so fundamental to our humanity. Good friends are to be treasured. People should nurture you and give to you as much as you nurture and give to them. This is important, because otherwise, genuine mature relationships are difficult to maintain. 
2) Sometimes, bad things will happen to good people. You cannot help them with their sadness, as much as you may want to, but you can offer them love and respect and openness. This is important, because one day, you could be in need of all the above. 
3) Mental well-being is as essential as physical well-being for yourself and others. Take the time to get to know the various states of mind as you would the physical health of your body. This is important because without one, the other cannot thrive.
4) Always be kind. Always. This isn’t the same as being a pushover or polite - have your boundaries and respect those of others. This is important because kindness is the currency we need to trade with on a daily basis and one that would make the world richer many times over. 
5) Pursue your passion. It’s more rewarding to do something you love for less money than something you dislike for a fortune. This is important because there is nothing anyone wears better than genuine interest, drive and joy. — 
Thanks for a stellar 2018, everyone - it’s been pretty incredible in all kinds of ways. Here’s to another year!
The way this month is going with work shindigs and family & friends visiting, I think I’ll probably end up having at least 5 Christmas dinners before Christmas Day. 😂
I’m so on board with that. 🥰🎅🏻
Still a little bit in awe of how incredible the production of #AntonyandCleopatra was on Saturday. The set was so clever, and with these two at the helm, the acting was flawless. As a Classicist who knew very little of Shakespeare’s adaption, there were so many insightful little details that showed how much care had gone into the production. The NT live is on the 6th December and I can’t recommend it enough. .
Thank you to @to.mander and @edwsr for letting me tag along ☺️ .
I came across the adorable little quote from @mattzhaig’s #thetruthpixie. It just floored me with how true it was - it’s just so right; and honestly, I don’t think anyone has ever said it so clearly before. I’m struggling to describe it into words, but I’m just here to tell you (me and my sea of books) that I do think it’s all going to be okay. I can’t tell you why I know this, or even how, but I do. I know that everyone has their own mountain and darkness to travel through, but this is a small note to say that whatever it is, you’ve got this, I believe in you and that you’re going to be okay. #fridayquotes #bookstagram
After a bottle of wine (each), sourdough pizza, cheesecake and Bailey’s - and an episode of 
@ilizas ofc - we finished setting the world to rights at 2am 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 .
📸: @shannsin
In a pretty epic way, I kind of credit my BuJo with helping me keep on top of job applications which then landed me in this internship at @harpercollinsuk - which then led to the opportunity to hear @rydercarroll speak yesterday lunchtime. I’ve been using the @bulletjournal system consistently for just over a year now, I’ve recommended it to at least 2 people who also use it and it’s taught me so much about keeping balance in my life. This balance is reflected in the creator - his ambition and his humility, his humour and his sensitivity and most importantly, his incredible vision for the future. It was such a pleasure to hear you speak, to get my copy (and copies!) of the book signed and thank you for everything you’ve done for so many people! ☺️ —
If you don’t know what I’m on about, #thebulletjournalmethod is out now from @4thestatebooks and covers all you need to know from the basics to new innovations for keeping your life organised in a functional and simple way. —
P.S. I was so insanely awkward and starstruck pls forgive my goofy smile. 😂
Happy Birthday to my favourite favourite! I wanted to find a selection of pics that strongly represented you livin’ yo best life (and letting me tag along) - good food, good bevs (including Irish whiskies ofc) and lots of flag pic-taking as we go on more holidays all over the world. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to see how much you grow this year 💜❤️💙
We took ourselves down to the #Barbican for some top-notch #Macbeth by the #royalshakespearecompany today - can confirm there were audible gasps from @hill.archie and I at the end. We also thought that we’d be getting partially restricted gallery seats before being offered central seats in the stalls - and it was here that we peaked by literally not being able to find what was directly under our feet. All in all, a pretty sweet trip to the theatre with some gorgeous @judesicecream - would highly recommend. #shakespeare #theatre #whyisthebarbicansoconfusing
Possibly the most delightfully bookish 12 hours of my life - attending Pat Barker’s event at Durham Book Festival, getting to interview her, going through the archives at Palace Green Library on witchcraft and attending Richard Maclean.... Smith’s live podcast on the Hexham Heads. One lucky happy bean ☺️
#tbt to that time when @to.mander and I went to a Michelin starred restaurant in Beijing, pretended it was our anniversary two months early and somehow got another course (out of 4 gazillion, which then turned out to be THE BEST cake). Happy (actual) Anniversary - thank you for taking me to awesome places and for always making me smile 💙😂☺️
London, you are always so good to me.