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Yogateacher, masseuse and coach living in Ibiza. Yoga Healing Happiness organizes retreats and events. Conscious holiday concepts. @scarletnayana

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Open yoga classes 20-24 may at Casa Solara in San Lorenzo. Every morning 8.30-10.00 by Elena Teixedor or Scarlet Nayana. Yin yang and hatha classes, suitable for all levels. We also have open activities for our Let the sun shine in your heart retreat: singing circle monday night, 7 chakra peeling exfoliation monday 12.30, sound meditation wednesday night. 15 euro drop in. Pm for more info
When I just arrived on the Island 1,5 year ago I met this beautiful soul on an event. Maybe it was ecstatic dance, or breathwork, or a singing circle.. I cant remember ecactly but it was in La Nave. The moment she just shortly greeted me in her warm and open way I knew there was something about this woman, I would be more involved / related to her or become friends. I didnt know exactly. Many times we met again, I enjoyed her beautiful sound meditation journeys at workshops or we met in a singing circle and now we are organizing our own retreat next week. So looking forward to it. The Let the sun shine in your heart retreat will be beautiful. Besides yoga and meditation we will take you on a journey through the elements of nature, awakening the senses, excursions to special places and lots of sound, singing, dancing. All overflowed with Ibiza magic 💫. Its going to be special. We have a few spots left, treat yourself on this 6 day conscious Ibiza experience ✨
Looking for special experience during your Ibiza holiday? Yoga on a beautiful spot in nature, maybe also a hike or special (group) activities, (also possible at your villa or hotel), and massages for a complete wellness experience. Pm for more info 🧘🏻‍♀️👐🏻
Very happy with the collaboration last week with Rituals Cosmetics. 4 Yoga classes for the brand activation campaign of the Karma productline. I love teaching yoga. And with my commercial background I love to coöperate with companies and tune into their team gathering and purpose. In this case I could share messages about your daily Rituals 🧘🏻‍♀️ and creating Good Karma 😇. This all in the beautiful surroundings of Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa. And the Karma products are delicious 💕 
Now I am  creating a teambuilding program for 6 doctors visiting the Island next month, giving them the feeling of the Island vibe while they are in the proces of starting a clinic here. Very grateful for the collaborations, I love sharing my passions 😊🙏🏻 💫
Time and space Ibiza. A beautiful piece of art next to the see. Would you also like a private yoga session at a beautiful spot in Ibiza? Contact me for more info and bookings. Namasté 🙏🏻
Proud of my friend, colleague and partner Elena Teixedor. I met her here on the Island and got to know her as a wonderful person and a more than good musician. Not only does she know how to take you on an amazing journey with her instruments and her voice, also she is an excellent space holder. She feels exactly what the group and space needs right now. Every time I attend a workshop of her my mind and body is filled with joy and bliss. I feel very honored and blessed to collaborate with her for our upcoming Let the sun shine in your heart retreat. If you are looking for a unique (re-)treat then join this wonderwoman and me in may here on Ibiza. During this 6 day event we will take you on a beautiful journey not only through the senses but also to magical Ibiza spots. Until this sunday we have an early bird discount. Contact us for bookings and more info ✨
Tomorrow 10 am yin yang donation based yoga for Sos yoga yoga platform Nassau beach 🧘🏻‍♀️
When right becomes restricted vision becomes clear. Antastha is blindfold yoga. Shutting down all the impulses from outside and learn how to trust on your other senses. Especially hearing and feeling without controlling. Without watching if you do the pose in the right way but trusting and feeling from inside out. Beautiful yoga class by Maria Angelica of Mangelda yoga at Nassau Beach club for Sos yoga
Let the sun shine in your heart retreat in Ibiza. A beautiful 6 day long joy for the senses. Yoga, meditation, music, sound, voice, dance, aroma, rhytm, good food and excursions to magical Ibiza places. Join us for a wonderful life celebrating time ✨
The pyramid of conscious shit
3:3:3 special day ✨
Nice review of last October’s writing retreat in villa Maecenas in Ibiza. Review writteh by traveling journalist Jane Egginton for Yoga Magazine