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Working on a logo for the heels. What are your thoughts?
Doodling stiletto concepts.
Silver bottoms for a pair of stiletto heels! I’ve decided to put the LV design to the side for now and focus on something which motivates me a lot more!
California dreaming on a winter’s day.
Memories take us back, dreams take us forward.
Been offline for a bit, but had an amazing time in California!
And it’s done! Ready to be protect and shine!
Pattern made, material is there! Let’s start cutting!
Before I start making the heels I’ve got a simple request to cover this phone cover in @louisvuitton.
It’s time to collect all the materials! Working with real diamonds feels so surreal, but can’t wait to get going on these heels!
I think these diamonds will be a proper replacement instead of the gold on the stilettos.
Inspired by the Monogram Vuitton. sneaker I’ve decided to make matching heels. Only 24k gold is not good enough for stilettos though!