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I'm terrified of leading my upcoming in-person yin yoga trainings. T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D.

I'm scared someone will ask me a question and I won't have the answer. I'm scared I won't meet people's expectations of me. I'm scared no one will show up. I'm scared people will think it sucks and want their money back. I'm scared I'll talk too fast and not fill up the time. I'm scared I'll go too slow and not get through the entire curriculum. I'm scared people will judge me and wonder who TF I am to be leading this in the first place. You get the point, I'm scared. Like, consumed with negative self-talk scared.

But.. I've been here before.

I know this fear well, we go way back. I felt it before releasing my book, before hosting my first retreat, before launching my online training, before putting out my first YouTube video. The same fears came up and the anxiety would be so bad I'd be physically sick from it and would wake up in the night sweating and panicking, wanting to cancel everything.

But I didnt. Time and time again I have to make the conscious decision not to let anxiety box me into a small life. Every time I'd step out of my comfort zone I'd come out the other end elated and so proud, knowing that I did  a really great job because I am smart and capable!!! I know these offerings are the next step for me. This is the right time. Logically I know that this fear has ALWAYS been wrong. Nothing bad has ever actually happened. No one ever asked for their money back or trash talked me. Even if they had, I would've dealt with it. I'm good on my feet. It's always in my head, I am my worst enemy and my harshest critic.

Even though I keep proving to myself over and over that what I have to offer is valuable, I'm good at what I do, people arent waiting for me to fuck up, etc.. I still have crazy fears and anxieties that hit me like sharp pains in my stomach.

But.. the show must go on! I see the fear, I validate it and I lovingly release it. These trainings are happening and I hope you'll attend one 🙏 On Tuesday I'm releasing a video about coping with anxiety on my channel.. stay tuned.

How do you deal with fear? Are you playing it small to stay in your comfort zone?👇
If your hips need some TLC, I've got just the thing! ❤ I have a new 45 min Yin Yoga for Hip Flexibility live on my YouTube channel, click the link in my bio to try it out ☝️ It's also live in my app📱in case you wanted to download it for offline use or schedule it in our in-app calendar 😊🙏
I'm so happy you guys loved my coffee chat video that I uploaded on Tuesday! I'll definitely do more of these, currently editing one that talks about coping with anxiety.. stay tuned!
NEW VIDEO 🥳 The word success goes far beyond that of our career and jobs, it encapsulates all areas of our lives. This practice combines affirmations for success with yin poses. Affirmations are a great way to illustrate limiting beliefs holding you back.
As you say each, notice which are harder to hear. These may be areas you need to do a bit more work.
1. Toe Squat - Tuck toes under, and sit back on heels. Pad knees if you need to. If this is too much, bring hands down or shift forward. Reach up through crown of head.
Affirmation: "I have unlimited power and potential."
2. Melting Heart - From table top, align hips over knees. Walk hands forward, bring forehead to ground. Melt chest down. Opening heart, shoulders, and upper back.
Affirmation: "I believe in myself, and know I am capable of great things."
3. Dragon - Step right foot between hands. Leave left knee down. Stack right knee over ankle, toes and knee pointing to front. Melt hips forward and down. Lift chest. Bring blocks under hands if you need lift.⠀
Affirmation: "I am focused on my dreams and goals." Switch sides.
Affirmation: "I attract the right circumstances at the right time."
4. Wide-Legged Child's Pose - Bring big toes together, and knees wide. Push hips to heels. Fold forward, forehead to mat. Extend arms out, relax shoulders away from ears.
Affirmation: "I can easily handle whatever comes my way."
5. Butterfly Fold - From seated, bring feet to touch and drop knees out. Turn palms up and let back round as you fold forward. Relax as you soften in to shape.
Affirmation: "I always ask for help when I need it."
6. Seated Twist - Extend legs. Bend right knee and step foot outside left thigh. Option to bend left knee. Lift and lengthen spine. Hug right thigh with left arm, right hand back.
Affirmation: "My work is satisfying and productive." Switch sides.⠀
Affirmation: "I love setting new goals and believe I can achieve them."
7. Savasana - Lower down and settle in. Take time to integrate work and affirmations. When you get up, grab a journal and write down anything that came up.
Link in bio☝️❤🙏
Ground down and surrender.🙏
January to April was slow and easy. May and June have been packed morning to night, 7 days a week, non-stop. I have a lot on my "work plate" and our wedding is in 2 weeks.. All of my self-care practices have gone out the window (except daily walks thank you Luna).
Most days I feel overwhelmed and totally stressed out but also full of creative ideas! The worst feeling is having amazing new ideas and inspirations and not being able to act on them because there's no effing time and I hate to use that "I'm so busy" excuse but I just want to run away right about now because I'M SO BUSY AND I'M OVER IT. Scratch three things off the to do list and add 5 more. Repeat forever.
I know this will pass. It always does. I've been through these slow/busy phases before. I know the main thing I need to do is GROUND DOWN in my self-care practices and SURRENDER myself to the flow, stop trying to control it or make it something that it's not. I'm doing my best and at the of the day, everyone is happy and healthy. It's just online yoga, you know? Perspective helps.
Ground down and surrender. That's my mantra right now. What's yours?
NEW VIDEO: Get both yin and yang, in this well balanced practice! One part strong Vinyasa flow, the other is a passive practice of Yin.
When the two types of yoga are combined, Yin is traditionally done first (and cold), though I prefer it after. If you are doing it the way I have in the video, be mindful that your muscles will already be warm. You'll be working them, rather than the joints and tissues. It is easy to go past your edge this way, so be sure to pull back a bit so you don't overstretch. Grab two blocks.
1. Butterfly Fold - From seated, bring soles together and drop knees to side. Melt upper body over legs. If it feels good, place block under forehead. Rest forearms down. No effort needed here, instead focus on breath. Hold back a bit (especially if you have just completed the Vinyasa sequence). As with all of these poses, hold for 2-5 minutes.
2. Supported Fish - Grab two blocks, set one up lengthwise to go between shoulder blades and the other horizontal to support head. Lower down on to props. The legs can once again be opened to butterfly, or extended out long. Melt shoulders down, and open the heart. Let arms relax at your sides.
3. Reclined Swan - Lower down on to back. Bend knees and bring soles to floor. Cross right ankle over left thigh, and drop right knee out to side. Flex both feet as you guide legs toward upper body using only a minimal amount of arm strength. Release tension in rest of body. Release left foot back down.
4. Spinal Twist - Cross right thigh over left. Extend your arms out to side in a T or cactus shape. Shift hips slightly to right, then drop both knees to left. If the knees are off the ground, you can prop a block under or between knees to make the poses more comforting. Repeat 3 and 4 on other side.
5. Savasana - Take a moment to do any last movement your body is calling for. Then extend out, get comfortable in final resting pose. Dropping feet out as legs extend. Bring the arms to sides, and turn palms up. Releasing tension from whole body, relaxing into it as you close the eyes.
Link in bio☝️❤
I am worthy of success.
I surround myself with positive influences.
I attract the right circumstances at the right time.
I am a magnet for miracles.
I begin and end each day with gratitude.
My dreams are worth pursuing.
I can do whatever I set my mind to.
And so it is!🙏🙏🙏
I uploaded a brand new Yin Yoga & Affirmations class on my channel this morning, all around the theme of SUCCESS.
This is a sample class from my brand new Yin Yoga & Affirmations series on the Yoga with Kassandra mobile app, which also has 6 guided affirmation meditations.
This 30 minute yin yoga class focuses on the theme of success. Whether you're aiming for success in your career, relationships or well-being, we'll use yin yoga poses and positive affirmations to uncover any negative blockages that might be holding you back from achieving what it is that you want.
I always recommend that students keep a journal close by to note down whatever came up for them.
Link in bio!☝️✨🌟
NEW VIDEO⚡Get both yin and yang, in this well balanced practice! One part strong Vinyasa flow, the other passive Yin. Let's start with the flow..
1. Core Warm Up - Lay down, knees over hips, shins parallel. Exhale, dip right toes. Inhale up. Exhale, dip left toes. Inhale up. Alternate several rounds. Straighten both legs. Exhale, lower right leg to hover. Inhale up (maybe add a pelvic curl). Alternate legs.
2. Spine Warm Up - Come to table top. Inhale, drop belly, lift gaze and tail. Exhale, round and contract spine. Repeat. Walk hands ahead of shoulders, tuck toes, lift hips to down dog. Inhale ripple forward to plank, exhale back. Take a few rounds, then lower to belly. Untuck toes and take 3 baby cobras - lifting chin, palms, chest, and shoulders up.
3. Warrior Flow - From down dog, kick right leg up. Inhale, to 3-legged plank. Exhale, right knee to left elbow. Inhale to 3-legged plank. Repeat. Step right foot between hands. Turn the left toes out, heel down. Lift up to Warrior 2. Reverse Warrior, left hand down right up. Come to Extended Side Angle, right forearm on thigh and left arm up.
4. Ground Series - Set left hand down inside right foot. Lift back heel, tucking toes under. Reach right arm up. Drop left knee, and kick the toes up. Reach right hand back to grab left foot. Move through a Vinyasa, then repeat 3 and 4 on other side.
5. Eagle Sequence - From down dog kick right leg up. Step right foot to front. Bend right knee, in to high lunge. Cactus arms, move through cat/cow motion here. Left arm under right, Eagle Arms. Step left leg forward, crossing over right. Sink hips, bend knees for Eagle.
6. Strength Sequence - Bend knees, sink hips to Chair. Bring hands to heart. Twist to right, left elbow over right thigh. Look down, weight to right leg, pick up left foot. Step back to high lunge. Lift elbow, extend arms. Lower left hand. Step right foot back, roll to side, stack legs, side plank. Repeat 5 and 6 on other side.⠀
7. Warrior 3 Flow - From standing, fold over legs. Shake out upper body. Roll up. Lean on right foot. Engage core, squeeze glutes, lift leg leg and lean forward. Repeat on right.
Link in bio☝️
Today's affirmations:
🦄 I believe in my own potential
❤ There is plenty for everyone, including me
✨ Life supports me in every possible way
👭 I shift from competition to collaboration
🌟 I inspire others by being myself
🔥 What I put out comes back to me tenfold
🙏 I am at peace with the flow of life
My new Yin Yoga & Affirmations series is out now on my app! It includes 6 full length yin yoga classes (30-60 min) and 6 guided audio meditations.
Affirmations are a wonderful tool for shadow work and help facilitate healing and deep inquiry. We'll work on themes of intuition, confidence, healing the inner child, love and compassion, success and abundance.
Click the link in my bio ☝️ if you'd like to join. ❤ Just download the app and enjoy! There's a free 7 day trial. I'm really proud of this series and believe in its power to transform and heal. Here's to yoga that takes us deeper than the physical practice of asana! 🙏
Happy Yoga Thursday! ✨ I've got a brand new hour long class on my channel - a viewer favorite - Vin to Yin! Click the link in bio to watch it 🥰
On Saturday, June 1st, I'll be releasing a brand new exclusive Yin Yoga & Affirmations series to the app!! It includes 6 full length yin yoga + affirmation classes as well as 6 guided audio affirmation meditations. 😍
I can't wait to share it with you.. it's really powerful and a great way to take your practice deeper than just the physical.
Link to everything is in my bio 🙏
NEW VIDEO ✨  Are you working towards splits? Or another pose requiring hamstring flexibility? Or trying to improve flexibility in this area? Try these 5 Yin yoga poses.

Hold each for 2-5 minutes. Take a moment to find your edge, where you feel sensation but not pain. Settle in and find stillness. Then hold the pose for the desired time. If you fidget, it's a good indication you've gone too far. Less is always more with yin.

You will need a strap and 1 block.

1. Reclined Leg Stretch Series - Lay down, looping the strap around the ball of the right foot and extend leg up. Don't hyper extend or lock up the knee. Relax upper arms on the mat. Release tension from your head, neck, and shoulders. If the raised leg starts shaking, you can bend a knee. Take both sides of the strap to the right hand, open left arm out. Drop right leg to the side. Push down in to the opposite hip. After a moment, bring leg back to center. Take strap to left hand, open right arm out. Lower right leg across to left, for a spinal twist. Hold here, then return to center. Repeat on other side.

2. Caterpillar Pose - From seated, straighten legs out, hip width apart. Round and fold over legs. Prop yourself up using cushions, a bolster, or block. Or let your head dangle. Keep small bend in knees. Relax arms, palms up. You may feel this all the way up the back body. Slowly ease out of the fold.

3. Half Butterfly - Keep right leg extended to side. Bring left foot inside of right thigh. Come to a side bend, bringing right elbow to ground or a block. Rest head on the fist or palm. Bring left hand behind you, to low back, to pull shoulder back. Release tension from jaw, neck, and shoulders. Ease out and switch sides.

4. Straddle Fold - Extend legs out wide. Fold to the center. Let gravity work as you fold down. You may use props, or dangle to allow body to open further as you hold.

5. Reclined Child's Pose - Lay down on mat, draw knees to belly. Hold still, or rock side to side. After a moment, make your way into Savasana. Take time to notice any differences in the legs now.

Link in bio ☝️
I'm going on tour! 😍😍😍
Do you own a yoga studio? Would you like to host me?
I'm in the process of planning out some tour dates to offer in-person Yin Yoga Trainings in 2019, 2020 and 2021!! I have a few cities booked already but am specifically looking for hosts in the following places:
San Francisco
New York
I know a lot of you are in these cities but I don't really have any connections to studios there.. Any help would be appreciated 🥰
I've already tentatively booked the following cities/states:
Rhode Island⠀
I'm SO EXCITED about this yogis... I love being online but there's definitely a huge part of me that's craving in-person connections. I want to meet you guys!! So.. I'm taking this show on the road 😎
If you'd like to host me please send me an email at
NEW VIDEO 🌟 Yin yoga and affirmations are such a natural and amazing pairing. ▫️
Repeat each one as you hold the pose. Notice the feelings that come up. If it's easy to hear, you are likely doing okay in this area. If you find some resistance, you may have some work to do there.
Full series coming to the Yoga with Kassandra App soon. Have 1 block handy.⠀
1. Supported Bridge - On your back, knees bent soles on the mat. Slide block under hips, on low or middle height. Take a moment to settle in and find some comfort.
"All is well in my world, and I am safe."
2. Reclined Low Lunge - Bring block down to first level. Draw one knee in to belly. Extend other leg out.
"I let go of the past, and move joyfully in to the present." Switch legs.
"My inner self always knows what to do."
3. Wide-Legged Child's Pose - Bring big toes together, and take the knees as wide as you like. Shift hips to heels. Fold forward, relax the belly and chest. If you feel any pinching in the low back, bring the knees in.
"I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should."
4. Sphinx - Slide on to belly and forearms. Point toes back behind you, widen feet towards the edge of your mat. Lift the chest up, draw the shoulders back.
"I feel deeply connected to my own spirit."
5. Swan - Come to table top. Bring right knee behind right wrist. Extend left leg out behind you. Square the pelvis. Stay lifted up, or fold forward over front shin. You can rest forehead on the hands, fists, or the block.
"I am willing to be at peace with myself and others."
Other side: "I am aligned with my higher purpose."
6. Reclined Butterfly - Lower down on to back. Bring soles together, drop knees out to the sides. The hands may rest at sides, or the belly.
"I release the need to change or control others."
7. Lying Spinal Twist - Bring feet flat on floor. Open arms out in to cactus shape. Shift hips to the left. Cross right leg over left. Drop both legs to left.
"I radiate peace, love and well-being."
Other side: "Every breath I take, brings me more tranquility."